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How Whites Can Successfully Stand Up To Blacks Verbally In A One-On-One Situation

"Where mah free shit, honky muhfuk?"

One of the big problems with race relations in the United States is the message whites sent to blacks through the so-called Civil Rights Revolution. While the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was intended to send the message that blacks need not fear whites, the perversion of the civil rights struggle, through psychological and physical terrorism by lawless elements of the black community, along with surrender programs like affirmative action and the growing "reparations" movement, has also sent a message to be blacks that they need not respect us, either.

Consequently, many blacks will attempt to intimidate or coerce whites into doing their will. In one-on-one situations, blacks will attempt to use the race card to verbally intimidate whites, because whites have been taught by a Jewish-dominated and manipulated cultural elite to fear accusations of racism above all else. In other situations, where blacks outnumber whites, they will engage in mob assaults on individual whites, such as what has recently happened twice in Baltimore in one week. The purpose is not to create a society where all are genuinely equal under the law, but to transfer power from whites to non-whites such as what was done in "Arsezania" (South Africa). Jews dominate this effort because, to them, whites represent the greatest threat to their existence, so they stoke up non-whites and manipulate them against us to keep us preoccupied so that the top Jews can implement their global agenda with minimal resistance.

However, a couple of white activists have shared their most recent experiences with blacks in an one-on-one situation. They illustrate how their racism, used defensively, was sufficient to enable them to resist the demands levied by their black interlocutors. When they identified themselves as racist, the blacks, initially shocked, ended up slinking away in doubt and confusion without any further incident. Their "programming" doesn't give them a strategy for dealing with whites who are not afraid of being called "racist". The confrontrations were resolved peacefully.

Both these incidents are posted on this Vanguard News Network Forum thread. In the first incident, a poster identified as "FS88" discusses an encounter at a local shopping mall somewhere in North Carolina. He pulls into a newly-vacated parking spot, locks his vehicle, and begins to walk inside when he is accosted by a black motorist who claims he was waiting for that parking spot (on the other side, where he wasn't visible). This black follows the typical pattern. First, the sympathy card - his wife is pregnant, and besides, it's Christmas. When that didn't attract the desired response, the black promptly escalated his tactics, playing the vandalism card, ("gonna fuck up yo ride, muhfukin honky, shit muhfuk!") threatening to trash FS88's car. When that didn't work, the black went nuclear and reached for the ultimate weapon - the race card ("yo be racist, muhfukin honky, shit muhfuk!"). But guess what? FS88 just laughed at him. Read his account for yourself and see how it ended up (made just a couple of formatting changes for clarity):

Christmas is close, and malls are nuts.

Just wanted to share an absolute brutal event that happened.

Wife and I went shopping at a nearby mall. Saw a car coming out, so pulled in as it came out. Got out, and started walking. This piece of crap white Lexxus maybe 3 spots away in the Isle claims he was waiting and I darted in.

He's black, but not nigger black, more like a light brown, but had that weird skin problem where patches are pinkish.

"Get the fuck outta that spot!". He yells as walking to me. I've been boxing for close to 7 yrs, so just smiling and watching for a punch to be thrown.

"what the fuck is so funny?" ... "My Fucking wife is 9 months pregnant!"
She & and the car are a ways away, but I can see both fine, and sure enough as she steps out, is sporting an undropped nigglet.

I told him, I don't know what you want to hear, but my truck is staying put. He tries every option on me.
- First the wife is pregnant, and yes, she was. (so)
- Then he tells me "Fuck man, its christmas, have some courtesy".
When he finally understands the truck isn't moving, and I am not backing off from him coming nose to nose, and a ton of swearing I get threats.
- "I wouldn't leave your truck here, and go inside"
I noted to him all the cameras, and said if anything is wrong when I come out, finding a $400, 10 yr old Lexxus with no headlight wont be hard.
- "You better hope I don't see you again."
- "Well, if you're not going to do anything now, I doubt you will another time".
Then the icing.. "You know, your pulling this shit 'cause I'm black. You're a fucking racist. You'd move for a white person. Fucking racist"!
Now he has a few people watching, and I'm pissing inside. But wife and I both laugh hard, making a few onlookers smile.

I wasn't laughing to defuse the moment, rather the stupid fuck had no idea of how ironic his words were. How very right he really was.

Anyway, he parks a couple spots up and walks in the mall. We do some quick shopping, because although one doesn't concern me, I do wonder if he might call some 'suppport'.

So leave, check the vehicle which is a-ok, then back along side his car, use my cell phone and take photos of his car and plates.. for later.

Never... ever have I had the race card played on me, and man did it piss me off.

Got some great news though from work, come spring it looks like I will be moving and getting the fuck out of the city. Taking my wife to a much smaller and safer town that is 2 hrs away. Pop of 1500, and right on the water. No Niggers for Miles and Miles.

If you read this all thanks, I was just venting. Mainly because I was hoping for a fight and didnt get one.

But warning.. be careful my friends.. these savages are nuts.

Merry Christmas!

The second account, third post down in the same thread, is offered by a poster known as "J.Ransdell", who discusses his experience in a school lunchroom somewhere in Southern California (the belly of the 'Kwa). A black student who just happens to be in a couple of Ransdell's classes spies him with some fried chicken, and decides the tenuous personal connection is sufficient justification to con Ransdell out of just one of those pieces of chicken. Same pattern again, first the sympathy card, then the threat card, and finally, the "race" card. Read for yourself how it ended up:

Lol reminds me of something that happened to me at school a few weeks ago. It was lunch and the cafeteria was serving, of all things, fried chicken. Well this nigger buck who I have a few classes with comes up to me and asks for a piece.

Him: Damn man that chicken looks good! Lemme get sum!
Me: No.
Him: (looking surprised) Why not?
Me: Cuz Im hungry.
Him: (looking annoyed) So?
Me: And I have diabetes. (which is true)
Him: And? Its not like u gonna drop dead from not eatin one little piece o dat shit!
Me: You never know.

I can by now see where this is going and am smiling. We have attracted a small group of onlookers, mostly beaners who find this stuff funny.

Him: And it would be good if u did! One less honkey! (beaners laughing at this)
Me: What happened did the welfare check not come yet? Or i it that you really cant resist that good ole frahd chicken?
Him: (really startled) Is u some kind o rassist?
Me: Hell yeah! Now why dont you go pick some cotton ya fuckin shitskin!
Him: Well... well... well... ur a fuckin ignant ass racist! (walks away fast, peering back over his shoulder)

I have a big triumphant grin on my face, and the spics who have been watching the whole thing come up tp me and congratulate me, saying things like "Fuckin majate(spanish for nigger) you really showed him!" As a result of that little incident I have two new nicknames: KKK and nazi. And all the groids look at me funny whenever I pass by them. Don't it feel good to be a WN?

Common denominators: One-on-one confrontations, black plays race card, white refuses to play. Outcome: Peaceful, black didn't get what he wanted, white kept what he had. Moral of story: Do NOT deny you're racist in this type of situation. If you deny you're racist, you forfeit emotional leverage that you can use effectively against parasitical, preying blacks.

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