Friday, March 21, 2008

Duluth City Councilor Todd Fedora Seeks Removal Of Black Civil Rights Activist Henry Banks From Planning Commission After Racist Anti-White E-Mail

Duluth City Councilor Todd Fedora is calling for Henry Banks’ removal from the Duluth Planning Commission after Banks sent a racist e-mail to him and Councilor Garry Krause, accusing them in turn of "racism". Full story published in the Duluth News Tribune.

It all started during a City Council agenda session on Thursday March 20th, 2008. Councilors Fedora and Krause questioned the appointment of Banks to the Community Development Committee, noting the absence of a formal application and his current membership on another city body. [Ed. Note: Bad move. Whites publicly questioning the credentials of Blacks is strictly "verboten". LOL!]

But Banks, a community activist who ran for the at-large city council seat in 2007, finishing seventh in an eight-candidate field with 5.47% of the vote, saw "bias" behind the questions. In an e-mail, he accused Fedora and Krause of being racist and said their actions were “attached to the lynching legacy of racism in Duluth”. Here's the critical excerpt:

“Your attempt to assert your white male privilege is symptomatic of someone who is going absolutely no where in life. I was just waiting for you to show your true colors,” he wrote. “And, of course you have done just what I expected you to do. Neither of you scrutinized the white candidates for any of the available seats on committees or boards this evening. But, you chose to scrutinize the Black man.”

"White male privilege"! "True colors"! ROFLMAO! Is this clown serious? Also note that he capitalized the "B" in "black" but only denoted "white" with a small "w". Classic Negro supremacist thinking. Or else he got hold of some bad jenkem.

By the way, you can click HERE if you want to view the entire e-mail in question.

However, there was nothing racist about the issue. Garry Krause had merely asked if it was appropriate to assign someone to a committee who had already been appointed to a city commission. His premise was that spots should be left open to people who aren’t already serving. He is striving to widen opportunities for community participation.

Fedora asked why Banks didn’t fill out an application form as other committee applicants are required to do. When he was told that Banks didn’t have to because he was already on the Planning Commission, Fedora had no more questions.

The appointment was left on the consent agenda, meaning it will be approved unanimously and without comment by the council during Monday night’s meeting (March 24th) unless a councilor requests that it be removed.

Both also said they were now concerned about Banks’ role on the Planning Commission. Fedora is asking for corrective action for the city administration, and he said that Banks’ removal from the Planning Commission is the best option at this point. “I am offended; I am insulted,” Fedora said. “If this came from a private citizen, I would just delete it. But this is coming from somebody who sits on one of our boards and commissions. This kind of racial hatred does not belong in our community, and I liken it to the debate going on at the national level right now. It’s absurd.”

In his e-mail, Banks, who was instrumental in developing the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, said that he has volunteered more community service than both Fedora and Krause combined. He said the two should be ashamed of themselves and their behavior was “uncalled for.” Banks also played the "lynch" card, stating “Do you not remember the horrific lynching of 1920? The three young African American men were innocent of raping a white woman. ... The legacy of racism is attached to that one incident in this community ... lest you forget,” he wrote. “I will not let you forget that, ever. Your actions tonight are also attached to the lynching legacy of racism in Duluth. Do you ever wonder why community members of color do not trust you? It is simply because of your intentional racism. You know what you are doing and we will not tolerate this behavior from our elected officials.” [Ed. Note: Did you see the phrase "I will not let you forget that, ever."? That shows the true agenda of the civil rights movement. Blacks will use this to continuously vex us and to endlessly extort more money and bennies from us. Nothing we whites do or say will ever satisfy them. Just how much more proof do you need, White Man?]

Krause wasn’t as angry as Fedora, but he said to be equated to the lynchings was offensive. “I read it thought that’s kind of depressing and sad, for lack of a better word,” he said. “What if you’re somebody that is perceived to be racist that you’re not, but perceived, and if they’re coming for a planning item, how are they going to be treated? That is an area for concern.”

Mayor Don Ness was not able to immediately return a call seeking comment, but city spokesperson Jeff Papas said he would be available later today. The President of the Duluth chapter of the NAACP, Claudie Washington, said he wanted to reserve comment until he saw a tape of the council actions in question.

More about Henry Banks HERE. Banks has been a Duluth resident for more than 23 years and is a nationally certified and well-recognized community organizer and anti-racism educator. He is the founder and past chair of the Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial, Inc., in Duluth. In 2004, he received the Justice for Peace Award from the NAACP. Banks currently serves as the executive officer for the new Center fof Social Justice and Human Rights in Duluth. He is a graduate of the Blandin Community Leadership Program in Grand Rapids, MN, and the Move the Mountain Leadership Center in Phoenix, AZ.

A rather glowing description of the chap. However, the e-mail he sent out indicates that Banks has been putting up a "respectable" front all these years, concealing the anti-white hatred in his heart. But it had to come out sometime, and he let it out in that e-mail. Another black agitator showing his true colors.


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