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ANSWP Commander Bill White Acquitted Of Assault In Roanoke; Judge Sentences Negro Crackhead And Hooker To Token Jail Terms Instead

The Roanoke Times reports that American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White (pictured at left, giving testimony) was acquitted on Tuesday February 19th, 2008 of charges that he assaulted a black man and and a black woman who accused him of using racial slurs during a disturbance on Chapman Avenue. This post summarizes the Times story. Additional story from WSLS Channel 10 Roanoke.

After more than an hour of conflicting testimony, Aries Brown and LaToria Minnis, who both claimed they resorted to violence in self-defense, were convicted of assaulting White. General District Court Judge Jacqueline Talevi sentenced Brown to 10 days in jail and gave Minnis a suspended 30-day jail sentence. Brown has been previously described as a crackhead, and Minnis is believed to be a hooker

The charges stemmed from an October 10th disorder in Roanoke's West End neighborhood, where White owns more than a dozen homes that he rents. White testified that he was driving in the 1300 block of Chapman Avenue when Aries Brown stepped in front of his car. After first calling 911, White said, he drove a block down the street but ended up getting out of his car to confront Brown. "Then he came at me swinging," White testified. As the two men scuffled on the ground, White said, Minnis came up and kicked him several times in the head. During the altercation, White took pictures with his cell phone, one showing Aries Brown drinking a beer and holding his crotch. [Muh dik, muh dik! ROFLMAO!]

Both Brown and Minnis have criminal records, and White testified they were angry because he had been working with police to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

Brown and Minnis claimed it was White who was looking for a fight. They testified the scuffle began when White called Minnis a racial slur and then hit her in the lip with his cellphone. Minnis admitted she hit White back, and Brown said he jumped on White to try to stop the fight.

But in accepting White's version of what happened, Talevi noted that his story was corroborated by an independent witness, Miguel Rangel, a former tenant of White's. In reaching her decision, the judge said she did have some concerns about White's decision not to leave the scene when Brown first stepped in front of his car.

Pressed on that point by defense attorney David Steidle, White responded: "If you run away from these people, they are much more likely to attack you."

White declined to comment after the hearing. "I have nothing to say to The Roanoke Times," he said.

The previous was, of course, the establishment media's account. The Roanoke Times is not exactly considered of Pulitzer quality. They considerably sanitized the accounts of the two blacks involved. Fortunately, Bill White issued a press release of his own to fill in the gaps in coverage. Posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum, here it is in its entirety:


American National Socialist Workers Party Commander Bill White Acquitted Of All Charges In Beating Of Negro Crack Dealer, Prostitute

Negroes Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail

American National Socialist Workers Party Commander Bill White was acquitted today of all charges in the beating of a Negro crack dealer and Negro prostitute who assaulted him after learning of his involvement in a vice squad investigation into their activities.

According to testimony heard today in Roanoke District Court, White choked Negro crack dealer Aries Brown unconscious and beat Negro prostitute Latoria Minnis after the two stopped his car and assaulted him as he drove between properties he owns in Southwest Virginia's West End.

Judge Jacqueline Taveli described White as a "law abiding citizen" who had clearly been attacked by the two, who admitted on the stand they were engage in illegal activities when they confronted White, who had taken their pictures.

When Brown was questioned as to what he did for a living, he said, "I don't work". White's attorney, Richard Lawrence, replied, "So you support yourself selling cocaine?" which caused Brown to flip out shouting, "How you know that? How you know that? You don't know nothing."

Minnis similarly exploded on the witness stand, shouting at Lawrence, "I ain't talking to you know more. You triflin'. You don' know nothing," after Lawrence had her admit that she had been working on Chapman Avenue as a prostitute when she attacked White.

Minnis testified, "I got a right to be walkin' anywhere I want to be, and if I'm a prostitute or whatever, dat ain't nobodies business, because I ain't a prostitute with him, you know, so it ain't none of his business if I want to be walkin' down dat street"

Minnis has already served 50 days in jail on outstanding warrants for failure to appear, and was scheduled to be released. Brown's jaw dropped and he got a look of shock on his face as he was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

White told the press afterward that he thought "the Judge made the right decision" and, when asked if he wanted all criminals, or just Negro criminals, thrown in prison, he said "Negroes and criminals are pretty synonymous."

And here was Bill White's original account of the confrontation, posted back on October 10th, and subsequently documented HERE:

So I was driving down Chapman Ave today when a fellow named Aries Brown, a local crackhead and a runner for the pimp and prostitution operation we've discussed here on this site, got sufficiently smoked up on crack and stepped in front of my car, shouting that I was a "bitch ass motherfucker" for "calling the cops" and that if I didn't stop calling the cops on the pimping and crack dealing on Chapman, he was going to kick my ass. He also shouted several racial slurs at me about "white motherfuckers". I stepped out of my car and told him to get out of the road. He looked at me as if he was going to fight me, then thought better about it, and did. Then I turned around, drove down the block and parked and waited for police.

I called 911 three times over a twenty minute period and could not get police to respond. As I was on the phone the third time, Mr Brown walked up to me and started swinging on me. I stopped him, grabbed him, jumped up and wrapped my legs around him and took him down on top of me, then grabbed the back of his head and thrust my other hand into his throat, choking him. He was near unconscious when a prostitute named Latoya Mennis -- I mentioned her on the show Monday night -- ran up and began kicking, then punching, me in the head, while I held Mr Brown. I let Mr Brown go -- he got in one good punch on the side of my head when I released him -- jumped up, knocked Ms Mennis away, and the two were just taking off down the street when the police drove up.

They have both been charged with assault and battery. The news came out to videotape the aftermath. Both Mr Brown and Ms Mennis are apparently swearing that I just jumped out of my car and assaulted them for no reason, seeking a warrant against me for assault and battery, though I don't know if they have been successful.

I am at least the fifth person this pimp and prostitution ring has assaulted on Chapman in the past week -- and I'm sure the Roanoke Times will have a nice lead editorial praising the black liberation efforts of the local criminal underground in tomorrow's paper.

Other than a cut of two and a small bruise on the side of my head, I am unhurt. Mr Brown was treated by an ambulance for throat injuries and breathing problems.

If Bill White had just driven away, as the judge recommended, these scum simply would have continued victimizing other people. White is correct; one has to stand up to these types of people. Fortunately, the judge wasn't too completely far gone and at least acquitted White.

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sarcozy said...


ROANOKE - A bankrupt and self-declared anarchist, who has been
touted by pro-minority-activist and former George-McGovern-fund-raiser
Morris Dees as a "player" in rightist-politics, is headed back to
federal-court and, possibly, to jail. William White, who wails against
the "bourgeoisie" and "ruling-classes" over his profanity-laced website
and who routinely issues denials that he is a mental-patient, has
been charged with criminal-contempt for destroying computer-files,
subpoenaed by the court, and for sending profane e-mails to a judge's
law-clerk and various others involved in a "housing" dispute. If
convicted, White faces up to a year in prison.

Dees had undertaken to "select" unstable, criminal-prone individuals
as "leaders" of rightist-politics, in order to mock and bring down
pro-majority activism. His self-appointed "leaders," upon whom he
lavished an admixture of praise and derision, included, White, who
has professed to being an anarchist, Communist, Green, Libertarian,
Socialist and neo-Nazi, Andrew Greenbaum, a Jew, who vanished,
when a $13-million judgment was levied against him for spamming
the Internet, Matt Hale, who is jailed for forty-years for conspiring to
kill a judge, Richard Butler, a bankrupt convicted of assault, and
Alex Curtis, who vanished after serving a six-year term for "intimidation."

Virginia federal-magistrate Judge Michael Urbanski certified the case
against White to Judge James Turk, attaching a report of an
investigation by a court-appointed computer-expert, attesting that
White had deleted computer-files, which linked him to "discrimination."
White, a Roanoke slum-lord, who had filed for bankruptcy, alleging
$1.4 million in debts, including $56,000.00 in credit-card expenses,
had not only destroyed files, but sent "vile, contumacious and laced
with expletives" messages to court-personnel, Urbanski ruled in
a ten-page order. White faces similar charges in Norfolk. White
responded by terming Urbanski an "idiot."

White, who had founded the Utopian Anarchist Party, of which he was
the only member, had joined the Communist Party and served as
reporter for "Pravda," the Moscow Communist-newspaper. When
ousted, White appeared in a Toledo Negro-neighborhood, dressed
up as Hitler, touching off a riot. After failed liaisons with numerous
political-groups, White, operating solo from his Roanoke-apartment,
was dubbed "the second leading" rightist by Dees, after filing a
complaint against Nationalists with the Mississippi Bar for shutting
down threats over his website. The complaint was dismissed.
Nationalists dubbed White " the little anarchist who couldn't."

White engaged in a lengthy, on-line smear-campaign against
Nationalists, terming them "mentally ill" and "wacky," including the
posting of a White-concocted caricature of a man, dressed up as a
woman, who White denominated as "pretty." Although dismissed by
Rusty Shackleford as "just another psychopathic, ego-gratifying misfit,"
White continued to be elevated by Dees-spokesman Mark Potok, who
insisted that White would "continue to be a player." However, White's
last, two associates left him all alone, whereupon White labeled his
former-aide Justin Boyer as a "nit-wit" and his former-propagandist
Michael Blevins as a "schizophrenic."
Copyright 2008 The Nationalist Movement