Saturday, February 23, 2008

YouTube Video: White Kid Stands Up To Black Thug Aboard School Bus; Kaffir Backs Down

It has always been my opinion that one of the main reasons blacks get away with perpetrating a bunch of nonsense against whites is that we whites permit it. We are afraid of getting beat up, which is understandable. Or we are afraid of being labeled "racist", which is hard to understand and should NOT be a reason for refusing to defend ourselves.

However, I guess one white school kid must have slept through his diversity training, because he decided not to take shit from a black punk who was trying to bully him into giving up his seat. From the video below, I get the impression it may have been more a continuation of a conflict which started elsewhere, because the video shows there were empty seats in back of the bus where the black kid could have sit down. Note that the black kid was NOT dressed like a ghetto rat - he was actually wearing mainstream clothing. This is important, because it shows that just because you take the black out of the ghetto doesn't automatically mean you take the ghetto out of the black. Whites need to be wary around ALL blacks.

Here's the video - and there's no indication when or where it was filmed, although it was uploaded to YouTube on December 14th, 2007:

When the white kid stood up, in full stature, the black kid, knowing he didn't have backing like the Jena Six thugs did when they backjumped Justin Barker, ran for cover. The white kid, having made his point, did NOT pursue, but just stood there momentarily, then sat down. That's a demonstration of defensive racism - defending one's person and one's race. Completely justified. Blacks will not fight whites one on one on an equal basis, or if outnumbered. Blacks jump whites only if they outnumber them and perceive the white to be weak and vulnerable.

Notice that after the confrontation, the mestizo kid across the isle pats the white kid on the shoulder in a gesture of solidarity. This shows that the mestizos are not particularly fond of blacks, either. While racially-conscious whites may not like mestizo culture, one thing we can say in defense of mestizos is that they are willing to work - and work hard. With proper guidance, they are productive people, and we should not necessarily consider our differences with them irresolvable. The real enemy may be the Jew who stokes them up against us.

This incident has triggered an interesting discussion on Stormfront. In this thread, an individual identified as KoP44 provides an articulate assessment of the situation not unlike my own:

Not only do blacks feed off of white "guilt", but white people have been mis-educated into thinking that we are a physically weak and cowardly race of people. Nothing could be further from the truth as we ALL have a proud and storied history where our ancestors fought valiantly, without fear, and for the greater good (what they PERCEIVED as such), regardless of what nationality our ancestors were. Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, French, Italian, etc... We are a race of righteous warriors and many before us have sacrificed EVERYTHING, without a second thought or a moment of fear. THAT is our true history and THAT is who we are. I don't care what they try and teach otherwise, our history is undeniable. And with them pushing us now into a collective corner, they will soon find out the hard way as to just who we are!!!

I have taught several of them that very lesson myself, but there are many more to come. Our ancestors SHAPED history and to honor them we MUST assert ourselves and reshape the present day, leave our mark on it, and sacrifice for our sons the way our fathers sacrificed for us.

The blood of William Wallace flows through our veins, the spirit of Odin is in our hearts, and the "Greatness" of Alexander is in us all. It's just a shame that more of us do not realize this and that our children are taught to be ashamed of our history. It SHOULD be a right of passage for ALL White kids to visit our European homelands and to see 1st hand the greatness in which our people have achieved and the heroic sacrifices that they made. But 1st we must ensure that these lands, our history, and our future are all preserved.

In any case, aside from my rant, there is nothing like seeing a black bully put in his place by a White kid who has had ENOUGH! These little monkeys truly are predators. They prey ONLY on the those in which they PERCEIVE to be WEAK. I only wish this kid would have broken that little criminals jaw for him. And we can already assume that the little convict got a group of his tribe together and jumped the white kid when he was alone and outnumbered. That is a forgone conclusion.

And here's a bus-riding account from Brian Bach, posted on the same Stormfront thread:

Here's my bus story: When I was eight years old, my parents moved from the Midwest to Virginia. My two younger brothers and I were the only White kids on our school bus, and every morning the half hour ride to elementary school was an episode of terror. What we didn't know yet that all of the other white kids knew was: NO WHITE KIDS RIDE THE IN-TOWN BUS. Period. Their parents drive them or they walk. But we we're new to town, our parents were liberals, and we only had one car then and it went with my father.

Each morning the bus would stop, we'd shuffle on and have nowhere to sit. If there was an empty seat, a leg would swing across it. Or the negro passenger would shift to the aisle side and block us out. They'd glare at us sideways and shake they're heads and say things like "you ain't sittin here crackah". Or they'd trip us as we walked by. Or sometimes punch at us, but as the driver was also a negro. When we couldn't sit down, we'd stand in the aisle while the bus driver shrieked at us "sit down, sit yo butt down!" Or "If you don't sit down, you aint gonna ride dis bus no mo!" or "sit down. sit down. sit down NOW!!!" with eyes popping wide and neck veins bulging. When we'd finally sit down somewhere, we could expect hisses and taunts. "White Devils" and "crackah" and "I smell s**t, must be a white boy" and so on.

We'd get in trouble for walking home from school every day, we refused to get on and would walk home about a mile. My parents? When we explained what was happening, liberal dad accused us of "provoking them". I'd reply "yeah, by being White". This only enraged him and he'd storm off. Mom was more sympathetic but didn't have a solution. Parents only had one car then, and she couldn't drive us during the day.

So nearly every day we had to fight. Often at school too. Broken noses, busted lips. Occasionally I'd land a good hit, but they were always larger and more numerous. It got so bad that by mid-year Mom got a clue and pulled us out. My grandparents paid for us to go to a local, private day school. The story goes on and on.

I rarely hear of white kids having difficulties with mestizo kids or Asian kids. Just black kids. Likewise, mestizo kids have most of their problems with black kids. With that in mind, can you honestly believe there's hope of a reconciliation between whites and blacks? Blacks seem irrevocably bent towards nihilistic destructive behavior no matter how many "rights" we give them or how much money we "throw" at them. Regardless of what we do or say, blacks consider us racist.

Complete separation, at least of blacks from everyone else in the first stage, is the only viable solution.

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