Friday, February 22, 2008

YouTube Video: Nationalist Coalition Presents A Synopsis Of Black History Month

Many uninformed people believe the white nationalist movement is about hate. Not so - responsible white nationalists don't hate people. We hate some of what people do, but we simply want to have our own living space and respect the rights of other groups to have their own living spaces.

Indeed, the Nationalist Coalition has shown their respect for the black community by creating this short but very thought-provoking video synopsis of Black History Month. You can go directly to the Nationalist Coalition website and view it there, or you can click the embedded video below.

Click HERE to find out more about black invention myths.

The Nationalist Coalition is one of three organizations which sprung directly from the legacy of the late Dr. William Pierce, the others being the National Alliance and European Americans United (EAU - formerly known as National Vanguard). Many believe the Nationalist Coalition best reflects Dr. Pierce's legacy.

And one of their leaders is running for elective office. John Ubele, the operations manager, is running for Florida House District 46. His campaign website is HERE, and he's started another blog HERE. Ubele also discusses his candidacy on this Stormfront thread.


John Ubele said...

Thank you for your continued support.

John Ubele

Anchorage Activist said...

You're quite welcome, John. Each successive pro-white candidacy by someone pries open the door just a bit wider.