Sunday, February 17, 2008

Over 200 White Pride "Racist" Flyers Distributed In Vacaville, California; Widespread Regional Media Coverage

The Vacaville Police Department reports that as many as 200 or more "racist" flyers were distributed throughout Vacaville, California on Saturday February 17th, 2008. They base their report on complaints phoned in by residents. Police indicate they have collected a number of the flyers and would like to talk to those who distributed them. Each flyer was rolled up in a plastic bag, weighted down with rocks, and tossed in the driveway or porch.

And of course, the media scared up their designated lemmings, an outraged "housewife" who ritualistically condemned the flyers, wondering how people could still "think like this in the 21st century". However, individuals posting to this Topix forum tend to have a more neutral or favorable point of view. White activists can post to this forum to promote our cause; no registration required.

Mainstream media coverage was surprisingly broad, with outlets from Sacramento to San Francisco and as far south as Fresno and San Luis Obispo picking up the lead story and replicating it. Primary media sources for this story include the San Francisco Chronicle, KXTV Channel 10 Sacramento, and KCRA Channel 3 Sacramento. An excellent video report aired by KTVU Channel 2 San Francisco.

Looking at the picture of the flyer posted above, it appears the distributors are sympathetic towards both National Socialism and Creativity. However, even though police claim no crime has been committed, since residents of different races received the flyers, and they say they merely want to "talk" with the distributors, the distributors might be smart not to come forward, considering what happened to Jeff Lodor down in Porterville, California. While Lodor was never formally charged, he was arrested on October 4th, 2007 for distributing similar flyers and held for five days before being released. The First Amendment is not always considered applicable to white activists in the People's Republic of California.

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Anonymous said...

Write in 100 words why you are proud to be a White American.

Keeping silent is a crime.

Of course to participate means you are a Racist. If you were ANYTHING and I Mean ANYHTING other than White We’d all be getting pats on the back right now.
Do not concern yourself with what ignorant people have to say about you. If it gets to the point where they just don’t understand what it is you are doing. Calmly and politely as possible explain all you have to explain to them is you do not need to explain yourself to anyone for showing Pride In Your Tribe. By the way it is Your Tribe don’t allow anyone to take that from you.

You may submit more than one entry if you wish.

The intent here is to bring Proud White Americans Together in a forum. If every other race on the planet gets a forum to gather amongst themselves, so do We. Can these Racist(non-whites) really believe we will live under their oppression just because the federal and local governments are enforcing laws to subjugate Whites?
We will not fear any tyranny. Stand up and be counted! This is your chance to be heard.
Whatever happens will depend on us and our own level of involvement.
Tell everyone you believe will participate about this. Your children and your children’s children will be forever great full. Make it personal. Make It positive .
We as Whites need to get organized. This also includes squaring off with the Government. I wish it could be different, but we won’t be the ones taking the fight to them. They will bring it to Us. I Pray to be proven in time to be wrong about this. We will prevail if it be God’s Will.
The United States today is 85% Christian. That’s a decline from what the history of this country reflects. The United States has had a major war every generation including this one. Just because you are a Christian does not mean you let people dictate to you how to live your life. It does not mean you can not live as you please, and if you please to write and submit an essay do so. If you do not that’s fine, but don’t let people tell you not to because they believe you shouldn’t.
To say you are proud to be just an American not White American usually means you are a White American.
Why are you Proud to be a White American?

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