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The Political Cesspool's James Edwards Reports On The 2008 American Renaissance Conference, Hosted By Jared Taylor

The David Duke website has posted a report on the 2008 American Renaissance Conference hosted by Jared Taylor (pictured at left) of the New Century Foundation. The conference took place during the period February 22nd through 24th, 2008, at Herndon, Virginia.

Edwards, who has extra time on his hands since discontinuing The Political Cesspool radio program, reported enjoying a leisurely trip to Virginia. One noteworthy stop was at the Abraham Lincoln museum - and he reports he was the only visitor in his group who had a smile on his face. Many Southerners loathe Abraham Lincoln because of the War for Southern Independence (a relatively neutral and factual term I have adopted to satisfy partisans on both sides), even though had he lived after the war, he would likely have voluntarily repatriated most of the black population and imposed a far easier Reconstruction upon the defeated Confederacy.

Edwards summarizes his perspective on the three-day conference. Below is an excerpt from the David Duke website:

Friday, February 22: Bright and early Friday morning we were on our way over to the Dulles Crowne Plaza Hotel in Herndon. Immediately upon arrival, I began running into people I knew…and people that knew me. After settling in and unpacking (again), my wife and I went down to the hotel restaurant for a prearranged meeting with a friend from the area. Citizens Informer editor Joel LeFevre and Institute of Historical Review executive director Mark Weber joined us at our table. It would be the first of several dynamic conversations that I would engage in with Mr. Weber, who is another friend of mine and one of the most brilliant guests ever to join us on-air. If we had a little more time, I’m confident that he and I could have solved all of the worlds problems. Alas, it was 5pm and time for the opening remarks by Jared Taylor. [Ed. Note: The Citizens Informer is the official newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens. It is a good newspaper, but was published erratically and unpredictably when I was a CCC member.]

Jared, himself, is another trusted confidant who opened the proceedings with his usual flair and panache. After his short statement the attendees were given the rest of the evening to fellowship. It dawned on me during that time just what a significant role The Political Cesspool Radio Program has played in the movement over the past three years. The respect and admiration that The Political Cesspool has garnered is, indeed, humbling. I dare say that outside of the magnificent speakers themselves, our work was one of the toasts of the conference. There were many times that I was literally cemented in place as the ladies and gentlemen in attendance ceaselessly let me know how much they appreciated the work that we’ve done. As I shook hands and posed for pictures, I was eternally gratified to know that our labors and sacrifices have touched so many. To be sure, my respect and admiration for their support is just as ardent. I knew we’d all be in for a treat If the remainder of the weekend could compare to the preliminary meet-ups.

Saturday, February 23: To say that Jared Taylor does an excellent job in organizing this biannual showcase would be a gross understatement. American Renaissance is the premier race-realist event in the world. It is elegant, tasteful and features speakers who are second-to-none. The speakers this year included Political Cesspool alums Taylor, Dr. Paul Gottfried and Sam Dickson, Esq., among others.

Perhaps as impressive as the speakers themselves were the notable dignitaries in the crowd. In addition to myself, Weber and LeFevre, you would have also bumped into the likes of Gordon Lee Baum, Esq., Don and Derek Black, Frank Borzellieri, Adrian Davies, Tom Dover, Paul Fromm, Jamie Kelso, Kyle Rogers, and Dr. Tomislav Sunic, just to name a few. In addition to these greats were, as I mentioned previously, an endless stream of Political Cesspool listeners - all of whom are leaders in my book. Some are friends I recognized from battles past, but others I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. I understand that some of you might have attended the event in confidence, but you know who you are and I say again how proud I was to have shaken your hands.

The presentations continued throughout the day, although the AmRen organizers were generous with intermissions, giving us all the chance to take part in the time honored tradition of socializing! During one of these breaks I slipped over to a makeshift radio studio and joined David Duke (via telephone) and Don Black in a special report live from the conference hotel. (You may check below for more information.)

Amidst it all, I had a chance to grab a quick drink with Peter Stanton, who has served as a staff member contributor to The Political Cesspool for two years. Peter didn’t have the time to take in the conference, but does live in Virginia and made a special trip over to visit with me. Gaurav Ahuja, who has done incredible work booking our guests, was also on hand.

The culmination of Saturday evening came during the banquet dinner, where my wife and I shared a table with some compatriots from Texas. Afterwards, it was back over to the bar for even more stimulating conversations and interactions with other Cesspool supporters until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday, February 24: I have to admit I was late getting downstairs this morning after all of the late-night festivities, but I used the extra time to chat with buddies like Gordon Baum. Gordon and I work closely together in the Council of Conservative Citizens and always have such enjoyable talks. Afterwards, I conducted a video interview with European Americans United, another stellar organization to which I belong. Look for footage of this interview on their website in the near future!

The conference itself came to a close shortly before noon on Sunday when Sam Dickson delivered his keynote address. I was asked many questions over the weekend by those who tune into our show, one of which was, “Who was my all-time favorite guest?” While I could honestly not answer that question, Sam was one of five names that I mentioned repeatedly. He and I have known each other for four years and during that time we have grown quite close. His speech was the one I was anticipating the most. He didn’t let anyone down.

After the conference concluded I spent a considerable amount of time wishing folks a fond farewell before retreating to the on-site restaurant one last time to break bread with Sam, Mark Weber and a few others. It was a wonderfully fulfilling ending to a refreshing weekend that provided me with a charge of energy.

While James Edwards has discontinued The Political Cesspool radio show iteslf, this only means he will not be making any new broadcasts. The website itself continues in operation, and previous shows are archived there.

Some Stormfront members also attended this conference, and recorded their impressions on the last pages of this thread.

Jared Taylor pursues a different strategy than others within the white nationalist movement. Not only does Taylor fail to "name the Jew", he actually romances the Jew and considers white Jews to be white. He welcomes white Jews into his movement.

And why is this? Years ago, Taylor noticed that although Organized Jewry was disproportionately involved in the civil rights movement and in other destructive social movements, that Jews generally were the first to pack up and move out of a neighborhood whenever blacks first moved in. Further research on his part revealed that although Jews do not like blacks, Jews have a greater fear of white anti-Semitism. So, using the strategy "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", Jews use blacks to keep whites preoccupied, in turn betting that when blacks get too close to them [the Jews], they can always find another white neighborhood to run to. And if the Jews run out of white neighborhoods, they have Israel to fall back upon. The preservation of Israel as their ultimate fallback option is one of the main reasons why Organized Jewry has used their influence to transform the American government into a virtual shabbos goy for Israel.

Jared Taylor apparently believes that the way to correct the problem is to remove the "anti-Semitism" by co-opting the Jew and inviting him into the movement. But this strategy has not succeeded. Organized Jewry and its hirelings continue to clamp down the ideological screws on white nations worldwide. Furthermore, if one is pro-white, it doesn't matter to the anti-racists whether or not one is anti-Semitic; the anti-racists will target you anyway. That's why a motley crew of anti-racists, led by Daryle Lamont Jenkins, showed up to protest the Amren Conference. A link to a ten-minute YouTube video of the protestors is provided below:


And this is also a reason why ANSWP Commander Bill White has been quite critical of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance. White showed up at the conference, not as an attendee, but to observe, and posted his thoughts on this VNN Forum thread. His opinions are highly subjective, and somewhat amusing at times, particularly when he opines about the shape of John Joy Tree's head (must have minored in phrenology). White also observed that at least 20% of the participants, which he estimated to number as many as 150, were non-white. One Stormfront participant was also critical of the excessive presence of non-whites. And this is the crux of Bill White's objections to their approach - in his opinion, they make too many compromises.

Nonetheless, I find Jared Taylor's contributions to our Cause to be of some value. Publications like The Color Of Crime and Hispanics: A Statistical Portrait provide a scholarly, empirical resource for people who feel it necessary to justify racialism intellectually. The problem is, the average Negro is not impressed by intellect. White nationalism isn't merely about awakening whites racially; it's about motivating them to defend themselves against feral non-whites and exposing the Jew manipulators behind the scenes. People like Jared Taylor may give whites the courage to think for themselves, but people like Yankee Jim Leshkevich give whites the courage to put their boots on the ground. Just as it took a marriage of brains and brawn to enable Germany's National Socialist revolution to succeed, so we will likewise need a similar mix.

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I pray for you that you open your heart and find Christ. You must be a lonely man if you have this much time to spend on hating other people.

May peace and love find it's way to you. Jesus didn't hate other people. Fear makes people hate other people. Maybe you are afraid that one day you will be a minority. Should that day come, I hope the majority has more love than you do and shows you a little kindness.

How would you feel if your family was beat on by the KKK, or killed by the Nazi's. You probably wouldn't be spewing the same hate.

May peace and love be with you.