Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Racist" Flyers Distributed Along "Martin Luther King Blvd" In Covington, Kentucky; Either IKA Or The ANSWP May Have Been Responsible

Updated information posted on January 23rd, 2008, in green.

It looks like the Keystone State Skinheads weren't the only white activists to celebrate Martin Luther King day the "white" way, although KSS cadre deny their distribution in Wilkes-Barre, PA was intended to be connected with MLK day.

MSNBC and WLWT Channel 5 in Cincinnati report that "racist" flyers were posted on Monday January 21st, 2008 along a street recently renamed for the civil rights icon, and residents there said they were outraged. "I mean, I feel like he fought hard to get us where we are today, you know, and I think it's very appalling that they had the nerve and the audacity to post these up on his day," said resident Evelyn Rice.

The flyers, which allegedly were peppered with racial slurs, blasted the Covington City Council for changing the name of 12th Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. With the change, Covington became one of over 730 American cities to have named a street after MLK. Local residents were originally overwhelmingly opposed to the name change; back in 2003, a survey taken at the time showed that 90% of the locals were opposed. But the diversity-mongers, including Al $harpton himself, kept battering away at the community until the City Council threw up their hands and voted for the change.

Rice characterized the group who posted the flyers as "cowards", and said she tore down every flier she found. Some of her neighbors shared her shock and outrage. "It's terrible, it's ridiculous", said resident Rodney Richardson. "We're all trying to get along in this world, and they want to hang up garbage like that? It's not good. It's not good".

Calls to the group listed on the flyer were not returned. The identity of the group was not revealed by any media source as of post time.

Police said they sent an officer to investigate and were looking into whether the flyer violates laws against hate speech. They further said they must first find a witness who saw the flyers being posted before any charges could be filed, which they said would likely be a misdemeanor.

Previous flyer drops in the area have been performed by the Imperial Klans of America (IKA), so they could possibly be responsible this time as well. However, when I reviewed the American National Socialist Workers Party's (ANSWP) Yahoo Discussion Group, I found the following message posted at 6:00 P.M. January 20th by Michael Burks, the ANSWP's Kentucky State Leader:

I have 700 anti-MLK fliers ready to go for later tonight. And last time I checked, our Indiana unit was also going out tonight. A buddy of mine will also be handing 200 for us down in Nelson County, Kentucky [approx. 30 miles south of Louisville]. Should be a fun night.

So both the timing of distribution and the subject of the flyers match the media description of the event. However, Burks has neither posted a follow-up acknowledgement on the Yahoo site nor has he made any reference to it on his blog, so it cannot be authoritatively said that the ANSWP was responsible.

Update: The above paragraph has been superseded. Michael Burks confirms on his blog that the Covington drop was NOT an ANSWP drop. Good job by those responsible.

In reviewing City-data.com, I found a pleasant surprise: This city of 43,370 is still 86% White and only 10% Black.


Michael Burks said...

I did not do this. However, good job to whoever did. I spent my time in the Louisville and Fairdale, KY area.

As for the "hate crime" cry, get over it. Free speech is not a hate crime.

Anchorage Activist said...

Who said anything about a "hate crime"? I was discussing a media report of a literature drop and I praised whoever was responsible.


Michael Burks said...

The news said the police were looking into a "hate crime". Chill out.