Friday, February 22, 2008

Brother Nathanael Kapner, A Former Talmudist, Exposes Jewish Supremacism From The Inside Out On Real Zionist News

Update January 11th, 2011: Post updated to reflect the fact that RealJewNews has been re-named RealZionistNews; links changed to reflect this information.

There are many who have had the courage to uncover, expose, and confront Jewish supremacism. On his Jew Watch website, Frank Weltner maintains a veritable encyclopedia of documentation of what has become known as the "Jewish Question". Possibly the most articulate and eloquent person to expose Jewish supremacism is Dr. David Duke; his meticulously-researched original book entitled "Jewish Supremacism" is now in it's second printing (thanks to JRBooks, the first edition is available HERE in PDF format). More information on obtaining a paper copy of the second edition HERE.

The one drawback is that most of those who have exposed Jewish supremacism are Gentiles. While they become quite expert on the phenomenom, they have NOT had the Jewish experience. They were NOT raised as Jews. In short, they aren't Jews. And just like a man can never know what it's like to be a woman, a Gentile can never know what it's like to be a Jew.

Fortunately, an intelligent and thoughtful Jew has stepped into the breach. Enter the the now-editor of the Real Zionist News website, Brother Nathanael Kapner (pictured above left), a Jew who grew up steeped in Jewish supremacism. Until he heard of Jesus Christ. And once he compared the teachings of Jesus Christ with the horrors of the Talmud, it was no contest. Jesus won, game, set, and match.

But having been newly-converted, his natural desire was to share the joy of enlightenment with others. Starting with his fellow Jews. So he took his concerns directly to his Lubavitcher rabbis. From the Ugly Truth blog, we get an account of what happened next. Here's an excerpt:

For Br. Nathanael, it began during his childhood while growing up in a middle-class Pittsburgh neighborhood of mostly Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christian families. Like a desert wanderer spotting an oasis, at Christmas time he was drawn to the carols and holy hymns announcing the coming of the Messiah, as well as the nativity scenes showing mother and child. As he describes it, the conflict within him was real and powerful. He was always drawn to this world, the world of the man known as the Prince of Peace, but as a Jew, dabbling with Christianity was as verboten as Galileo’s dabbling in astronomy.

His [Jewish] Sabbath school teacher regularly taught the Jewish kids that Christianity was a fraud created by a false Galilean prophet named Jesus and helped along by a manic depressive named Saul who abandoned his people in Judea. Even in courses dealing with comparative religions, where everything from Buddha to Mohammed to Shiva was studied in-depth, talk of Jesus’ teachings was strictly censored KGB-style by the Judaic thought police who wouldn‘t give an inch. Br. Nathanael attended an upper middle class synagogue where the main event–meaning religion, was money, career and influence rather than morality, right vs. wrong, compassion vs. brutality or heaven vs. hell.

Nevertheless, like someone seeking to jump the Berlin Wall into the free world he secretly went out caroling with his Christian friends who regularly commented that he was more Christian than they were. During Christmas holidays, he would wait up late until the coast was clear (when parents and others were safely in bed) and would serf the television channels for Christmas shows. As soon as he graduated High School and went to college he became a Christian, joining what seemed to be the most natural transition for him, the ‘Jews For Jesus’ group.

‘I was enthralled with Jesus. Everything he said was pure gold. I studied the prophecies dealing with His coming and was blown away. How could these people (the Jews) not see–both then and now–that He was the fulfillment? I called my rabbi back in Pittsburg and gave him what I thought would be music to his ears–‘Rabbi, good news! The messiah came, and it was Jesus!…

…Obviously, he was not as thrilled as I was. He immediately called my mother and told her I had ‘lost it’ and needed help. My parents brought me home and started taking me to see Jewish councilors and when my parents could see it was going nowhere they took me to see the rabbis, about half a dozen, mostly Hassids and Lubavitchers. I showed them the scriptures in the Old Testament dealing with the Messiah. They told me to leave the Old Testament out of it and quoted the Talmud instead, and especially the really horrible things in it dealing with Jesus and His mother. They told me over and over that Jesus was a freak and his mother was a prostitute. I was livid but maintained my composure. The rabbis rolled their eyes every time I spoke up in Jesus’ defense and after a while I knew it was a waste of time.’

‘Growing up Jewish was like this–you belong to the group and its traditions, first and foremost. You can be religious or an atheist but you are still a Jew and your loyalty is based on that first and foremost. It’s ‘us vs. them’ to the extreme and anybody who tells you differently is either a liar, a fool or both. The rabbis are like God and you don’t question them or what they say, no matter how awful or illogical it is. That’s what Jesus did and look how it all ended. They play for keeps and can’t stand criticism or open debate, which is why they concentrate so much of their energies on controlling what the Gentiles see and hear in the media. Hostility towards others, and especially Christians is not the exception but the rule, and by that I mean 90%.’

Having been rejected by his own, Brother Nathanael Kepner did not shrink back into anonymity. Instead, he decided to share the news with the rest of the world. The good news about Jesus Christ, and the TRUTH about Jewish supremacism. He began a website initially entitled "Real Jew News", subsequently re-titled "Real Zionist News", which is a veritable cornucopia of information about Jewish supremacism. While not as encyclopedic as Jew Watch, Real Zionist News is easier to navigate as the subjects and posts are alphabetically arranged in columnar fashion for easy reference. If you are unfamiliar with Jewish supremacism, you might want to start out by reading Bro. Kepner's post entitled "Becoming Jew-Wise".

It should be noted that there are two faces to what has become "Judaism". There is the respectable public face, as expressed through the Torah, which is the law handed down to all the Israeli tribes by Moses on Mount Sinai. This is no different than the first five books of the Old Testament. In contrast, the Talmud, conceived by a bunch of Jewish rabbis thirsting for revenge during the Babylonian captivity, is the evil volte-face of Judaism. And while many Jews actually have little to do with the Talmud, it was the Jewish author Herman Wouk who once said "The Talmud is the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion...". Many Jews obey Talmudic Judaism without overtly realizing it. Some, once they realize it, awaken just as Brother Nathanael Kapner has done.


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Anonymous said...

Kapner is a self-loathing man, full of hatred for others, who promotes intolerance in the name of religion. He is not a real monk, and Orthodox Christians are embarrased by him, though he has a few flake admirers. Somewhere there's a meteor out there with his name on it. It can never come too soon.

Raphael Holoman
Boston, Mass.

Orion said...

I see hateful jews visit White Reference, too. Somewhere there is an oven with your name on it, Mr. hateful jew. Now, doesn't feel so good when hate is directed your way, does it, Mr. hateful jew!

beegee said...

To all the Biggots of The World:

The year is now 2008. All the Nazis are dead. The Confederacy is dead. Yet, a few sociopaths carry on the tradition of pretending that anyone different than them is to be feared. It's so easy to scapegoat a group of people for your personal self inflicted misery. Nothing good ever comes from hate. And as you can see by the Nazis fate, nothing founded on hate ever lasts. If you believe in God, you will not be judged by your skin color, your religion, or your culture. You will be judged by your deeds and love for all people. I pity the man who has hate in his heart. His life will short, wasted, and forgotten. I have no doubt that if founded a movement that hated blue-eyed people, I would have a few followers too. The good news is, that movements founded on the love for all people are everlasting. Instead of obsessing over people's religions, skin, or eye color, do what a Jewish rabbi, named Jesus asked when he inspired the world:

John 14:15 "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.

John 15:12 "This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

Matthew 7:12 "In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

Romans 13:10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

And if you still don't get it, read on...

-Bigotry is the world's oldest and most used drug to get high

-Bigotry is violence in slow motion W. S. Coffin

-There's only one race, the human race.

-When you judge someone, you don’t define them…you define yourself.

james said...

I have no problems with Muslims and Christians coexisting. Keep in mind that there was no terrorism prior to Israel. Zionism is what as caused all the terror. The Christian church existed under Muslim rule for hundreds of years with no problems. It is only recently that the Christians and Muslims find themselves at each other’s throats, and it’s all the Zionists’ doing. They want to see the Christians and Muslims wipe each other out for the benefit of the Jewish state, which views them both as a threat. The Jews plan to use Israel as their headquarters for world rule and as an escape hideout. The war on terror is a war on Arabs and Muslims. It’s about fighting Israel’s enemies who are not America’s enemies. Jews are not loyal to anyone but themselves. excerpt of Kapner

Islam formed as a terrorist religion and has been taking over country after country since its conception!I'm all for peace,but wake up they also want to wipe out all other faiths!Oh,I'm an Orthodox Christian,forgive!

Anonymous said...

Chomsky, Zinn, Alinsky, Chris Hitchens, Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Madea Benjamin, Michael Newdow, Seth McFarlane, to name just a few.

There are good, patriotic or respectful jews. Simultaneously, among anarchists, marxists, america and christian bashers, there is clearly a disproportionate representation of jews.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is a complete Pagan and Athiest like me has more common sense than you brainwashed christians. It's not doubt that Jews think of themselves as a ethnicity and not a religion. They are a parasite on Western civilization. And the fact is Jesus was a Jew so I wouldnt believe him in the slightest. At least Brother Nathaniel is truthful to some extent about whats going on. At least tell me why obama's cabinet is majority jew?

normah said...

Religion seems to bring out the worst and the best in human beings.

When I read how a few million Jewish people worldwide are controlling everything, I find it hard to believe.

No religion should be allowed to disrespect another.

The question is, who do you believe?

Anonymous said...

Brother Nathanael hates evil as all Christians. No one hates the people themselves but it is fair enough to equate people to their dids when themselves equate thier identity to their dids.

Those out there saying that he is full of hatred would definitelly say exactly the same for Jesus if He was walking on Earth. And they'd better read the Bible because they've surely missed the whole meaning and teachings of the Bible.

To those out there saying that he is crazy or rediculous I say that what they see and judge is an occasional childish behaviour which is a natural result of innocence.

Long story short, I love the guy and I cannot believe there is a real Christian out there that doesn't! The fact that he left the Jews and their anticipated antichrist-messiah and came to Jesus Christ, the real Messiah and God, is another reason to love him.

Anonymous said...

Kapner knows from his former life as a Jew the evils emanating from innocent-looking agruments, laws statements and actions that aim at serving to the enslavement of people(s) to the Jews and their super-antichrist masters.

Anonymous said...

No truly 'born again' believer speaks this way ... period.
Jesus did not command believers to ever speak this way but to live and preach the pure Gospel message. (John 3:16)
At the harpazo (rapture of truly born again believers), all counterfeit "christians" will definitely be left behind. The harpazo is imminent... acutely imminent... and acutely pre-tribulational. (1 Corinthians 15:51-onwards)

Alchemist said...

James is wrong, Before the State of Israel was reborn, 275 million christians were killed by muslims, 150 million africans pagans and a crazy number of hindus. All the western christians must remember that Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria,Irak, Jordan,Lebanon,Yemen, and what is now turkey were entirely christian with a jewish minority. Iran was 50% christian and the rest zoroastrian. Muslims killed christians in Armenia, Spain, Albania,Roumania and in other countries before Israel came into existence.

Alchemist said...

James is wrong, Before the State of Israel was reborn, 275 million christians were killed by muslims, 150 million africans pagans and a crazy number of hindus. All the western christians must remember that Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria,Irak, Jordan,Lebanon,Yemen, and what is now turkey were entirely christian with a jewish minority. Iran was 50% christian and the rest zoroastrian. Muslims killed christians in Armenia, Spain, Albania,Roumania and in other countries before Israel came into existence.

Anonymous said...

The Nazi's and Confederacy may have been beat down but they sure are not dead Jabez. Your Zionist infiltration agenda is as clear as day and your biggest fears now are the followers of the True Lord Jesus Christ who are fixing to mop the floor up with you satanic Talmud lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Brother Nathaniel seems to spue hatred and untruth. He does not love all people because he hates his own people, so he therefore is not a true Christian. Christ asked us to even love our own enemies, not hate them.

Brother Nathaniel looks like a comic version of a monk, and certainly doesn't behave like one. He is the opposite of meek and few in the Orthodox Faith take him seriously. He sounds damaged...