Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Attorneys For Juveniles In First Baltimore Bus Beatdown Launch Smear Campaign Against Sarah Kreager

Baltimore's Sarah Kreager - Another Victim of "Diversity"

Attorneys for two of the nine accused middle schoolers in the attack on Sarah Kreager are claiming that their clients are being "unfairly targeted" and are raising questions about how much Kreager and her boyfriend may have "provoked" the attack. Story posted by WMAR-TV Channel 2 in Baltimore. Similar stories just posted by WJZ Channel 13, the Baltimore Sun and by WBAL-TV Channel 11.

The highly publicized attack aboard the Number 27 bus two weeks ago has prompted a hate crime investigation. The victim Sarah Kreager, who has stitches in her head and sustained broken bones around her eye, is a white woman. The nine accused juveniles are all black. But attorneys representing two of the accused say their teen clients are being unfairly targeted.

Attorney Jay Ortis says, "Our investigation thus far has revealed it may have been the alleged victim Ms. Kreager who initiated the altercation with the young children riding the bus home from school. And it may have been her presumed boyfriend who used racially charged language toward these young children who were on the bus." [Ed. Note: This is where the smear begins. Note how the lawyers slyly question the victimhood of Kreager and how they slyly insinuate that Kreager's behavior may have provoked the attack. They also skillfully insert the race card into the equation, hoping to pick up some sympathy from the dewy-eyed civil rights lemmings.]

MTA police allege nine students from Robert Poole Middle School punched and kicked Kreager and her boyfriend as they tried to find a seat on the bus. But attorneys for the accused say the official police report lacks specific details, and they question the credibility of Kreager and her boyfriend who have a history of drug and domestic violence allegations.

Attorney Quinton Herbert says, "Our release of this information is not to vilify Kreager or her boyfriend, but to remind everyone there are two sides to every story." The aunt and sister of one of the juveniles says he's a good student who's never gotten in trouble with the law before. "I believe he's telling the truth, that he had nothing to do with it… It seems that they're trying to take the education away from these children and I don't think that it's fair." The students have been suspended from school and are being tutored at home. [Ed. Note: I don't think it's very fair that Sarah Kreager damn near got her eye knocked out of her socket, either.]

The nine juveniles accused in the attack have been ordered to home detention until their next court hearing on January 4th.

The alarming attack has prompted security crackdowns on buses citywide. "One would only have to look at the photos of her injuries to believe that there was a very horrible crime committed against this young woman," said Margaret Burns, spokesperson for the State's Attorney's Office.

Kreager has also been placed in witness protection. "The state's attorney wants to make sure justice is served for this victim who was savagely beaten," said Burns.

On December 9th, I explained how the beating of Sarah Kreager has become representative of how many blacks feel about whites. This includes a reference to a column posted by "Fred On Everything", in which he portrays inner city blacks in starkly chilling terms.

Other blogosphere reaction:

On December 10th, Sixmeatbuffet.com questioned whether Sarah Kreager was about to become the white Rosa Parks, and whether or not the nine attackers were motivated by the celebrity status accorded the Jena Six.

On December 10th, Gateway Pundit further explains why Sarah Kreager had to go into witness protection.

And no, we haven't forgotten about the second Baltimore bus beatdown, which occurred on December 10th and which was discussed HERE. The latest word from the is that MTA officials are still seeking five of the alleged black attackers.

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