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Kevin Alfred Strom Pleads Guilty To One Count Of Possessing Child Porn, To Be Sentenced On April 21st; Now Claims He's Not A "Neo-Nazi"

Special Note: Post updated January 14th at 3:20 P.M. Alaska time to include additional media links.

Protesting descriptions of himself in the media as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist, Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, pleaded guilty on January 14th, 2008 to one count of possession of child pornography in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville. As part of his plea, four counts of receiving child porn were dismissed. Full story published January 14th in The Hook. Supplemental reports posted by the Charlottesville (VA) Daily Progress, by WCAV Channel 19 in Charlottesville, by, and on the Vanguard News Network website, which permits public comments.

Strom could receive a maximum of 10 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine when he’s sentenced April 21st. He was indicted January 3rd, 2007 and has been in jail for over a year.

In October 2007, Judge Norman K. Moon threw out two charges against Strom for enticing a minor to perform sexual acts after the prosecution’s details about his alleged obsession with a 10-year-old Orange County girl fell short of the judge’s view of a compelling case.

Former wife Elisha Strom testified about finding Strom in their Stanardsville home naked and aroused with photos on his computer of teen girls, who were singers in the white nationalist movement and whose heads were superimposed onto the bodies of even younger girls. A separate charge of witness intimidation, an alleged physical attack on Mrs. Strom, was also dismissed. Mrs. Strom was in court today to watch her husband plead guilty, and afterward, sat down with the Hook for an exclusive interview.

Kevin Strom founded the National Vanguard, a white nationalist organization dedicated to protecting the rights and racial purity of Caucasians, after his split with the West Virginia-based National Alliance. Before his ouster from the National Alliance, Strom was seen as the group’s intellectual leader and the protege of its founder, William Pierce, whose book, The Turner Diaries, blamed Jews, foreigners, and blacks for America’s ills and inspired homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh. National Vanguard disincorporated and disbanded early in 2007, and has since been reconstituted as European Americans United (EAU).

When Judge Moon asked Kevin Strom whether he’d been threatened to agree to plead guilty, Strom said he had received threats in jail, but he doesn’t think they’re about his guilty plea. But court documents show that prosecutors were prepared to contend that Strom admitted downloading child pornography to a social services worker had the case gone to trial.

They have more to do with the media describing me as a white supremacist,” declared Strom, who advocates separate areas for “endangered” whites. “I deeply resent the way I’ve been characterized in the press. I’m no more a white supremacist than the Dalai Lama is.”

Commentary: Except for the customary media slurs about "white supremacists" and the overplayed connection between the Turner Diaries and the OKC bombing, this is a reasonably good account of the proceedings. However, Kevin Strom, despite his past constributions to the Cause, cannot be considered a "POW". By pleading guilty, Strom has openly admitted to downloading child porn and lusting after prepubescent girls.

This is unacceptable behavior in any society. Studies show that the vast majority of pedophiles and pederasts started out with child porn. Consequently, Strom cannot be trusted in the presence of children any time soon.

There is no longer a place for Kevin Alfred Strom within the white nationalist community.

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occasional said...


What began as a tangled web of intrigue, conspiracy and, even,
murder-instigation has unravelled as the king-pin goes to jail and
co-conspirators drop out of sight or die off. Kevin Strom, who
had published death-threats against Nationalists over the Internet,
pleaded guilty to child-pornography, but his short-lived "empire"
of anti-Nationalist cronies, bent on assassination and bombing,
had already fragmented. Strom had published a letter from April
Gaede, written by David Lane, calling for Travis Golie, a leading
Nationalist-ideologue, to be assassinated. Lane and Gaede complained
that Golie did not endorse using murder and, therefore, should be

Strom had once been associated with the late William L. Pierce,
who had described Skinheads as "niggers," and with Billy Roper, who
had termed Nationalists "mentally ill." Both the Pierce and Roper
websites have become moribund. Nationalists were moving to
shut down Strom's website when Strom was arrested. Strom had
established "National Vanguard," which posted pictures of women
and girls, some as young as ten. In his guilty-plea, Strom admitted
that he maintained a collection of pornographic images of children,
some as young as eight, both white and Negro. He had pasted
the heads of the daughters of Gaede, who he "managed" for
musical-gigs, on some of his images.

Meanwhile, Lane died in prison, still insisting that Nationalists
were "skunks." Roper went into retirement and Gaede faded from
view, announcing that her daughters would no longer be performing.
Larry Darby had rebuked her for publishing death-threats, as well.
A few Strom-stragglers still crop up, maintaining that Strom was
"framed," including a long-haired, lengthy-bearded man calling
himself John Justice, who stated that he had financed Strom. The
Strom-website has been shut down, however, and the "White
Reference" website declared that there was "no place" for Strom.
Strom told the court, during his guilty-plea, that he was not a
"white-supremacist" and resented the insinuation.

Gaede had once described Matt Hale, who is imprisoned for forty
years for murder-instigation, as her "spiritual-leader." Strom had
been promoted by David Duke, who Strom had claimed had been
"framed" for income-tax evasion and mail-fraud. After serving a
year in prison, Duke moved to a foreign country. Duke, who had
admitted once penning pornographic-novels, claimed that no one
should "miss the opportunity" to be friends with Strom. Chester
Doles, who is serving ten years for being an ex-felon in possession of
an arsenal, was one such friend of Strom. Others have been Todd
VanBiber, a convicted bank-robber, and Shaun Walker, sentenced
to seven years for "hate."
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