Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update On Yankee Jim: Autopsy Confirms That The Leshkevich Tragedy In West Hurley, New York Was A Murder-Suicide

Hat tip to the Aryan Awakening blog for the image

According to reports published by both the Kingston Daily Freeman and the Mid-Hudson News on February 20th, 2008, the tragedy encompassing the Leshkevich family in West Hurley, New York has been confirmed by autopsy to be a murder-suicide.

Police said that James Leshkevich struck his wife over the head seven times with a blunt object, strangled her with his bare hands, and then hanged himself. Police are still working to establish the exact timeline of events but believe both deaths occurred either late Monday or early Tuesday. Police Capt. Wayne Olson did not know how much time passed between the killing and the suicide. Olson would not specify as to what Leshkevich used to hang himself or whether he jumped off something in the garage after putting the noose around his neck. Olson also revealed that Leshkevich left a suicide note, but declined to release it or say whether it mentioned Mrs. Leshkevich's affair.

James Leshkevich, 52, and his 55-year-old wife were found dead about 11 a.m. Tuesday in their home on Morgan Hill Road in West Hurley - he in the garage, she in a bedroom - after co-workers of Mrs. Leshkevich called police to express concern about her well-being. They leave two adult children by their marriage, and one other by Mrs. Leshkevich's previous marriage, behind.

Mrs. Leshkevich was a teaching assistant at Woodstock Elementary School in the Onteora school district. Her husband, a former truck driver, was better known for his white nationalist activism. He was known on both Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum as "Yankee Jim". A more complete description of his political activism can be found HERE.

"No matter the political affiliation of the parties involved, this is a tragedy because two people are dead and it didn't have to happen," Olson said on Wednesday. "The family and friends here are suffering through this."

On Monday February 18th, Leshkevich posted an extensive message on his blog, The Hudson Valley Freeman, in which he accused his wife of having an affair. Leshkevich wrote that the posting would be his last "for a while". However, that last paragraph also contained the sentence "Hopefully that will change in the future", which indicates to me that he probably wasn't suicidal at that point. The post can be viewed either on the blog or on this Daily Freeman article.

Update: February 22nd, 2008 - Corroboration (not actual proof) of Deborah Leshkevich's adultery has been found. In a comment posted to a February 19th Daily Freeman story, Liz Sopata had this to say:

Added: Wednesday February 20, 2008 at 06:07 PM EST
I will miss you Baby Girl!!
No one knows the pain that Deb had to suffer through with the man who said he loved her. If he loved her so much why did he treat her like a prisnor in her own home? The abuse that she put up with for so many years doesn't even begin to bring light to this story. Deb was always there for everyone who knew her. She was my rock when I needed a friend most. I would have done anything for her and her for me. I know that in her last few months she truly found someone who loved her and cared for her. Rest in Peace my friend, I will truly truly miss you and my life will never be the same!!
Liz Sopata, Willow, NY

Reaction to this story has been varied. The anti-racist community, as expected, has been critical of Yankee Jim. However, one anti-racist organization that went completely over the top is One People's Project (OPP), operated by a black 300-pound cashiered ex-cop named Daryl Lamont Jenkins. OPP, sometimes referred to by white activists as One Primate's Project, openly rejoiced at the death of Yankee Jim, posting an article entitled, "Yankee Jim Leshkevich, Rot In Hell". These OPP scum need to be put out of business.

Unfortunately, OPP does not permit readers' comments nor allows any but antifas to register on their forum. However, there is another way you can express your outrage to them by proxy. One of OPP's associates, Nicole Nichols, who is the co-dominatrix of Citizens Against Hate, runs a blog called Nikki's Nest. She has posted on the Yankee Jim situation HERE, and you can post a comment in response expressing your outrage over OPP's attitude.

On the pro-white side of the house, tributes and kudos are pouring in from white activists everywhere, being posted on Hal Turner's site, the Vanguard News Network blog, this VNN Forum thread, and on Stormfront. However, Stormfront activists have brought to our attention a possible media malfunction. It seems that some media outlets are posting the picture found on Yankee Jim's blog profile and identifying it as Yankee Jim. This appears to be in error - it is now confirmed that it is a picture of Ariel Sharon's son, Omri Sharon, who was indicted for receiving monies from various corporations in Israel and overseas, totaling more than 6 million shekels (about 1.3 million US dollars), for his father's campaign in the 1999 primaries for the Likud leadership -- far exceeding limits set by the Parties Law. The activities occurred between July 1999 and February 2000. Jim probably used that picture as a joke, just like he used the Alan Colmes avatar on VNN as a joke. The real picture of Jim Leshkevich is posted at the beginning of this post.

This is NOT Yankee Jim Leshkevich

Update: But one pro-white venue delivered a much different message. The Times Herald-Record reported that National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe has taken pains to dissociate his organization from Leshkevich. However, Gliebe did not stop there. He went on to dump all over Leshkevich, characterizing him as "crazy" and claiming that Leshkevich was not a true racist and that his hateful proclamations about Jews, immigrants and blacks were meant only to gain attention for himself. He accused Leshkevich of just wanting to get a high off it. And some of his members launched bitter personal attacks on Leshkevich on the Resistance forum.

However, Gliebe's criticism is personal and vindictive in origin. Leshkevich criticized Gliebe for his marriage to Erika, a former Playboy model. Gliebe never forgot it, and is now taking revenge. Of course, by launching this personal attack, Gliebe has likely burned his remaining bridges with most of the WN community, as you can see from this
VNN Forum thread (which may be in the members-only area by now).

As a natural part of the grieving process, some of us may find it instinctive to lash out at Deborah Leshkevich for apparently provoking the situation. Obviously, she was the catalyst, but we weren't there and aren't privy to everything that went down. Perhaps it would be much more productive, and in better keeping with the positive, constructive spirit of Jim's own activism, to take that resentment and transform it into action on behalf of our race. I think Jim would be disappointed if we wasted time lashing out at Deborah.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up about the picture. I used to read that blog and I thought Yankee Jim was a Jewish nut because of the photo. I didn't get the joke!

I admire the policeman for having the class to say it is a tragedy no matter what the man's politics.

Michael Burks said...

Life is a very odd thing at times. Yesterday was a great day for me. Bill White, who I work under, won in court against two beast Negroes. I spent the perfect day any man could with their dad. And yet, there is so much more out there in the world.

When I was told about Yankee Jim’s death I didn’t speak for about 10 seconds. I like so many others never saw this coming. Name me 500 people from VNN who would have done something like this and his name would have never come close.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I hope you all keep his family in your prayers. Maybe this is a bad dream, but it’s now day two and I’m beginning to think reality is sinking in.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - I remember when Yankee Jim first put that picture on his blog. I didn't really think it was him, but I thought it might be impolite to ask him.

That cop is a true professional, separating any personal feelings from the mission. It's not easy, but that's what they're paid for. And with good training, supervision and compensation, they can do it.

Anchorage Activist said...

Michael - I remember when I first saw the Daily Freeman story on Tuesday. I was dumbfounded - I didn't know what to do about it. Then I saw a confirming story in Newsday and knew I had to get to work to do my part to make sure the truth got out and that the antis didn't own the story.

But more importantly, Jim was the last person I expected would do something like this. What's even more amazing is that despite the hell he was going through at home, he always had a good word for people on VNN. And then he organized that Chester Doles Truck Fund. That was the real Yankee Jim, in my humble opinion; not the Yankee Jim the Daily Freeman is trying to portray.

I figured Bill White would get acquitted. The "witnesses" against him were total losers.

Anonymous said...

How do we know the cops version is true? Maybe they were both murdered by our enemies.
This should be checked out before
too many of our people are led astray.
One answer may be from those who benefit.

Anchorage Activist said...

Good point, Anonymous. Usually, in situations like this, someone who kills a loved one in a fit of pique turns a gun on themselves immediately afterwards. To hang oneself requires a bit more time and preparation.

I also find it interesting that the police refused to release the suicide note to the media, to include just the contents.

This case may be a long way from being finished.

Bret Ludwig said...

I think YJ was a good man pushed way too far. I think we should respect the fact he did the job right and that the wife deserves little sympathy.

The anti's are jizzing their shorts and I thionk it's pathetic the current misleadership of the NA chose to unnecessarily disown him like that. Dr. Pierce would have handled it better.

We need to have the same attitude toward our fellow WNs the bikers do to their club brothers. Notice no one disrespects the Big Four clubs in public.

Anonymous said...

"How do we know the cops version is true? Maybe they were both murdered by our enemies".
A few VNNer's are considering that this was indeed a set up. With all the attention the media has given to "the noose" should also open one's mind to this possibility.
Remember Waco, Oklahoma, and 911.
"My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge". "The truth shall make you free".
Brethren, please realize Yankee Jim
may be innocent. Let us get all the
facts before making any judgements.

Gage said...

Wanted to let everyone know I'm continuing YJ's blog at the following address:

for anyone who is interested. I'll be adding new features soon.

Anonymous said...

"How do we know the cops version is true? Maybe they were both murdered by our enemies".
Many are now wondering why the major media is not exploiting this situation. It could be that "they" have reasons to cover it up. There could be some loose ends and investagations may reveal the true culprits.
Remember 911!

Anonymous said...

One less bonehead nazi in the world. I won't celebrate his death but I won't mourn it either.