Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Illinois Third Congressional District Republican Race Gets Nasty - Michael Hawkins Snubs Art Jones, Calls Him "Evil"

The race to determine the Republican candidate for Illinois' Third Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Dan Lipinski, has turned personal - and downright nasty. Original story published January 15th, 2008 in the Riverside/Brookfield Landmark.

It seems like Michael Hawkins, the establishment's candidate, is snubbing Art Jones, who is increasingly becoming the candidate of the common people in the district. Hawkins is refusing to show up at debates and forums where Jones is present. In a telephone interview, Hawkins, a real estate broker from Bridgeview, explained that he refuses to participate in any joint appearances with Jones because of his opponent's Nazi affiliations. "He was chairman of the Illinois Nazi Party," said Hawkins. "The guy is just an evil guy who is trying to get into office. I don't even want to be around the guy." Hawkins has been endorsed for Congress by the Lyons Township Republican Organization.

In response, Jones claims that Hawkins is refusing to attend forums or debates with him as part of a strategy to deny him an opportunity to express his views. "Because he's not appearing he's trying to freeze me out," said Jones. "I'm not going to be shut out of these debates because of his cowardice. I just burn with a sense of outrage."

And this pattern replicated itself at a candidate forum held on Sunday January 13th, 2008 at Lyons Township High School. While four Democratic candidates and one Green Party candidate showed up, only one of the Republicans appeared - Art Jones. And the crowd respected his courage. After the four Democratic candidates squared off for more than an hour, Jones and Green Party candidate Jerome Pohlen, who is unopposed in his primary, were each given two minutes to speak. And Jones received a rousing ovation when he loudly and harshly criticized the war in Iraq.

Art Jones, an insurance broker from Chicago, has been a pro-American, pro-white activist for over 30 years. He was once a member of the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP). A frequent candidate for elective office, he most recently ran in the Third District GOP primary two years ago, losing, but finishing with a respectable 29% of the vote. You can review his credentials and platform on his official campaign website.

Art Jones' pro-white agenda has attracted the attention of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), which just happens to have an active state unit in Illinois. On their Yahoo Discussion group, ANSWP Commander Bill White discussed and endorsed the Jones candidacy. And on December 13th, the ANSWP's radio "maestro", Vonbluvens, interviewed Art Jones HERE, as well as a second interview on January 10th HERE. Jones has since been interviewed on the Vanguard News Network's Free Talk Live; I will provide a link once VNNF's back on line. Below are some other links primarily of interest to Third District residents:

Click HERE to view a map of Illinois' Third Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Dan Lipinski.

Click HERE for a current list of all candidates for the Third Congressional District and other elective offices in Illinois.

Click HERE to visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website for voter registration information.

For additional background information on Art Jones, review my previous post HERE. And here's a Landmark newspaper article from 2006.

If you're interested in contributing to Jones' campaign, send donations to

Arthur Jones for Congress
P.O. Box 29316
Chicago, Illinois 60629

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