Monday, January 14, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commission Responsible For Vanguard News Network Forum Takedown - Outage Indefinite And Extended For Now

Update: As of January 17th, 2007, the Vanguard News Network Forum is back on line. If you cannot access it using the normal link, you can successfully access it using this alternative link.

The outage of the Vanguard News Network Forum will apparently be extended and indefinite. And the Canadian Human Rights Commission appears to be responsible.

According to a message from 1st Amendment Hosting posted on the companion Vanguard News Network site late on January 14th, 2008, VNN Forum's ISP, 1st Amendment Hosting, reports that their provider had been raided Sunday afternoon January 13th by agents from the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). Here is the message posted on the Vanguard News Network:

Ken Says:

14 January, 2008 at 9:27 pm

Received: from
by *********** …
for …
Subject: Service Outtage

Dear Customers,

On Sunday afternoon January 13th, our service provider was inexplicably raided by agents of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and our colocation rack containing all of our servers that hosted hundreds of websites were confiscated as evidence in an ongoing investigation.

As you might have gathered, this has essentially put us out of business. As of this writing we are unable to know if we will ever be getting them back, and if so it will most likely be several months from now.

We are overwhelmed with complaints, please do not contact us about backups of your site, the government has everything, and we have access to none of it.

There are many legal aspects we are working on and we will be filing a lawsuit just as soon as humanly possible.

Until this is sorted out in the courts we are very sorry for the circumstances but this is simply not our fault.

If you want a refund please send us an email with that in the subject line and we will see what we can do.

Thank you for your understanding.

1st Amendment Hosting

As you can see, hundreds of websites have been affected. Amongst them was a website critical of professional Canadian gadfly Richard Warman, who has filed numerous complaints against Canadian free speech activists to the CHRC. The website in question is It has not yet been revealed which of the hundreds of websites is the specific target of the CHRC.

The length of the outage will depend upon whether or not VNN Forum webmaster Alex Linder kept his own set of backups, and, if so, whether he can find a replacement ISP. Most ISPs will not host politically incorrect websites, particularly websites which permit uncensored discussion of racial issues from the white nationalist perspective. Those few who do may charge a premium for their services, perhaps more than Linder is willing to pay.

One possibility is Private Web Hosting. Another possibility is the new server recently purchased by ANSWP Commander Bill White. However, White is still in the process of getting it set up.

For the time being, limited public interaction is available through the main page of the Vanguard News Network site itself.


Update: The Vanguard News Network Forum may be back on line as early as Tuesday (January 15th). Here's the latest message from VNN posted by Dietrich, the forum admin:

Alex and I worked out a solution, with some advice from Varg, for hosting VNNForum and we hope to be up by Tuesday afternoon. As usual, the exact timing is up to others.

It’s hard to determine the actual cause of the downtime right now, since the ISP never had the server properly configured, despite our pleas. Best guess is hard drive failure, causing file system corruption. Foul play is not suspected, but that’s just a guess. The logs will tell the whole story, and we don’t have access to them yet.

We have the backups, and the data files are forthcoming, therefore we expect zero data loss.

Overall, it’s good news since we will have far greater resources for distributing media with the new setup. More on that later.


No mention about the CHRC issue, though. Nevertheless, this is good news. This means Alex Linder kept a set of backups.


Anonymous said...

How convenient for Bill White.

Anonymous said...

how convenient for bill white. imagine that, vnn getting shut down and probably without a back uop of bill white's embarrassing loss of the answp to Melcur.

Warman gets vnnforum shut down and now vnn's chopice is to utilize bill white's server. Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If White hosts vnn, vnners will flock elsewhere, myself included.

Anonymous said...

Bill White is a forum disrupter. His technique is on par with Kane, who eventually was booted from The Phora.

Bill White tries, and somewhat succeeds in making the entire forum about him.

Anonymous said...

How can Bill White afford this? How much money is needed for Alex/Dietrich to run things? I'll donate.

Anonymous said...

If I had the choice to be hosted by Bill White or Hal Turner, I'd pick option #3: Stay off the Internet.

Anchorage Activist said...

It actually looks like Alex Linder won't need to use either HT or BW, from what Dietrich posted. I would not be comfortable with VNN Forum using either of those sources. I haven't completely forgotten the "Shop White" debacle. And HT's out of bounds for any WN, as far as I'm concerned. There are just too many allegations that HT is working with the Feds.

I have donated to Alex Linder in the past and I would be glad to do so again if he'll get a truly independent ISP.

Darren said...

Its amazing how all the people who bitch about Bill White being a forum disruptor are usually the ones who are responsible for more disruption by complaining about him at a rate several times higher than Bill White's posting to VNN. Don't you guys find that ironic? Just STFU!

I gather that Bill White is on a T1 line (1.554 megabits); this is not really sufficent for hosting anything but a small website that receives a moderate amount of traffic.

Hal Turner's setup is much better; he pays for collocation in a data center with several hundred megabits of bandwidth that he can use. Unfortunately, Hal cannot seem to secure his server very well.

There is no reason why an intelligent WN who knows computers couldn't do something like Hal Turner does. It just requires enough customers to pay for the bills.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and there's also that little problem with Hal having -0- credibility anymore because of his Jerry Springer-esque drama every month or so, and he begs more than a street preacher. Also, there's the whole 'he might be a fed informant' thing, not to mention that if he decides to throw a little tantrum, he just might pull the plug with no warning at any time... So....