Thursday, November 01, 2007

Students Wearing Ku Klux Klan Halloween Costumes At Ontario (Canada) School Cause Black Student To Flee "In Tears"

A black student fled a Cornwall, Ontario, Canada school foyer in tears this Halloween after seeing a schoolmate dressed as member of a white supremacist group that terrorized blacks in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries. Full story published November 1st, 2007 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Additional story posted by the Kingston Whig-Standard.

Grade 12 student Mira Tshilombo told CBC's Ontario Today that she was in shock when she arrived at Cornwall Collegiate Vocational School on Halloween to see someone clad in the Ku Klux Klan's unmistakable white robe with a pointed hood, and carrying a noose.

"I couldn't believe that people like that would wear something like that on Halloween, knowing it's not a joke and that people have dealt with that in their lives," said Tshilombo, who complained to the school's vice principal. "He told me it's Halloween and that people are going to be wearing costumes … and that all he could do was see if she wants to take it off or not."

Principal Brenda Beaudette said school officials reacted as quickly as they could, but the masked student had already left the building. They finally managed to track the student down later in the day. "We discussed how the wardrobe that she had chosen to wear was unacceptable and offensive, and the student expressed deep and sincere remorse," said Beaudette.

There were at least two other students dressed in Ku Klux Klan costumes at the school Wednesday, she added, and school officials are investigating reports that a number of students may have worn them throughout the morning. But Beaudette would not say whether any of the students would be disciplined.

The Kingston Whig-Standard offered more information. The three students decked out in Klan regalia were described as First Nations people. This means they are Canadian Natives, or Eskimos (frequently referred to as "chugs" because of their propensity to consume or "chug" alcohol and their purported inability to metabolize it efficiently). They said they wore the Klan regalia as a joke, to make fun of the Klan.

Wouldn't it have been more interesting if it were black students who dressed up as Klansmen? LOL!


Anonymous said...

your comment about "eskimos" makes me sick, i am a montagnais from quebec. I don't drink and i don't smoke. I makes you feel comfortable to denigrate the ones you fear. I do the same for people like you.

I believe you should try to make some effort to understand the meaning of multi-culturalism, a concept that is not very popular among people like you.

I can speak two different languages and i identify myself as an aboriginal and a quebecer, thus i think i feel like a immigrant, in my very own country.

The english made the quebecer feel like shit because we speak french and because we are catholics. The FLQ in the 70's bombed the asses of the english-canadian political bourgeoisie.

Then the quebecer made the aboriginal peoples feel like shit because they are speaking english (in any cases) and because they are isolated into reserves with tax exemptions. Ignoring the FACT that the aboriginal people DIDN'T seek to be immerged into the european culture, didn't want to be used as a cheap labor, didn't want to be forced into christianity. The aboriginal nations of canada is willing to take back what is the own inheritance. Type OKA CRISIS on the web.

Hoping you consider this, every nations wishes to be recognized for it's qualities, you feel bad about the immigrants in your town, maybe they feel bad about your wealth, your status. Maybe they are as hard-working as every every average American.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I dont see what the whole deal is... I just made a Clan Costume for Halloween. Im Puerto Rican...My GF is black... we are going as clan man and slave... fuck fun!

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