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ANSWP Balloon-Borne Swastika Displays In Tigard, Oregon Alarm Local Media And Authorities, Awaken Local Residents

You've got to give the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) credit for being on the cutting edge of white activism. Nobody else pushes the envelope and uses as much of the playing field as they do, while still remaining within the limits of the law.

And innovation is a top priority as well. ANSWP activists in Oregon have perfected an unusual way to deliver an effective visual message. They attach swastika flags to balloons and deploy them over the local area.

And one of those deployments caught the attention of KPTV Channel 12 in Portland, which aired a report on March 1st, 2008. They reported the balloon-borne display of swastika flags at three different locations around the Tigard area. The flags were usually hung up with red balloons, allowing the flags to flap in the wind so that the movement would break people's peripheral vision and cause them to notice the flags.

- On Tuesday February 26th, a swastika flag was reported flying on Highway 217 just south of 72nd Avenue.

- On Thursday morning February 28th, another flag was reported near Highway 217 and I-5.

- And on Thursday evening, another flag was spotted on top of a Plaid Pantry store on Highway 99W. Crews responded to the store and took it down.

In addition to the three Tigard reports, a woman said she saw the swastika symbol near Interstate 5 in Tualatin earlier this week. She said it was displayed close to the freeway, near the Claim Jumper restaurant.

Police said the person responsible for placing the flags could face charges of criminal mischief. As of Friday, there were no suspects in the case. Police have also reported the incidents to the state biased crimes unit. Interesting that of the thousands of people who saw the flags, there were only four complaints. Maybe reports of bias against the swastika are exaggerated.

One of these deployments was captured by an ANSWP member and posted on YouTube, and discussed HERE:

Tigard is an upscale suburb just 5 miles southwest of Portland. As of the 2000 census, its population was 41,223, 81% white.

And on Saturday March 1st, ANSWP Commander Bill White took organizational credit for the action, posting the following news release on the Vanguard News Network Forum:


The American National Socialist Workers Party, America's largest and most effective National Socialist organization, today took responsibility for the Swastika banners which have been flying over -- and landing in -- Tigard, Oregon and the surrounding area.

"We have been launching flying swastika banners by balloon over local highways, and apparently they have occassionally landed on local businesses," ANSWP Commander Bill White stated today, "We are 100% responsible for this guerilla political activism, no act of criminal mischief has occurred, and we challenge the Tigard police to bring action against us if they feel some law has been violated".

Videos posted on YouTube and PodBlanc show the launch of the balloons:

The American National Socialist Workers Party has a growing presence in Oregon, with Oregon resident Daniel Jones heading its state unit.

The ANSWP was founded in 2006 after the disintegration of its predecessor, the National Socialist Movement. ANSWP activists have conducted actions throughout the country, targeting black crime in Lima, Ohio, assisting white activists in Henderson, North Carolina, and attracting national attention through campaigns against Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts and through a campaign to "Lynch the Jena 6".

Obviously, reports of the NSM's "disintegration" are a bit exaggerated. They took two major organizational hits during the past two years, but have recovered sufficiently to seriously plan a Washington DC rally for April 19th. However, this is a matter which needs not be discussed further in this particular post.

The swastika is one of many weapons we use to deliver our message. As White himself states, its primary value is guerrilla-style activism. It provides shock therapy to a complacent community, and offers a explicit, no-nonsense challenge to the existing order. Being the most politically-incorrect symbol available, it tells the establishment that all their diversity and multicultural propaganda has been for naught. Basically, it bitch-slaps the establishment right in the face, and that can be extremely empowering for a white working class which has been slowly and systemically disenfranchised.

Whether the swastika can reach the American Renaissance constituency has yet to be seen.

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