Thursday, December 06, 2007

San Luis Obispo County (California) Official Tammy Forrest Under Fire For Using The Term "Nigger Knocker" At A Public Meeting

Ever hear of a "nigger knocker"? Well, apparently Tammy Forrest (pictured at left) not only has heard of it, but carries one around with her in her van (perhaps that's why she's alive today to tell us about it). And just what is a "nigger knocker"? Why, according to Tammy, it's a "huge screw driver with a big ol' chunk on the end of it".

And recently, she decided to share that information with the rest of the world. Only she chose to share that information at a public meeting of the California Valley Community Services District. And Tammy Forrest just happens to be the President of that selfsame district. And a self-righteous harpie who's been one of her most severe critics recorded it - and turned the recording over to KSBY Channel 6 in San Luis Obispo, which promply aired the story on December 5th, 2007. Whoops!

During the meeting, Forrest can be clearly heard talking on the tape. It was towards the end of a CSD meeting in November when board members were discussing measures of self defense. Then Forrest utters the paragraph that has now conferred upon her the proverbial 15 minutes of fame, probably in a way that she did not anticipate:

"When we lived up in Hayward and I drove a big van and sitting next to my seat in the door pocket I called it a nigger knocker. It was a huge screw driver with a big ol' chunk on the end of it. Cuz I'd pull up to a stoplight and if you were smug and ugly and I didn't like your ass I would make gestures at you," elected official Tammy Forrest said.

What does tell us about Hayward? It's 34% Hispanic, 29% White, 17% Other, and 11% Black. A little bit of everything. A regular salad. Smart lady.

But it was a typical self-righteous anti-racist shrew who transformed a mere drama into a crisis. "Just the underlying violence of what she was saying the weapon and how it's used on a certain sect of our society should be appalling to everybody on every level," said California Valley resident Pati Nolen, a vocal critic of the district, who supplied Action News with the audio tape.

CSD attorney Mike Seitz weighed in with his own damage control. "The comments were apparently made and the person who makes those comments is responsible for them but the district is not. What I've heard second hand is yes she realizes it was inappropriate she didn't realize her comments were being recorded but that is in no way excusing what she said," said Seitz.

However, others at the meeting state that the issue is being blown out of proportion. All of the district board members contacted by KSBY declined to go on camera to talk about the comment but all said it was taken out of context.

Efforts to contact Forrest after the meeting were unsuccessful.

Commentary: Note that it is just one anti-racist hag and the local media making a big deal over this. The mainstream population is willing to shrug it off as being taken out of context, and openly admit to it.

That's because California Valley is a rural area halfway between San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield. Political correctness has not taken root there as much as it has in other parts of California. But the mostly white population who lives there has watched T.V. often enough to know what multiculturalism has done to the big cesspool to their south, Los Angeles.

And this is what I've maintained all along. Multiculturalism, like Communism, is an elite system imposed from the top down, unlike the American Revolution and Germany's National Socialist revolution, which were popular grass roots movements from the bottom up.

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Mighty Whitey on the Carrizo Plain said...

So you are defending a high school drop out, welfare mother of five brain damaged children, with a meth addicted, unemployed husband. Boy, they sure make the white race look pretty damn good! You should really get to know someone before you defend them. Thank God for people like Pati Nolen, this country needs more of them.