Monday, December 10, 2007

Hate Crime Hoax In Spartanburg, South Carolina - Negress Robin Rankins-White Staged Racist Graffitti Attack On Her Own Home

A Spartanburg, South Carolina Negress who claimed someone painted racial slurs on her front door and harassed her and her family made up the story as part of a conspiracy. Story initially reported by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on Friday December 7th, 2007 and picked up by WSPA Channel 7 Spartanburg on Monday, December 10th.

Robin Rankins-White, who is black, filed multiple complaints with Spartanburg police earlier this year about racial vandalism and harassment. Rankins-White's daughter and sister also reported receiving threatening calls from a blocked number, as did a man planning to buy Rankins-White's house, Darrell Miller.

According to police reports, investigators now think the complaints were a scam to obtain money from a contractor Rankins-White was angry with. She had recently fired the contractor, a white man who was doing work at her home on 203 South Hampton Drive, and accused him of the harassment.

Investigators found the phone calls were actually made from Rankins-White's phone and the land line at her house. According to police reports, Miller admitted Rankins-White was $52,000 in debt on the house he wanted to buy from her and that she had approached him with a plan to get the money from the fired contractor. Rankins-White and her family denied the allegations.

However, since the Herald-Journal first broke the story on December 7th, WSPA has since learned that police have now charged four people with this crime, including Robin Rankins-White, the very person who made the original complaint as the "victim".

Today (Decmeber 10th), she turned herself in to police at Spartanburg Public Safety because she is charged with conspiracy. Police say there is no doubt that Rankins-White was involved with that crime. Police also say Rankins-White's original story started unraveling when they gathered phone records. Officers say they also had a confession from the man who was going to buy the house Darrell Miller told police he was told to spray paint those racial slurs.

The four people were charged in this case include Robin Rankins-White, her sister, Darrell Miller and Rankins-White’s daughter. The daughter is the only one who did not turn herself in on Monday. Police say she is out of town, but they are in touch with her attorney and if she doesn't turn herself in they will go get her. Each is charged with at least two counts of conspiracy.

Police continue to maintain that the motive in the case is Rankins-White was trying to get the contractor back for not doing some work she had paid him for.

This is more common than you think. The website has documented a partial list of prominent hate crime hoaxes during the 2006-7 period.

And it's not just blacks who do this. On November 15th, 2007, Dr. David Duke reported that a French Jew who was allegedly stabbed in January in an "anti-Semitic" hate crime attack had actually stabbed himself. Oy, vey!

Let's have a few more of these hoaxes. This, more than anything else, will kill the notion of hate crimes in this country.

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