Monday, December 24, 2007

Time To Focus On Electing Arthur "Art" Jones To Represent Illinois' Third Congressional District

Back on November 26th, 2007, I presented a story about two pro-white candidates, Richard B. Mayer and Arthur "Art" Jones, who were running for their respective parties' nominations for the Illinois Third Congressional District race. At the time, Jones appeared to be the much more stable and stronger candidate. But now that Mayer has been tossed off the Green Party ballot, the decision is much easier. The Third Congressional District now has only one distinctly pro-white candidate for voters to focus upon. And that candidate is Republican Art Jones.

Click HERE to view a map of Illinois' Third Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Dan Lipinski.

Click HERE for a current list of all candidates for the Third Congressional District and other elective offices in Illinois.

Click HERE to visit the Illinois State Board of Elections website for voter registration information.

Jones, who hails from Chicago, and who was defeated by Ray Wardingley in the 2006 Republican primary (although getting 29% of the vote), is once again seeking the Republican nomination. This time, he's being opposed by Michael Hawkins, a real estate broker from Bridgeview and a member of Lyons Township Republican organization. Wardingley, who earlier said he would be running in the February 5th, 2008 GOP primary, has dropped out of the race, and endorsed Hawkins in order to avoid splitting the vote against Jones. Two separate websites offer information on Art Jones:

Click HERE to access Jones' official campaign website.

Click HERE to access the America First Comittee website, with which he is apparently associated.

Here are the highlights of Art Jones' campaign platform (click HERE for detailed explanation):

(1). Support the orderly but speedy withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and send them to defend our borders.

(2). Oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens.

(3). Repeal GATT, NAFTA, WTO, and FTAA.

(4). Replace the income tax with a national sales tax.

(5). Outlaw abortion and ban gay marriage.

(6). Affordable, adequate health care for all Americans, particularly for veterans.

(7). Second Amendment issues - supports the "Castle Doctrine" and nationwide "conceal-carry".

(8). Make English the official language of the country.

However, it is this electrifying statement, posted on his website, that burnishes Art Jones' pro-white credentials. Here's a snippet:

Some of this information is quite controversial, because it is considered too hot by my Republican and Democratic opponents to touch.

They take stands on issues and then once the heat is on, being for the most part political jellyfish, you will see them head for the deepest depths of confusion and political obscurity, where it is safe.

The quivering pink rabbits of the lying Liberal Media seek to weaken my campaign by pointing out, something I never denied, my involvement for many years with various "White supremacist organizations". My reply is, so what? They were and are legal organizations, working to preserve, for White people in general and White Christians in particular, what remains of a European-based civilization for future White generations, if any.

Can anyone honestly deny White American rights are under attack? What is affirmative action if it is not anti-white discrimination? What is the purpose of "hate crime laws", if not to intimidate White people? What does the expression "politically correct" mean? Isn't that just another way to say to White working people and White students "shut up White man or White woman"?

Now we have homosexuals, lesbians, and other sex-obsessed groups demanding special rights at the expense of the rights of landlords, employers, and churches who would rather not rent to, hire, or ordain such people.

This guy doesn't mince words. He identifies and exposes the primary problems of our society without fear or favor. You don't have to be a white nationalist to support Art Jones. You only have to be an American patriot. Click HERE to read an in-depth article about Jones published in the Chicago Reader back in July 1994.

And it wasn't long before this candor attracted the interest of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), which just happens to have an active state unit in Illinois. On their Yahoo Discussion group, ANSWP Commander Bill White discussed and endorsed the Jones candidacy. And on December 13th, the ANSWP's radio "maestro", Vonbluvens, interviewed Art Jones (link HERE).

Since Art Jones has already been tagged a "white supremacist" and a "neo-Nazi" by the establishment, he could derive no benefit by refusing ANSWP support. ANSWP activists, particularly the Illinois contingent, have proven unusually effective because of their hard work. They can help Jones get more publicity. And Jones has given signs of welcoming ANSWP support.

If you're interesting in contributing to Jones' campaign, send donations to

Arthur Jones for Congress
P.O. Box 29316
Chicago, Illinois 60629


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You can also hear an hour and a half interview with art here.

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