Thursday, January 17, 2008

TNB In Cleveland: Six Black Teenagers Now In Custody Over Black-On-White Mob Assault Against Kevin McDermott On New Years Eve

Another black-on-white mob assault took place, and has received virtually no national media attention outside the Cleveland area. It took place on New Year's Eve 2007, when possibly as many as seven black teens backjumped and beat a 52-year old white man out for a neighborhood walk in Shaker Heights, an affluent suburb just east of Cleveland, Ohio. This post constructed primarily from a January 8th report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, entitled "Three Charged In Attack On Lawyer In Shaker Heights". Other media links embedded as needed throughout this post.

Note: The pro-white alternative media was surprisingly slow to pick up on this story. The only other pro-white outlet reporting this is National Alliance News, and it wasn't posted until January 17th. Updated post HERE

Pictured above left, one of the suspects, Demetrius Lang.

At 6 P.M. on New Year's Eve, Kevin McDermott, with an iPod and hand weights, went for a walk, fulfilling a New Year's resolution a day early. About a half-hour later he was less than a mile away from his home on Ludlow Road when he noticed a group of teenagers, wearing masks or hoods, surrounding a car near Onaway. They were yelling, but McDermott didn't know whether they were harassing someone or simply having fun.

He passed them without incident, but within a moment the group came up behind him and demanded "his stuff," according to acting Police Chief Scott Lee. McDermott, 52, had nothing, and the attack began. He wrestled with a youth who had a knife and managed to put another in a headlock, his wife said.

He got to his feet and tried to run when one youth with a pipe - or possibly a tree limb, according to court records - struck him from behind, knocking him to the ground. The youths then began kicking McDermott.

As the beating went on, a teenage girl inside a nearby home saw the attack and began yelling. She screamed for her parents and pounded on the window. The noise scared off the youths, and the family called police. As officers arrived, they noticed a teenage boy who appeared anxious and walked away from them. The 17-year-old, who lives on East 137th Street, became nervous. When police questioned him, he gave few details. Still, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason, "that got the ball rolling."

After the attack, Kevin McDermott was taken to Hillcrest Hospital where he had seven pins and a plate installed in his injured leg. McDermott will undergo rehabilitation but it could be a while before he walks normally again,

Six of the attackers have been arrested. Here are the suspects and their legal particulars (the five juveniles are currently being held in Cuyahoga County Detention Center):

*Demetrius Lang, 16, Cleveland, aggravated robbery and felonious assault
*Joshua Bray, 15, East Cleveland, aggravated robbery and felonious assault
*Jerome Edwards, 17, Cleveland, aggravated robbery and felonious assault
*Brandon Goodwin, 16, Cleveland, aggravated robbery and felonious assault
*Miles Cole, 14, Cleveland, aggravated robbery and felonious assault
*Joseph Wilson, 19, Cleveland, felonious assault.

The only perp identified with priors is Jerome Edwards, who was arrested back in 2005 for obstructing official business. He admitted to disorderly conduct and was released.

Both Demetrius Lang and Joshua Bray have publicly asserted their innocence.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason wants to try the five juveniles as adults. Juvenile Court Judge Thomas F. O'Malley would have to decide individually whether each teen can be rehabilitated in the juvenile system or should be transferred to the adult criminal system. If prosecutors increase the seriousness of the charges to attempted murder, the teens older than 16 would be sent to adult court automatically if the prosecutors have sufficient evidence that they were involved in the crime.

O'Malley would still decide whether the 14- and 15-year-olds could be rehabilitated by the Juvenile Court or not. But prosecutors could also ask that the younger teens be labeled as Serious Youthful Offenders, which allows the court to impose both a juvenile and adult sentence on the teens, if they are found delinquent.

And, for once, not all the parents of the perps are trying to whitewash their kids' conduct. In particular, the mother of 14-year old Miles Cole, who is said to feel awful about the incident, has taken various remedial steps to bring her son under control. She even went so far as to file paperwork to get Miles declared incorrigible. Through her son's public defender, the mother claims her son no longer obeys her, hangs out with boys who are members of the Folk gang. and that the gang members even tried to break down her door one night. So here's a mother who's almost just as much a victim herself.

Within days of the beating, Brandon Goodwin showed his mother, Erica, a newspaper story of the incident. The next day, he showed her another story. In a phone interview, the mother reportedly said, "I finally said, 'What's going on here? What do you know that I don't?' Then the police showed up." Brandon's mother further stated that she was stunned. "I didn't raise my son to be like this," the woman said. "Believe me, I'm thinking about that man who was hurt. I'm so sorry."

The father of Demetrius Lang arranged for the surrender of his son to Cleveland Police through the intervention of WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland. For unspecified reasons, Lang's father did not want his son surrendering directly to Shaker Heights Police.

So that's at least three cases where the parents of the perps are actually cooperating with the justice system. This is unusual amongst ghetto blacks.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has spent considerable time covering this story. Here are some of their other reports of interest:

"After Shaker Beating, Ludlow Residents Determined To Stay", published January 13th.

"Looking At Ludlow: Shaker Neighborhood In The Spotlight", published January 13th.

"The Comforts Of Our Assumptions", published January 13th.

A report from WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland, entitled "Residents Want Action After Shaker Attack", aired on January 15th.

The map posted above illustrates the situation. The Ludlow neighborhood is in the transition zone between the affluent Shaker Heights community, predominantly white, with a median income of approximately $70,000, and the steamy black Cleveland ghettoes to the west, with a median income of $20,000. The transition is not gradual; it occurs only within a few blocks. Ludlow itself is mostly middle-class, but the Cleveland side of it is 90% black, while the Shaker Heights side is about 50% black. Police protection varies; the Shaker Heights side has ratcheted up police protection, with unmarked cars patrolling the boundaries every five minutes. In contrast, the Cleveland side has not increased police protection.

Ludlow residents pride themselves on accepting diversity. Black and white middle-class residents live peacefully side by side. However, they accept petty crime from the Cleveland ghetto to the west as the price to pay for "diversity". This means the theft of an occasional lawnmower or car, the occasional assault, etc. But Ludlow residents are concerned about the increase in frequency and ferocity of raids into the neighborhood by Cleveland "ghetto rats", and are now demanding action after this crime. But most seem determined to stick it out, and don't seem to believe that diversity itself is the problem.

Unlike many metro dailies, the Cleveland media does not attempt to whitewash or make excuses for black misbehavior. While their reportage certainly isn't pro-white, it isn't anti-white like the media in Columbus, Ohio, Roanoke, Virginia, or even Baltimore to a certain degree. But even the Cleveland media believes the issue is class more than race.

Individuals posting comments to the Cleveland Plain Dealer's stories seem to know better. If you read the comments, many are urging the white residents of Ludlow and Shaker Heights to move further away from the problem. Even some black commenters admit that Kevin McDermott was attacked because he was white, although no hate crimes charges are being contemplated.

The question is not whether blacks are capable of civilized behavior, but if ENOUGH of them possess such capacity as to make multiculturalism and diversity a worthwhile investment. In the case of at least two of the teens involved, they have both parents in residence, but it still did not stop them from participating in this assault. Should neighborhoods adjoining ghettoes have to live in constant fear just to fulfill some academic's vision of "diversity and universal brotherhood"?


Today's American Hypocrites said...

“These kinds of attacks appear to be what many young white girls desire,” said Kirkland Perkins, competition editor.

saywhatmachine08 said...

ok first of all i dont know who you are but the incident is not race related. yea it was black on white, but if you were following the story the community has worked hard NOT to make this race related. we've recognized that these were six people, not a race. you guys are too thick headed to realize the benefits of growing up in a diverse neighborhood, and therefore dont realize what a terrible decision it would be to move.

saywhatmachine08 said...

getting up and moving, or white flight, would be the worst thing for the neighborhood. the community is standing up for the ludlow neighborhood, and unlike you racist pussies who see blacks as the end of the fuckin world, we see the diversity as a strength to continue. it would be wise of you to remove this story from your blog, seeing as people who have actually FOLLOWED the situation know its about racial unity, not white power.

saywhatmachine08 said...

btw shaker is now about 60% black and there are other integrated neighborhoods. i suggest that someone who is in ALASKA shouldn't be giving "facts" about a truly integrated city in ohio, especially when the only color you see is white

Anchorage Activist said...

Integration didn't work out very well for Kevin McDermott, did it?

And BTW, we know a little something about diversity up here in Alaska. The Anchorage School District is now 50% non-white. But these types of attacks don't happen up here, because we don't tolerate this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

yes i seen the boys before the attack and i think they did not want to do it and i think they were high and drunk

Anonymous said...

yes i seen the boys before the attack and i think they did not want to do it and i think they were high and drunk because they were not acting like they do everyday

Anonymous said...

Blacks beating up on whites again. I say give life in prison for their hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

They should fry the bastards!

Anonymous said...

I am a very educated young African American from cleveland, Ohio about 20 min.away from shaker and due to ignorant people like the person that wrote this blog, America will never be able to move forward as a whole. However, blacks are not the only people in the world that commit crimes. Hell look at that the man that runs this country right now. I would advise the people that still are stuck in the 1900's to wake up and realize this simple fact, a person's color does not control their actions! I pray that you and every one eles that only sees color will grow up and don't judge everyone off of a few mistakes!!

The Reluctant Dreamer said...

honestly the whole being racist thing is so yesterday. get rid of trouble makers black and white- whatever color they maybe and lets move on. there will always be a color of another race other than our own and marching in the street in white robes or joining the black panthers will never change that. so you are fighting a losing battle because there will never be only one color. never.