Monday, February 18, 2008

Sacramento Civic Plutocracy Continue Campaign To Flush Philanthropist Charles M. Goethe Down The Memory Hole In California

One of the classical signs of a takeover of society by one group from another is a campaign to assault and eliminate external symbols of the vanquished group's identity. This happened in Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution when St. Petersburg became Leningrad, and later on when Volgograd became Stalingrad. More recently, the victorious African National Congress has embarked on a similar campaign in South Africa; a May 2007 article in the Economist reports that 180 different name changes of streets and buildings were contemplated in the South African city of Durban, primarily to dilute and ultimately remove any memory of the white Afrikaner presence. A proposal to change the name of the capital city of Pretoria to Tshwane had to be temporarily shelved because it stirred up strong opposition from South African whites.

Yet although there has been no violent revolution in America, nor have blacks politically achieved supremacy in the United States, the same campaign against white people and white symbols is being waged here. Consider that 730 American cities have streets named after Martin Luther King, Jr. Consider that America's founder, George Washington, had to give up his designated day in favor of Dr. King.

And a similar battle has been waged in Sacramento, California. On June 21st, 2007, the Sacramento School Board voted to rename a middle school which was named after local philanthropist Charles M. Goethe (pictured upper left). However, the school was not named after another local figure, but after the Communist-trained black civil rights agitator Rosa Parks, who made "history" by refusing to give up her seat on a Birmingham bus. The name change took effect on November 19th. This same school made national news on April 27th, 2007 when a white science teacher refused to allow a black student to go to the restroom, instead instructing him to piss in a Gatorade bottle. The student's mother naturally played the race card as blacks instinctively do and tried to get the teacher fired.

Not content with that assault upon Goethe's memory, the Sacramento civic plutocracy decided to flush him further down the memory hole on January 29th, 2008, when the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors decided to remove Goethe's name from a local park. Unable to decide upon a replacement name, they chose a provisional geographically-related name for the park - American River Parkway, South.

And what is the reason for this Soviet-style purge of Goethe's memory? Because the Sacramento civic plutocracy suddenly discovered that Charles M. Goethe was a "white supremacist". The public record shows that, leading up to and after World War II, Goethe actively supported National Socialist beliefs and programs, including the eugenics movement. Goethe also was allegedly critical of Jews, blacks, Mexicans and Japanese Americans in his writings.

These facts haven't exactly been state secrets - they've been well-known for over 50 years. It wasn't a problem before. Why has it suddenly become a problem now? The answer - once you're identified by the self-appointed guardians of multicultural morality as a "racist", you're done. You become a Soviet-style un-person, no matter how long ago you committed the unforgivable sin of "racism".

It doesn't seem to matter that Charles M. Goethe founded California State University, Sacramento (Sacramento State College at the time), which in turn treated Goethe with the reverence of a founding father, appointed him chairman of the University's advisory board, dedicated the Goethe Arboretum to him in 1961, and organized an elaborate gala and 'national recognition day' to mark his 90th birthday in 1965, when he received letters of appreciation - solicited by his friends at CSUS - from the president of the Nature Conservancy, then-Governor Edmund G. Brown, and then-President Lyndon B. Johnson. It doesn't seem to matter that Charles M. Goethe bequeathed his residence, eugenics library, papers, and $640,000 to the University. Nor does it seem to matter that when Goethe died, CSUS received the largest share of his $24 million estate.

All that matters to these anti-racist harridans is that Charles M. Goethe has been pronounced a "racist". A local anti-racist extremist group, Sacramento Area Congregations Together, admitted as much when they said that Goethe's bigoted views and support for eliminating the "socially unfit" far overshadow his philanthropy or other contributions.

What's particularly disgusting is that these cowards piled on a dead man who is no longer around to defend himself. This is political bullying in the worst sense; Goethe is the victim of a witch hunt. If he had been found to have committed a crime, then I could see removing his name from public facilities. But his only "crime" was becoming politically incorrect; he was the victim of a change of perceptions. The cowards on the Sacramento School Board and the Board of Supervisors sacrificed a dead man for political correctness.

It's no wonder I refer to the Golden State as the People's Republic of California.

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