Monday, December 17, 2007

"Student Of Color" Reportedly Spat Upon And Given A "Nazi" Salute By White Males At St. Cloud State University In Minnesota

Either we have a string of copycat type racial incidents at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, a low-intensity guerrilla-style political warfare campaign waged by local pro-white activists, or maybe just a little more than hypersensitive hysteria. But St. Cloud State allegedly experienced yet another racially-oriented incident on Friday December 14th, 2007, when a "student of color" at St. Cloud State University claimed she was spat at and shown a “Nazi salute” by white males as she walked across campus Friday night. Full story published Monday December 17th in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Also reported by the St. Cloud Times on December 16th, accompanied by 190 public comments as of this post.

According to the student, who was not identified, three white males spat at her as she walked north across a bridge at University Drive around 7:15 p.m. Then, about five minutes later, she reportedly encountered two other white males in an area between the Performing Arts Center and the Atwood Memorial Center. One of the males allegedly presented a raised arm salute that the victim reported as a “Nazi salute”.

In both cases, the victim and the suspects kept walking in opposite directions and no further contact was made. The victim was unable to give authorities a description of the suspects, other than that they were white males.

Other racist graffiti and anti-Semitic messages and symbols have been spotted on campus during the fall semester. A drawing of a swastika was found Friday December 14th in a bathroom in Stewart Hall. On Tuesday December 11th, somebody found a drawing of a burning cross and Ku Klux Klan hood in the Student Center bathroom. In another case, somebody slipped a drawing under a faculty member’s office door. In total, there have been more than a dozen cases in which swastikas and other hate symbols have been found on campus. According to a December 13th MSNBC report, six of the cases have been moved from the department's patrol division to its criminal investigative division, which will provide more time and resources to find those responsible.

University President Earl Potter said last week that he doesn’t know whether more than one person is behind the incidents, but he believes that most of them fall into the copycat category. “The first one was premeditated and intended to hurt,” he said. “The others seem to be comments from sympathizers and less premeditated.”

About 13 percent of St. Cloud State’s 16,882 students are minority group members, and 20 percent of faculty members are people of color, Potter said. In contrast, reveals that the surrounding community of St. Cloud is 91% white with an anecdotal sprinkling of other races. So far, no arrests have been made.

Commentary: So far, public reaction to this incident, as expressed in the comments to the St. Cloud Times story, is mostly skeptical at best, with some people opining that it may be a hoax at worst. Many think the "student of color" is paranoid and over-reacting.

According to a City-data Discussion Thread on St Cloud, several locals report that the St. Cloud Times is part of the problem. One claims that the St. Cloud Times is inordinately proud of the "diversity" awards it gets and so it has a vested interest in identifying and hyping racially-charged incidents. Several other locals claim the St. Cloud Times is much quicker to report the race of a white perpetrator than a black perpetrator. So the media does indeed help to fuel anti-white racial discord in St. Cloud as it does elsewhere.

Comments by those who criticize St. Cloud's lack of "diversity", characterizing St. Cloud and other relatively rural areas as "hick" and "backwards" is just another way of belittling and demonizing those who respect REAL diversity. Real diversity implies the right NOT to be multicultural as well as the right to be multicultural. The proponents of diversity do NOT advocate REAL diversity; they merely support everyone's right to be equally diverse. If every nook and cranny of America becomes equally "polka-dot", where is your diversity then? I believe it was former New York City Mayor David Dinkins who once described NYC as a "gorgeous mosaic". What characterizes a mosaic? Differential shading.

The diversity lobby recognizes everybody's right to be what they are - EXCEPT FOR WHITES! Diversity is inherently anti-white.

And why is the complainant identified as a "student of color"? Last time I checked, white is ALSO a color. To identify only non-whites as "people of color" is another way to marginalize and demonize whites.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this incident proves to be a hoax.

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