Monday, December 31, 2007

Chutzpah 101: Nakita McDaniels, A Suspect In Baltimore Bus Beating, Filing Assault Charges Against Sarah Kreager

Baltimore's Sarah Kreager - Another Victim of "Diversity"

In what appears to be a desperation move, the attorney for one of nine Baltimore middle school students charged with beating a woman on a city bus says the student has filed assault charges against that woman. Nakita McDaniels' attorney Kimberly Thomas says the teen's complaints that Sarah Kreager assaulted her were not investigated by police or the State's Attorney's Office. Full stories by the Baltimore Sun, by WMAR Channel 2, and by WJZ Channel 13.

Kimberly Thomas says that her client claims Kreager provoked the incident. “My client was spit on, and then she was hit by Sarah Kreager,” said Kimberly M. Thomas, who is representing 15-year-old Nakita McDaniels. Thomas says McDaniels is a B-student at Robert Poole Middle School. “She defended herself,” Thomas said. “She was not the aggressor in the case."

Since the incident, prosecutors have called Sarah Kreager an innocent victim. But a city court commissioner has ruled that Kreager will face a charge of second-degree assault. "We decline to comment because of the highly irregular manner in which this has been brought to our attention, as it falls outside the investigatory authorities, with a lengthy time lapse,” said Margaret Burns, a spokeswoman for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy. Kreager's assault trial is tentatively scheduled to take place on January 31st, the same day of the trial of the nine students.

McDaniels’ attorney says the teen did give detectives her version of the story back on December 4th. “There are numerous juveniles that say that this is exactly what happened,” she said.

Earlier this month, attorneys for two of the students held a news conference challenging Sarah Kreager's credibility. Nakita McDaniels has gone even further – charging Kreager with a crime. “There is another side to what happened, and it is my hope that the state's attorney's office will aggressively investigate now,” Thomas said.

Update: On January 3rd, 2008, WTOP 103.5 FM in Baltimore reported that prosecutors dropped the assault charges brought against Kreager. The State's Attorney's Office said prosecutors lacked sufficient evidence of the allegation by 15-year-old Nakita McDaniels that Sarah Kreager spat on her, causing the melee December 4th. The State's Attorney's Office also said no one was found to substantiate McDaniels' claim and noted it made more than three weeks after the attack. However McDaniels' attorney, Kimberly Thomas, still maintains her client reported the spitting to a law enforcement officer on the day of the attack.

Commentary: Of course Sarah Kreager spit at McDaniels and hit her - while fighting back against the mob assault unleashed upon her by these feral savages. You mean to tell me that Baltimore is even considering self-defense a crime? I can't believe they don't see through this scheme - it's so transparent that not even Jesse or Al are getting involved.

These feral savages are trying to bluster their way out of accountability by mounting a bogus legal counter-offensive. They've apparently learned these tactics by watching the mob of 20,000 blacks descend upon Jena and get lionized by the national media. So what if McDaniels has a B- average in school? In your typical black school, you get a C just for showing up without a gun or drugs, so her grade point average is essentially meaningless, No Child Left Behind notwithstanding.

Sarah Kreager is not having a happy New Year at this point. It would be nice if some East Coast white activists could plan on showing up at the courthouse on January 31st to manifest some legal opposition. If I lived within driving distance of Baltimore, I would be there.


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