Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Official - Kevin Alfred Strom To Plead Guilty To Possession Of Child Pornography On January 14th In Charlottesville, Virginia

The "Weenie" Decides To Roast Himself

This story hasn't reached the media yet, but Elisha Strom, the estranged wife of Kevin Alfred Strom has posted a link on the Vanguard News Network forum to a copy of a PDF document showing that Kevin will be officially pleading guilty to a count of possession of child pornography. The document should be directly accessible HERE, or alternately you can go to Elisha's post and click the link from there.

According to the document, KAS will plead guilty at 9:30 A.M. January 14th, 2008 at U.S. District Court, located on 255 West Main Street, Charolottesville, VA 22902. It does not specify what he will plead guilty to, but it's likely to be possession of child pornography. Case Number is 3:07CR0001

Of course, the PDF document does not reveal to what, if any time, that KAS will be sentenced. However, back on November 17th, I documented a VNN Forum post from Elisha Strom, in which she first announced the possibility of KAS copping a plea. Here's the pertinent part of that post:

I'm told Judge Norman K. Moon will likely sentence Kevin to 21-27 months (of which Kevin has already served approximately 12). I note, however, that the amount of time is ultimately up to the discretion of the judge and this is the very same judge who, after hearing Kevin had been caught masturbating to a picture of 13 year old Lynx and Lamb Gaede's heads superimposed onto the sexually posed nude bodies of 10 year olds, said "that's not a crime." I'll be quite surprised if the judge doesn't just dish out a "time served" and head back to his rocking chair.

Considering that the judge completely pulled the plug on the first trial, sentencing KAS to no more than time already served is indeed a possibility. However, in the present climate of pedophilia hysteria which has engulfed America, it's more likely that KAS would be sentenced to at least an additional six months, long enough to send the "right" message, but short enough to induce the guilty plea.

Although ANSWP Commander Bill White is taking a savage pounding on the Vanguard News Network Forum in multiple threads over his ill-advised release of anecdotal or circumstantial evidence attempting to "prove" Ron Paul's so-called "ties" with "white nationalists" (who were, in reality, racial populists), White should be given credit for being one of the first to raise the alarm about Kevin Strom back as early as 2003. However, the proof won't be available until the Overthrow website is completely restored.

Boom, boom, boom, another one bites the dust!

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