Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Maximum TNB In Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Gang Of Teenage Negroes Repeatedly Stage Armed Raids On Gas Station

A handful of black teenage boys (pictured at left) have terrorized the workers at the Clark gas station on 60th and West Fond du Lac (6028 W. Fond du Lac Avenue) for the past two weeks. Full story vith video aired on December 24th, 2007 by WTMJ Channel 4 Milwaukee; additional story published December 24th by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Station employee Mandi Brar says since December 11th, seven or eight teens have come in almost every day. One of them is the leader, who tells them "this is my store" and says "Take whatever you want," and he stands there. With guns drawn, they demand food, gas, drinks, whatever they can get their hands on. "December 11th, 12th, 14th, and 15th they came four times in a day," said Brar.

"We call 911 every time," Brar said. "We have cops over here who also have given me their cell phone (to call) anytime I see him out here. I call them first before 911. . . . The whole District 7 is after them. When I come in in the morning, there is a police car waiting in the lot because of what's happening."

One worker had enough last week. He was going to use a stick to scare them off. But instead, the suspects grabbed that stick and beat him with it.

The gas station believes the teens have stolen at least $3,000 in merchandise and caused thousands more in damage. The boys even shot at one employee in the parking lot. "If you don't give it to them they trash the place and they take whatever they want and leave," she said.

And that's not all. Police say one of the teens stole a black Mercedes. The driver left his keys in his car and went into pay for gas.

And now, during this holiday season all Brar is asking for is some peace and quiet. "It's very hard, very hard. I never used to be scared, but now I'm scared in the morning", said Brar.

Store manager Ish Dhawan said the suspected ringleader told a clerk on Sunday that he knows police are after him. "He said, 'They cannot catch me,' " Dhawan said. Frustrated but hopeful, Dhawan said, "I think he will be caught in two or three days."

The suspected ringleader is described as a black male, about 16 to 19 years old, 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. He has a light to medium complexion and a thin to medium build. He usually wears a black or gray hooded sweat shirt and carries a silver or black handgun.

Detective Shannon Lewandowski said in addition to felony theft, the man, once caught, is also likely to face charges of recklessly endangering safety by shooting the gun; three counts of armed robbery; and the battery charge for the beating of the store employee. He and his friends are also suspected of stealing a Mercedes Benz whose owner had come to buy gas. It was later recovered. She added that the robber might also be responsible for similar happenings at a nearby BP gas station as well, and stated that people in the neighborhood know the culprit, but no one is talking (typical Negrohood behavior).

Commentary: And reveals to us that the demographics for the neighborhood are 58.5% black, 29.6% white, and 3.1% hispanic. Most of the schools are overwhelmingly black, so the whites probably live on the outer periphery of the neighborhood, which is zip code 53218. It is indeed a "Negrohood".

Zipskinny uses zip codes. You type in the zip code, and it gives you a complete demographic breakdown of the zip code's geographical area. It's a good way to keep from inadvertently moving into a black or hispanic neighborhood.

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