Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dr. David Duke's Prescription For Success For Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Having run in several campaigns, including a Presidential campaign under the Populist Party flag in 1988, and having actually been elected to the Louisiana State House in 1990, Dr. David Duke has taken a considerable interest in the Presidential campaign of Ron Paul, and has formulated a six-point strategy by which Dr. Paul can better translate his grass-roots support into ballot-box success.

Dr. Duke acknowledges the huge upwelling of grass-roots support for Dr. Paul, and attributes it to the number of populist positions taken, which has generated genuine bi-partisan support across the traditional liberal-conservative divide (a divide mostly artificial; created, orchestrated and manipulated by elite interests behind the scene, with disproportionately-high participation by professional Jewry).

One of Dr. Duke's major concerns is that Dr. Paul may be behaving in too civilized of a fashion. He's allowing others like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney to steal his positions without so much of a whimper of protest. Dr. Duke believes that Ron Paul needs to toughen up (a sentiment shared by Vanguard News Network webmaster Alex Linder). You can read David Duke's complete essay HERE (and also listen to his audio, if desired). Here is Dr. Duke's six-point strategy:

Ron Paul has a big war chest, as big as any candidate. What would I do if I were in his shoes? There are many issues I don’t have the space to mention here, but a few of the points I would emphasize if I were his campaign manager, are the following:

(1). Hit the Iraq War harder, show shocking pictures of our dead and maimed military personnel and get angry and emotional that these patriotic Americans and their families have endured these terrible consequences because of lies by both politicians and media. Point out correctly that a truly patriotic President would not let such atrocities continue another moment.

(2). Hit immigration harder, and not by commercials showing some anchor babies in hospitals, people feel naturally sympathetic to babies and mothers. Show pictures of the many illegal alien criminals who have raped, kidnapped and killed American citizens who our government has not prevented from entering the country. Show how the politicians who have not done their constitutional duty to enforce our laws are directly responsible for the murder of these innocent Americans.

(3). Expose and hit the massive racial discrimination against European Americans in so-called affirmative action and the bald-faced lies of “equal opportunity.” The EEOC for instance is not truly an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but an agency solely dedicated to racial discrimination against better-qualified White applicants, companies, employees and students. Demand true equal rights for all and that the best qualified get the job, contract, promotion, scholarship, or college admission by their merit.

(4). Even if Paul supports free trade by principle, at least he should emphasize that any country that does not allow truly free access to our products and services (such as China), should be barred from our markets in our own self defense.

(5). He should call for protection of our technical class by absolutely prohibiting large companies from outsourcing American technical jobs to the sweatshops of India or elsewhere. Additionally, he should demand that American citizens are given first and foremost preference in admission to American universities.

(6). The first step in medical reform and the medical insurance is giving American citizens who are workers and life-long taxpayers first preference in medical care and services. No taxpaying American person who suffers a costly, life-threatening illness in his his family should face bankruptcy or loss of his home while even one illegal alien gets free medical care.

I want Ron Paul to do well for a number of reasons. This is because I share his position on the Iraq War and American foreign policy, that he believes in less government and more freedom, and the fact that he staunchly believes in the preserving the civil liberties and constitutional rights of the American people.

I recognize that he does not share my view of the most important issue of all, the preservation the heritage and rights of the European American people. But, I also realize that the better he does, the better it is for our people and all people that love freedom. And, I know that the better he does in the upcoming primaries the more it shakes up and opens up American politics.

So far, he has gotten votes far fewer than hopeful expectations. Perhaps the key to his getting more support is contained in Paul’s own writing as shown by his old newsletters.

To Dr. Duke's credit, he not only openly recognizes that Ron Paul is non-racist who does not embrace either racial populism or racial nationalism as vehicles towards preservation of European-American heritage and rights, but he does NOT expect Paul to do so as a condition of support. This is far-sighted thinking on Dr. Duke's part, but even this simple concept seems to have escaped the grasp of ANSWP Commander Bill White. White, in his quest for absolute lock-step ideological purity, has undertaken a campaign to "expose" Ron Paul's "racist" connections to force Paul towards a more explicit racial position, similar to that espoused by Illinois Third Congressional District candidate Art Jones, who is receiving official ANSWP support. To White's credit, he has not imposed this position upon the rest of the ANSWP cadre, as reflected by the fact that ANSWP Utah State Leader Jack Gray, on his own, has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for President, but White's campaign against Ron Paul has opened up a major ideological breach within the white nationalist community, as expressed within the Vanguard News Network Forum.

One other interesting point - Dr. Duke doesn't make social conservatism one of his six strategies. This may be smart tactics - with a $9 trillion national debt, our troops scattered all over the world, a full-scale Latino Reconquista taking place, and restive, violent ghetto Negroes robbing, raping, assaulting and murdering whites on a daily basis, Ron Paul might want to leave divisive social issues on the back burner and keep himself "above that fray". His states rights position on abortion and gay marriage will suffice for the time being. Leave the "fag-bashing" to those of us in the blogosphere who are so inclined - that's our job, not Ron Paul's job.

And, as a final note, this leads to the subject, recently discussed in a poll taken on the Vanguard News Network Forum, about Dr. Duke's "relevancy" to the Cause. Let's look at the record. Dr. Duke recently produced an updated version of "Jewish Supremacism" and is working on an updated version of "My Awakening". When the mainstream media wants "official" white nationalist reaction, who do they go to? Dr. Duke. And much of the skinhead movement has now changed their behavior to emulate Dr. Duke's mainstream example much more closely, particularly the Keystone State Skinheads and the Maryland Skinheads, who were recently featured on a National Geographic special report. Combine this favorable trend with the common sense Dr. Duke expresses here, and you'll see why, in the VNN Forum poll, 67% of respondents said "Yes, Dr. Duke is still relevant to the Cause".

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Anonymous said...

Lots of wrong data. Technical jobs being outsourced to India are by no means done in sweatshops. Indian technology companies like Infosys and Wipro employ the best of breed software engineers. Perks range from free meals, free transport to and from work, indoor entertainment like fusball, ping-pong, chess etc., highly subsidised health-care and excellent working conditions in R&D labs.

Also, American Universities beg for American (or white American for you) enrollment in their graduate programs. Sadly, there are no takers in-house. No wonder many high-tech jobs in this country are done by hardworking legal Asian immigrants. Perhaps, even the computer that you used to write your misleading blog post, was the mastermind of the work of many a talented legal immigrant in the US.