Saturday, March 22, 2008

Communist Anti-Racist Thugs Confront Canadian Aryan Guard Patriots In Downtown Calgary, Alberta On Good Friday 2008

The price paid for pro-white activism in Canada is much higher than that in the United States. Consequently, when we Yanks defend and support Canadian pro-white activism, we better secure our own liberty to speak out.

Anit-racist protestors and Aryan Guard activists (pictured at left) clashed in a head-on screaming match that wound its way through downtown Calgary on Friday March 21st, 2008. Full stories reported by and the Edmonton Sun, which I've combined and summarized to mitigate the overt media bias against the Aryan Guard.

It all started when approximately 30 Aryan Guard members gathered at the Franklin LRT station, rode the C-Train to downtown Calgary and started making their way down to the Mewata Armoury, when they were blocked by anti-racist counter-demonstrators along 7th Avenue, in front of a seniors' center.

Both sides shouted slogans at each other. A line of police officers formed a wall between the groups. Waving White Pride World Wide flags, the Aryan Guard contingent, described by media outlets as a "neo-Nazi" group, began marching. They were confronted by nearly 150 anti-racist protesters, who dogged them at every step. The march paused several times as police forcibly held the two groups apart. Several physical confrontations broke out, but were quicly broken up and at least two people led away in handcuffs. Both groups ended up in front of Calgary City Hall.

Predictably, the anti-racists cried the blues and spewed their venom. "It's sad, this is a sad sight, an unsettling sight," said Bonnie Collins, a spokeswomen for Anti-Racist Action Calgary as a group of demonstrators stood waving white supremacist flags on the steps of the Calgary City Hall. "We'll always meet them head-on every time. I'm scared, but I'm not going to stand down, ever. We have to stand together and fight their horrible ideas and ideology," Collins concluded.

But the anti-racists did not win universal sympathy. "I think it's horrible," said Cindy Fredricks, wiping away tears after she found herself in the thick of the protesters while out for a walk. "You realize what this is about, it's pretty scary. Everybody should feel safe here," she said.

While the Aryan Guard refused any formal interview requests, one of the members spoke anonymously. "We're just proud to be white, that's all. Why can't we be proud to be white?" said one member, who refused to give his name.

The demonstration is the latest in a string of events that some activists fear signals a rising tide of racism in Calgary. On February 12th, 2008, ARA activists Jason Devine and fiancee Bonnie Collins (the same one as presented earlier in this post) sustained a firebomb attack on their house. Devine -- who was home with his four sleeping children when the incident occurred -- said he heard a crash, saw fire and called 911. The firebomb missed a rear window and torched a fence and patio set.

Both Collins and Devine are Communists and members of Anti-Racist Action Calgary. Collins is running as a Communist Party candidate in the provincial election in Calgary-East, and Devine has run as a member of the Communist Party in the past. Previous interactions with white nationalist groups in Calgary, specifically the Aryan Guard, led the couple to believe this was not a random act of violence. However, the Aryan Guard has not been implicated in the attack.

Back on October 14th, 2007, Aryan Guard activists staged a demonstration against "veiled voting" in Calgary, just prior to the scheduled election. They were protesting the government's decision to allow veiled women to vote without removing their veils so their identities could be verified.


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Go my brothers, I'm from scotland and the flood gates are opening here and soon there wont be many of us left,,,fight the good fight!!! :D God Bless.