Monday, January 14, 2008

Former Ernst Zündel Lawyer Sylvia Stolz Sentenced To Three And A Half Years By German Court For Telling The Truth About The Holocaust

Deutsche Welle reports on Monday January 14th, 2008 that a German court has jailed the lawyer of a convicted Holocaust denier for calling the Nazis' World War II slaughter of European Jews "the biggest lie in world history." Supplemental reports also published by the Associated Press and by the Jurist.

Judges in the western city of Mannheim sentenced 44-year-old lawyer Sylvia Stolz (pictured above left) to three and a half years in prison on charges that include inciting racial hatred, and barred her from practicing law for five years, a court spokeswoman said.

Stolz allegedly made the remarks in 2006 while representing historian Ernst Zündel, who was handed a five-year prison term in Germany in February 2007 for repeatedly disputing the Holocaust as a historical fact. [Ed. Note: The DW report originally put the word "historian" in quotes as a deliberate attempt to marginalize and denigrate Zündel's research and reputation.]

Stolz also signed a motion during Zündel's trial with "Heil Hitler" and shouted that the lay judges deserved the death penalty for "offering succour to the enemy" -- leading the court to dismiss her. But Stolz refused to leave Zündel, with whom she has also been romantically linked for several years, and had to be forcibly carried out of the courtroom. After Monday's outburst, Stolz was immediately taken into custody to preclude possible further "outbursts", although it is widely believed it was also done to cut off any immediate media access.

Zündel's first trial collapsed in 2006 when Stolz was forcibly removed from the case. As a result of his second trial, in February 2007 Zündel was convicted of 14 counts of incitement, libel and disparaging the dead and sentenced to five years in prison. Holocaust denial constitutes a crime under Section 130 (3) [text] of the German Federal Criminal Code. Visit the Zundelsite for more information on Ernst Zündel's struggles.

Cartoon courtesy of Brutus on the Vanguard News Network Forum

According to conventional Holocaustianity, Nazi Germany systematically murdered some six million European Jews during the war. It is a crime to deny the Holocaust in many European countries, including Germany and Austria.

Detailed day-by-day reports of the Sylvia Stolz trial can be found on the Adelaide Institute website, operated by free speech advocate Dr. Frederick Toben. Time permitting, sample 22 of Alex Linder's posts on the Holocaust on the Vanguard News Network.

Commentary: This shows that not only is the German system stacked against those who dispute the Official Authorized Version of the Holocaust, but even against those who defend them in Germany's star chamber courts.

If the Official Authorized Version of the Holocaust is so inerrant, why does it require statutory protection and judicial enforcement? Simple, The Jews depend upon maintenance of the Holocaust legend as justification for the state of Israel. In their minds - no Holocaust, no Israel.

Correction of the Holocaust tale would not result in the end of Israel. But it would result in the end of a lucrative financial racket, in which Israel has been able to extort endless reparations from Germany, and even increase the classes of Jews eligible for "Holocaust reparations". Much of Israel's infrastructure was built as a result of German largesse.

Correction of the Holocaust tale would also result in a reduction of foreign aid to Israel from its current astronomical levels. This would force Israel to engage in more honest negotiations with the Palestinians. It might even encourage the formation of more reasonable and sane leadership amongst the Palestinians.

The current situation cannot continue. It will either implode, or explode.

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