Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poetic Justice 101: Black Guy Rips Off NAACP Headquarters In Detroit

Ah, there are times in which irony is so delicious that it actually becomes positively scrumptious. And this is one of those times.

Remember the NAACP? Yes, they're the dumping ground for a bunch of parasitic black reverends who couldn't make it as preachers. They're the ones who are always blaming black problems on "white racism". They're the ones who are always wanting to make excuses for black misbehavior. They're the ones who are still launching their hysterical crusade against a Confederate battle flag which never flew over a single antebellum Southern plantation.

And now, they're the ones who just got their Detroit headquarters ripped off - by a black guy, no less. One of those precious black thugs they bend over backwards to coddle and make excuses for repays their solicitude by ripping them off. The Detroit Branch of the NAACP went public Tuesday January 1st with a plea for community help to identify the person who burglarized the civil rights group's new headquarters last month. Full story published January 3rd, 2007 by the Detroit News.

A man (pictured above left) broke into the facility December 16th, stole several computers and caused several thousand dollars in structural damage to the building on 8220 Second Avenue, NAACP officials said. The group is offering an unspecified reward for information leading to an arrest.

"It's unfortunate that it happened to us. We don't want for it to happen to anyone else," said LaToya Henry, a spokesperson for the Detroit Branch NAACP.

After the burglary, the branch added more lighting and cameras and upgraded the security system. The branch moved into the new facility last fall from its offices on West Grand Boulevard. "We want to make sure that everyone who comes into our office knows that we are still open for business and to get the message out that we want him captured for everyone to feel safe," Henry said. "We just want our members, visitors and community members to know you can still be safe (in the branch office)."

Anyone with information should call Detroit police at (313) 596-1300 or the NAACP at (313) 871-2087.

Commentary: While I hope the guy is caught, I have absolutely no sympathy for the NAACP. All they've done is constantly nag us about race - no matter what we whites say or do. Once they "resolve" one issue, they conveniently "discover" another issue. They will never remove their hooks from our jaws. We will have to remove those hooks ourselves.

The black community has major social problems, with unemployment, underemployment, drug addiction, crime, overincarceration, and a 70% illegitimacy rate. Yet the NAACP, instead of confronting those problems, continues to nag Whitey about "racism" and engage in stupid symbolic campaigns like their vendetta against the Confederate flag and their mock funeral services to symbolic bury the "N-word". As long as they preoccupy themselves with such ridiculous theatrics, they will never fulfill a real mission to the black community.

More about the history of the NAACP HERE.

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