Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Demise Of The White People's Party

Any of you remember the Nevada-based White People's Party?

I recollect it now, but I had completely forgotten about it, until I discovered the ThirdPartyWatch website. They decided to post information about it on December 20th. It turns out that the White People's Party has basically dissipated; their website is gone.

The White People's Party formed in 2005 under the auspices of what was then the Las Vegas Unit of the National Vanguard (NV). National Vanguard was a breakway organization formed in April 2005 after Kevin Alfred Strom was kicked out of the National Alliance for persistent failure to meet publication deadlines, and subsequently formed the rival organization. The Las Vegas Unit bolted from the NA and joined the NV.

While the WPP neither fielded any candidates nor ever became an official party in Nevada, its registration drives ignited racial awareness among many in the white community in Southern Nevada, Northwest Arizona, and even in St. George, Utah, where a rally against illegal immigration was staged. However, after Kevin Alfred Strom suddenly "took a leave of absence" from NV, the WPP began to decline. Its epitaph apparently was written after NV disincorporated in March 2007 and resurrected itself as European Americans United (EAU).

Some extra perspective from the time can be gleaned from an archived Vanguard News Network Forum thread, as well as an archived NewNation Forum thread.

Here's an excerpt from the account posted on the website. It appears factual, even if written from the mildly anti-racist point of view:

The White Peoples Party was started in 2005 by members of the Las Vegas National Alliance (later re-named the National Vanguard), in Nevada. The WPP’s members and all of its state officers were composed mainly of Las Vegas residents active in the National Alliance. Michael O’Sullivan, a ex-felon and member of the Alliance was the Chairman and main organizer of the party. Michael later was accused of sexual misconduct by several women who stayed at one of his unlicensed halfway houses that he ran. A interview with Michael only seemed to bring out his and his party’s unappealing views and character. The Party also, unsurprisingly, bans Blacks and Jews in membership. The WPP used the illegal-immigration debacle as a attempt to reach out to the mainstream and get their voice heard, attracting some local media attention, including the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

The Party’s platform ranged from dividing the Las Vegas School District to declaring the White race an ‘endangered species’, the latter, which was advocated on leaflets that were passed around by WPP and National Alliance activists. Some of the party leaflets were later given to two non-white residents that were accompanied with
dead animals.

The WPP filed with the Nevada Secretary of State to qualify as a political party and to qualify state and congressional candidates for the ballot in Nevada. Reportedly, the WPP collected close to 2,000 signatures mainly at gun shows and music concerts, however this number is disputed, as no signatures were ever turned in. The Party also drew a considerable amount of hostility at some of its signature gathering events and also was closely watched by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, quickly
listing them as a hate group. [Ed. Note: An ADL account of the WPP published July 2005 can be found HERE.]

While the White Peoples Party was mostly active in the southern part of Nevada, and was influential in the growth of skinhead and other supremacist groups in that region, it was reported that the party was involved in
cooperation with the neo-nazi National Socialist Movement around Reno and Fallon in passing out flyers and recruitment.

In the end, however, the WPP produced no candidates at all for the 2006 elections and failed to qualify for ballot access, even though the WPP strived to collect 3,000+ signatures more then needed to gain ballot status. The Party also stopped updating their
website months ago, and today, no longer has a website anymore. It is assumed that the reason for the party’s downfall is because of the legal woes and in-fighting that plagued the National Alliance, and the National Vanguard, which was the backbone of support and activism for the White Peoples Party. [Ed. Note: This is a correct assumption.]

In a way, the WPP can be regarded merely as the political wing of the Vanguard, that not only used the same symbol, but also largely played on the issue of immigration to attract support for its cause, yet still encountered strong opposition and afterwards, failure, in becoming a viable political party in Nevada, and eventually on a national scale. Even the
Las Vegas National Vanguard itself has not updated their website since February of this year.

Commentary: The legal woes of National Vanguard may have played the primary role in the dissipation of the White People's Party, but the character issues posed by Michael O'Sullivan as chairman were not negligible. O'Sullivan's record as an ex-felon played into the hands of detractors who identify and promote the worst examples of white nationalism as representative of the white nationalist community.

White nationalism can no longer be used as protective cover for personal hooliganism. The tactics that work and are clearly necessary for a group like the Aryan Brotherhood to protect whites inside our minority-dominated prisons will backfire out in the world. It is important for racially-conscious whites, whether you choose to serve in uniformed organizations like the NSM, NSOA, or ANSWP, or if you choose non-uniformed service, to restrain your fleshly appetites and behave in a law-abiding fashion. You don't have to be church mice, but avoid drugs, drink only within reason, and keep the tattoos within reasonable bounds. Use common sense and project yourself just as you are - an ordinary American with a wide variety of normal interests - but who just also happens to be racially-aware.

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