Friday, March 14, 2008

Australian Mayoral Candidate Kevin Wise Wants To Relocate Aborigines Away From Paroo Shire In Queensland

A mayoral candidate who is pushing for election on a platform of racism, has called for Aboriginal families to be removed from his southwest Queensland shire and replaced with "Vietnamese peasant families". Full stories published by, by, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

The man at the heart of this radical idea is 66-year-old Paroo Shire resident Kevin Wise (pictured above left), who freely touts his ambition to be "an elected racist mayor for Paroo". Wise has produced and distributed a flyer in which he pledges to urge "the Federal Government to offer 25 indigenous families $50,000 each to relocate anywhere away from the Paroo Shire", which is a part of Cunnamulla in southwest Queensland.

In organising distribution of the flyers, Wise specified that they be sent to indigenous homes. "I let it be known that I preferred them to go to aboriginal households so that it wouldn't appear that I was running gutless", Wise told News Limited.

However, there's a second part of the plan. The second part involves replacing the Abos, not with other white Australians or white immigrants from other nations, but to replace them with non-English speaking Vietnamese families. Based upon his personal knowledge on Vietnamese people and their willingness to work hard, which he witnessed while serving in Vietnam with the Australian Army, Wise believes that "within five years these families will have advanced the shire's wealth and prosperity out of all proportion to that achieved to date".

In addition to calling for the removal of Abo families, Wise went on to denounce the "Stolen Generations" story as a myth, and labeled Cunnamulla a "dead in the water" community, before claiming he had the support of the bulk of the community. "Every bugger in town is saying what I'm saying out loud, but they won't say it themselves", Wise said.

The "Stolen Generations" story refers to an unofficial Australian policy spasmodically carried out between 1869-1969 where Abo children were allegedly taken from their parents and put into white homes. On February 13th, 2008, the Australian Federal Government, under the leadership of the new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, apologized to the Aboriginal community for the policy. However, look for the Abos to try and leverage this into a demand for preferences and "reparations", as blacks have done in the United States.

Wise has been condemned for his overtly racist stance, with Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Susan Booth labelling the comments "hurtful" and "incredibly stereotyped". Mayor Ian Tonkin has also weighed into the debate, calling on Mr. Wise to apologise, while Aboriginal academic Stephen Hagan is reportedly set to make a complaint to the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission.

Australians who criticize Mr. Wise for his controversial initiative are themselves in denial. Aboriginal misbehavior and social misogyny have been persistent ever since whites first settled the continent. On June 21st, 2007, the Australian Federal Government instituted a ban on pornography and alcohol for Aborigines in the Northern Territory (which is under direct Federal control) and to tighten control over welfare benefits to fight child sex abuse among them. And while some Aboriginal leaders criticized the plan as paternalistic and discriminatory, others applauded the initiative and recommended extending the welfare restrictions to Aborigines in other parts of the country.

The ban was instituted in response to a report that found sexual abuse of children to be rampant in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. The report said the abuse was fueled by endemic alcohol abuse, unemployment, poverty and other factors causing a breakdown in traditional society. In addition, according to official 2007 Australian government statistics, 24% of all inmates in Australia's prisons are "Indigenous" (defined as either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders), even though Indigenous people comprise only 2.4% of the total Australian population of just over 21.1 million, clearly showing that they commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime. So it appears that Kevin Wise is aware of this disparity and wants to move it away from his community. But Mr. Wise openly admits to media sources that he really doesn't expect to win his election.

What Australia should do to populate their territory and preserve their demographics is to extend a special outreach to South African and Zimbabwean whites, many of who possess the skills Australia needs. South African whites, being outnumbered 10-1 in their own country, are in a precarious position and their future in South Africa is rapidly darkening. Besides, Asians may not assimilate as well as Mr. Wise thinks; a story posted by National Alliance News reports on white flight from the school systems in New South Wales.

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