Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Harrisonburg, Virginia Little Grill Restaurant Calls Off Benefit Concert For Anti-Racist Action Hooligans After Some ANSWP-Style Persuasion

Chalk up another victory for the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). After ANSWP Commander Bill White contacted the Little Grill Collective restaurant in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and explained his objections to them throwing a benefit concert to raise money for three ARA hooligans who disrupted a Barnes & Noble bookstore, the restaurant's owner decided discretion was the better part of valor and called the Friday event off. Full story published December 12th, 2007 by the Harrisonburg Daily News Record.

Owners of the Little Grill Collective on North Main Street planned to host the concert to help three of their customers who are ARA hooligans recover lawyer's fees they incurred following an arrest for an invasion and protest at the Harrisonburg Barnes & Noble on October 20th, 2007. During the protest, police say the three, two of who were wearing masks like many cowardly ARA faggots do, shouted that a few customers in the bookstore coffee shop were Nazis. Two of the three were charged with wearing a mask in public, a felony, as well as disorderly conduct.

Although charges related to the incident were dismissed, the controversy surrounding it spiraled into online debates and eventually to a phone call from Bill White to the Little Grill. White's party, headquartered in Roanoke, claims an actual membership of 421 with an additional 1,050 people on its mailing list nationwide.

Alex Sirney, a Little Grill employee, said White's call included "vague threats" and led restaurant owners to rethink the benefit, which had once seemed like a harmless idea.

On Tuesday, White said he did call the Little Grill but stopped short of saying he threatened restaurant owners. White says he told them that by holding the concert, restaurant owners would associate themselves with those protesters at the Barnes & Noble, who, he said, have shown a willingness to step outside the law for their cause. Once that happens, White says, he and other "white activists" are free to respond as they see fit.

White further explained that he felt compelled to get involved in the case after he learned the judge dismissed the charges filed in connection with the bookstore incident. "If the government endorses this terrorism we have no problem stepping in and bringing justice," he said. "To let these kids get away with this type of violence is simply intolerable."

He cited the masked protest as an example of how activists can be dangerous. Going into "Barnes & Noble in ski masks is only one step away from blowing up the Barnes & Noble," White said. "That's why when we see this, we immediately go out and organize and step on their throats."

Here's more on the Barnes & Noble protest triggering the controversy. Last week, a Rockingham County General District Court judge dismissed charges against the three defendants who invaded the Barnes & Noble coffee shop in the Harrisonburg Crossing on Burgess Road and yelled at a small group of people who they believed were "white supremacists". In warning the defendants to stay away from the store, Judge William Heatwole said he thought their actions were well-intentioned, but their methods were unacceptable.

After the hearing, one of those charged, Christopher J. Heneghan, 25, said the protest was held to deter white supremacists from meeting in Harrisonburg. He also said it marked the start of a Harrisonburg chapter of an international group called Anti-Racist Action. The group's website says it's based on exposing, opposing and confronting racism, sexism and homophobia. The goal of the protest at the bookstore, Heneghan said, was to expose those who he alleges are "white supremacists".

Indeed, further ARA plans were disclosed on the Nikki's Nest blog on December 11th. Floyd Cochran, a former Aryan Nations member who turned anti-racist and is rumoured to be a drunk, posted an appeal for an "anti-Bill White militia" (ROFLMAO) on the site (with all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors left intact):

Should we form a neighborhood watch/militia in Roanoke, VA ? To protect people from Bill White the nazi.

Many of you will read this and go, oh no.. not this Bill White the neo Nazi crap again, but folks Bill White the neo Nazi from Roanoke is in the news again and Bill White represents a danger that we can not ignore.

With-in the southwestern part of Virginia and beyond Bill White has/is creating a neighborhood of fear - from causing riots in Toledo,Ohio to intimidating the media and people of Roanoke, Bill White has shown that he can not be allowed to continue much longer. If the state or "the powers to be" can't deal with Bill White than it is up to the citizens to deal with Bill White.


What I am proposing is that people/citizens of Roanoke with our help possibly - form themselves into neighborhood watch,a peoples militia - every time Bill White is in public, we film him, when he goes down the street we whip out our cell phone and snap pictures, I propose that we just don't film Bill White but also focus on his wife as she is part of his activities - everywhere they go ,we go - that way when Bill White is involved in something that could be criminal we have video footage and snapshots to support those Bill White has violated.

This development has also been discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

And the incident, as well as the subsequent court case led numerous online readers to post comments on other websites. Readers of the Vanguard News Network Forum, which says it's an uncensored forum for white people, have posted messages about the Little Grill and the former defendants in the Harrisonburg case. Click HERE to view the designated VNNF thread on this story.

Commentary: These anti-racists are pathetic. They run around hiding behind masks while white activists show their faces to the public. They exhibit the intolerance that they accuse us of. They are absolute hypocrites. What's worse is that these anti-racists are also anti-white; you look on the One People's Project website, and their heroes are black cop-killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal. You can see who the real haters are.

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