Tuesday, April 08, 2008

National Socialist Movement (NSM) Organizing April 19th March Against Illegal Immigration In Washington D.C.

Update: Originally published February 29th, 2008; republished April 8th, 2008 with updated information and links.

After spending a couple of months re-grouping after their last reorganization, the National Socialist Movement announces its intent to organize a march against illegal immigration to take place in Washington, D.C. on April 19th, 2008. More specific logistical information, including marshaling instructions, will be forthcoming on the NSM site.

Activists who want to distribute flyers in their communities announcing this event can click HERE to get a flyer in PDF format. Here's the text of the NSM's official press release:

National Socialist Movement Organizing March Against Illegal Immigration on Washington DC

On April 19th 2008 the National Socialist Movement and other Patriotic Americans intend to lead a march and protest against the illegal invasion of America to our Nations Capitol.

We march on Washington DC to send a message to the crooked Politicians of both the corrupt Democratic and Republican Parties. Our message is listen to the citizens of this Nation who elected you, listen to them and close the Borders or you will be replaced! We as Americans demand that our Nations Borders are closed, and that an America First Policy is enacted.

We are calling out to all proud Americans to join us in this mass protest. The system cannot ignore hundreds of angry citizens marching on the Nations Capitol. Stand with us as we confront those who wish to turn our Nation into a third world melting pot!

In 2008 the Immigration issue will be at the forefront. Anyone with eyes and ears can bear witness to the changing face of our Nation. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime for Pro-White and Pro-American activists to make themselves heard. No excuses, no half measures, simply put BE THERE!

All side issues, disagreements, and other matters will be cast aside on April 19th. All are invited to this Historical event. All groups, Political Parties, etc. that wish to endorse or participate are welcome and will be considered as speakers should they wish to participate. A Historical endeavor of this proportion has not been tackled by the "so-called" Far Right here in America in many years. Our counterparts in Europe put hundreds and often thousands of Patriots into the streets to demonstrate for their rights, and make their voices heard. On April 19th, 2008 it is our time. Do not let opportunity this pass you by, see you in Washington DC on April 19th.

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
National Socialist Movement http://www.nsm88.org/

The National Socialist Movement has since announced a list of confirmed speakers so far:

1. Theo Junker (Waffen SS Veteran and Founder of the Hitler Memorial Hall and Museum)
2. Commander Jeff Schoep (Director of the National Socialist Movement)
3. Hal Turner (Radio Talk show host)
4. Lt. Kris Johnson (NSM Northern States Director)
5. Pastor Jay Faber (Aryan Nations)
6. Lt. C. Wilson (NSM ST. Director)
7. Pastor Drew Bostwick (NSM Iowa)
8. Steven Boswell (NSM Missouri)

This is a rare opportunity for pro-white activists to show the world that personal differences can be shelved in order to unite and send a powerful message to America and the rest of the world that we can organize and be heard. If 20,000 blacks can rally in Jena, Louisiana on behalf of six black "victims", surely 1,000 or more pro-white activists can respond to this call.

For those who might feel awkward about the swastika: You won't have to wear one. Don't allow others to define the swastika for you. Judge by what you personally see and hear. And although there are many who use white nationalism and national socialism merely as protective cover for personal hooliganism, and they get a disproportionate amount of media publicity, the NSM has always behaved in a scrupulously law-abiding fashion at their rallies. The establishment has a vested interest in quashing pro-white activism by presenting its worst examples as "typical". Don't get taken in by the ADL/SPLC hype. If your instincts tell you to show up at this event, attend.

And few white activist organizations are more experienced in organizing successful rallies than the NSM. Read this account of their September 1st, 2007 Omaha Rally and see for yourself.

Further discussion of this impending event available on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.


Abe Bird said...

I hope the white police will halt you, and the nlack police to shoot you. It will be nice then.... (-:

Anonymous said...

Hope they get their asses kicked.

Anchorage Activist said...

Not going to happen, Anonymous. The NSM cadre know how to handle themselves, and the area will be swarming with cops just like in Omaha back on Labor Day.