Monday, January 21, 2008

Remember The Norfolk Six? No Justice For Their White Victim, Damien O'Rourke

Remember the Norfolk Six? They were the six black teenagers who staged a mob assault on 14-year-old white teenager Damien O'Rourke in Norfolk, Virginia, back in September 2007. Because this happened so soon after the rally of 20,000 blacks in Jena on behalf of the six black Jena Six thugs who beat down white victim Justin Barker, this provoked a flurry of outrage, which gradually subsided. So much so, in fact, that when the Norfolk Six were finally punished, it disappeared under our radar screen, except for a single report aired by WAVY Channel 10 in Norfolk on December 20th, 2007.

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All of the Norfolk Six had been found guilty of Assault by Mob by a judge, and on December 20th, they learned their punishment.

And what an insult - to Damien O'Rourke and his family. The six were each sentenced to 30 days in juvenile detention, with all but 5 to 10 days suspended.

Apparently, Judge William P. Williams was not only swayed by the fact that the six have a track record of being "good students" and having never been in previous legal trouble, but was also influenced by their attorneys making excuses for them and begging for community service and probation. Carl LaMondue, an attorney for one of the teens, said, "He's the kind of kid that's never been involved in any kind of mischief and never around any individuals that are involved in criminal behavior."

But the black teens were not required to report to Norfolk juvenile detention until the day after Christmas, which means they've long since been released. And if they serve their time and stay out of trouble, they'll return to court in March with an opportunity to have the charges wiped from their juvenile records.

Here's the infamous video again. You decide if Damien O'Rourke got justice.

As you can see, the scene on Orange Avenue in the Ocean View section of Norfolk in September was brutal and violent. The six black boys relentlessly punching, kicking and knocking 14-year-old Damien O'Rouke to the ground. Another bystander filmed the action, but was not completely innocent. His intent was to post it on the Internet in order to get what's called "lulz".

Commentary: There is no doubt in my mind that had the situation been reversed, and it had been a white-on-black mob assault, that the Norfolk Six would have been buried in the juvenile justice system with felony collars around their necks until they were 18.

This does not mean the black teens necessarily warrant that type of punishment. But it wasn't an ordinary fight. It was a six-on-one mob assault. This implies orchestration and organization. Thirty days detention and a promise of expungement is a slap on the wrist. They clearly deserved more stringent punishment, at least a year in jail and probation for a year afterward.

Of course, tempers have cooled somewhat since this occurred, and there's some measure of satisfaction that we in the white community got a little payback at Jena on January 21st, thanks to Richard Barrett and his nationalists.

Still, Damien O'Rourke did NOT get justice.


Anonymous said...

The six "children" were punished so harshly.

Remember that, there ugly heads will rear themselves again. Once the animal tastes blood, it will not stop.

This will not be the last of them.

Oh, don't forget to vote for Obama.
He is a good boy too.

Anonymous said...

Are we forget the gang beating of blacks in the same place, or the hanging of rope as a 'prank' in the same place?

I think every race has a right to defense and blacks are no different.

By the way - the founding fathers of the United States used to duel with pistols, to the death, over ridiculous reasons if we view it from a contemporary perspective; and golly me they were white!

WW1-WW2 white !

Spare me your 'more violence' prone theories.