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A North Carolina Resident's View Of Emily Haddock's Murder

-In Memory of Emily Elizabeth Haddock-

The fact that the final autopsy report on the murder of 12-year old Emily Haddock tends to exclude the possibility of rape should NOT necessarily give the rest of us cause to rejoice. Because while she did not suffer the additional indignity of rape, her death was neither instantaneous nor painless.

The final autopsy report, posted HERE, gives an account of the condition of the body and the clinical results of a thorough medical examination. However, it does not describe the crime scene itself, which conveys more information about the process of death itself. For a description of the crime scene, we must turn to a copy of the preliminary handwritten report, PDF images of which are posted on the PC Apostate blog. Page 4 contains a description of the crime scene, Page 3 contains diagrams of the body, and Page 1 and Page 2 contain basic identification information.

And the account of the crime scene shows that Emily Haddock did not die peacefully. Emily Haddock lingered, suffered, and even struggled before she passed from this mortal coil.

A North Carolina resident, identfied as Damicatz, brings this to life in an essay posted on the Forum. Since it conveys the full horror of Emily Haddock's death, I am cross-posting it here in its entirety:

From: damicatz

Date: 2007-11-10T21:04:24

On the 21st of September, a Friday, in the year 2007, Emily Elizabeth Haddock was home from school with strep throat. For the most part, the day started out normal for the Haddock family. Both of her parents worked in order to ake ends meat for the family. Her mother had stayed home the previous day but was forced to return to work on Friday. [1]

That day, four thugs broke into the Haddock family residence, intent on stealing the family's possessions. Surprised to find Emily at home, the thugs shot Emily not once but twice. According to the autopsy report, Emily Haddock died of hypovolemia. In other words, she bled out. Even though she was shot in the head, the brain injuries were superficial. [2] Emily Haddock suffered a slow, painful death at the hands of these animals, a death that likely took hours. There were blood stains and bloody handprints on the walls showing that she struggled to get back up and call for help. Any notion that her death was accidental or that the animals didn't intend for her to die has just gone out the window. If the animals had even an ounce of remorse, they would have called for help and Emily Haddock would very likely still be alive today. Instead, they shot a child not once, but twice, for good measure, and then left her to die a very slow and painful death.

The media insists on calling these criminals gentleman. Anytime they refer to the animals that invaded the Haddock home, the media calls them gentlemen. These gentleman did this and these gentleman do that. I dispute that and I find it utterly offensive that the title gentleman could be used to refer to anyone that would shoot a child and leave them to die. Gentleman do not break into peoples homes and gentleman do not murder children. Gentleman don't shoot an innocent young girl in the head and then leave her to slowly wither away in pain and agony.

As it turns out, a number of the perpetrators already have a criminal record. So the robbery of the Haddock home and the murder of Emily Haddock was not the act of a novice criminal but the act of a gang of career criminals, a menace and threat to society. Career criminals which should have been locked up for a long time. Career criminals that should have never been on the street in the first place. For Sherrod Harrison, one of the criminals who murdered Emily Haddock in cold blood, this was not his first breaking and entering. It wasn't his second or third either. In fact, within a 6 month period, Sherrod Harrison had three separate convictions for breaking and entering and another conviction for burglary. [3] What did Sherrod Harrison receive as a punishment for committing four separate felonies within a 6 month period? Probation. Not one day of jail time. Ryan White, another of the murders, also had a prior conviction for breaking and entering. [4]. Since Ryan White just turned 18, we have no way of knowing what he did as a juvenile but career criminals are the same and I suspect that he has a fairly long juvenile rap sheet.

All of these "people" were career criminals. Career criminals that should have never been on the street to begin with. The judges and probation officers who allowed these criminals to roam the streets are just as guilty as they are in the murder of Emily Haddock. The judges who allowed these dangerous criminals to roam the streets and the parole officers who failed to keep tabs on them should be facing charges of murder by depraved indifference. Depraved indifference because they knowingly and recklessly allowed dangerous criminals to roam the streets, dangerous criminals who they knew could pose a threat to the wellbeing of law abiding citizens. .

But I know they won't. They won't because the "justice" system in North Carolina inherently favors the criminals. North Carolina is the only state in the union, for example, where a citizens arrest is not legal. [5] North Carolina law prohibits arming a child under 12, even if for self defense. North Carolina doesn't even support the castle doctrine, which would give people the right to use whatever means necessary in order to defend their homes, their property and their family.

The big problem with North Carolina is that it was the southern headquarters of the vaunted "civil rights" movement. The concepts of "civil rights" and "diversity" are little more than cultural marxism in disguise. They seek to destroy everything that is unique about an individual's culture by teaching that everyone is the same and that everyone is equal. In fact, the name diversity in and of itself is insidious because that concept, in the mainstream, aims to do exactly the opposite of what it praises. It is this multiculturalism and diversity that allowed the offenders to roam the streets, because the judges desperately wanted to avoid looking racist. After all, no judge wants to be on the news for "racially" throwing a poor impoverished black teenager into jail.

Speaking of which, a common liberal argument is that poverty and crime are linked. I shouldn't have to remind people that one of the most basic of logical fallacies is assuming that correlation somehow implies causation. Liberals will attempt to use poverty and being underprivileged as justifications for the criminal behaviors of people. Liberal judges constantly legislate from the bench and disregard the laws in order to further push this agenda. Liberal judges recently allowed six black thugs in Jena, LA, to walk away from an attempted murder under the guise that prosecuting these thugs under what the law allows and calls for is racist.

High crime rates are not caused by poverty but by the suicidal embrace of multiculturalism. It is the clash of cultures that causes crime, not poverty. One only has to look at West Virginia to see this. According to the US Census, West Virginia has the third lowest per capita income out of all of the states. [6] Despite this, West Virginia's violent crime rate is considerably lower than states which have substantially better economies and prosperity. [7] West Virginia also happens to be about 96% white. [8] In fact, using the flawed logic that liberals use in regards to poverty, one could claim that the percentage of non-whites correlates with crime. Statistically, it does correlate. After all, the areas with the highest crime almost always have a significant "minority" population. But again, that's assuming that correlation implies causation and that's a logical fallacy. But it is the same logic that liberals use. But it is food for thought. Why is it that the most "diverse" cities always have the highest crime rates?

Had the justice system done it's job, Emily Haddock would more than likely still be alive today. Had the justice system locked away the career criminals that murdered her, Emily Haddock would very likely still be alive today. But the justice system and it's liberal policies of giving criminals second, third, fourth and fifth chances, allowed dangerous criminals to roam the streets. The justice system failed Emily Haddock. The justice system has failed every law-abiding citizen in the state of North Carolina by pandering to minorities, caving into white guilt and allowing judges to legislate from the bench using their own personal views rather than intepreting and upholding the law.

References :
Fayetteville Observer article
Final Autopsy Report from Rapidshare
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Wikipedia article about citizens arrest
Wikipedia article on West Virginia Demographics

One of the most important points put forth by Danicatz is that crimes like these are not caused so much by poverty, but by the cultural clash triggered by forced diversity and multiculturalism. To blacks like the five thugs who killed Emily Haddock, whites are not fellow human beings, but are just objects to be exploited. Multiculturalism itself is inherently dehumanizing.

The murder of Emily Haddock is NO LESS HEINOUS just because she wasn't raped. The thugs who shot her did so without any concern for her welfare; she was just another obstacle in the way to their self-gratification. They didn't care if she lived or died. Consequently, in my opinion, that meets the test of capital murder. At the very least, the actual shooter should get the death penalty; the remainder, natural life at hard labor (although it wouldn't break my heart if all five of them were executed).

While advocates for justice throughout America stand ready to help North Carolinians obtain final justice for Emily Haddock, as we tried to help in Knoxville on May 26th and again on June 16th, as well as in Kalamazoo, MI on August 4th, the impetus MUST come from within North Carolina. North Carolinians must take the lead in agitating for final justice for Emily Haddock. Organize and stage rallies in the city where the five are being incarcerated. Organize and stage rallies in the city where they are tried. Get together - make it happen. And don't be dissuaded by accusations of "racism"; groups like the ADL, SPLC, and the NAACP are anti-white hate groups who make money out of manufacturing and exaggerating "white supremacism" and "anti-Semitism".

While it's unlikely that 20,000 whites will converge on North Carolina demanding justice for Emily Haddock the way that 20,000 blacks converged on Jena, LA demanding "justice" for the Jena Six, we cannot be taken seriously if only 100 people show up for an Emily Haddock rally. North Carolinian initiative and leadership is necessary to ensure more adequate representation.


Anonymous said...

Perry Ross Schiro, 19, of 174 Independence Way in Cameron Which is Heritage Village on 24/27 Spout springs area in Harnett County . They all live there and the house beside it . they still have done nothing with this case

Anonymous said...

Here is a Web link to all these Animals and there Address of there families. This is the link from the Moore County, NC Jail list . Justice needs to be done.