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Nine Year Old Phoenix Elementary School Student Suspended For Three Days For "Hate Crime"; Referred To Hispanics As "Brown People"

In another example of political correctness run amok, a nine-year-old student at the Abraham Lincoln Traditional School in Phoenix, Arizona was suspended for three days earlier in November 2007 for allegedly committing a "hate crime" by using the expression "brown people". Full story published November 27th, 2007 by, which is the official website for KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix. Additional story posted on November 28th by the Arizona Republic. Additional discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum and on Stormfront.

Complicating the issue is some apparent tap-dancing by Abraham Lincoln's Principal, Virginia Voinovich. In an interview with Channel 12 on Monday November 26th, Voinovich would not address her comments, first claiming she didn't remember the incident, then demanding a copy of the recording and finally insisting that she could not talk about a student's discipline. Higher-level officials at the Washington Elementary School District, who are supposed to oversee Voinovich, also refused to comment about the boy’s suspension. But they did indicate they would launch their own inquiry into the situation, and stated that they were unaware of a child being disciplined under the hate crime/racial harassment code, but also cautioned that principals have the authority to enforce discipline without district intervention. "We would like to look into everything that transpired," district lawyer Rex Shumway said.

Voinovich has also submitted a letter of resignation effective December 24th, 2007, saying she is leaving for personal reasons.

The circumstances of the boy’s suspension itself raise questions about student discipline, interrogation and oversight at Abraham Lincoln. According to other school officials, the boy made a statement about “brown people” to another elementary student with whom he was having a conflict. They claim it was his second offense using the phrase.

But the tape recording, which is a record of a parent-teacher conference, indicates this only came out after another parent was allowed to question the boy and elicited from him the statement that he “doesn't cooperate with brown people”. After that was reported to the boy's teacher, he was made to stand in front of his class in classical Communist-style re-education fashion and publicly confess what he'd said.

However, the boy maintains that he never said it; that the words were put in his mouth by the parent who questioned him. That parent happens to be the mother of the student with whom he is having a conflict — and she happens to work for Abraham Lincoln as a detention-room officer. While the story does not specifically indicate the race of the woman, it is obvious in context that the woman - and her son who was allegedly the target of the remarks - is Hispanic.

The tape indicates that rather than just spouting off with racial invective, the boy was asked first why he didn't want to cooperate with brown people by the parent/school official. In court, this might be called entrapment. Not to mention a conflict of interest.

The tape also reveals that Dr. Voinovich told the nine-year-old boy that it is OK to have racist feelings as long as you keep them to yourself. “As we said to (the boy) when he was in here, in your heart you may have that feeling, and that is OK if that is your personal belief,” Abraham Lincoln Traditional School Principal Virginia Voinovich said in a tape-recorded parent-teacher conference.

And the suspended boy's mother is not taking this lying down. She's talking, and she's pissed off. She has also removed her son from the school. “I want parents to know … that principals can abuse their powers,” Sherry Neve, 35, said. “Principals need to have pro-active supervisors. I want the parents to know that the principal was influencing my son in a way I wouldn't want him to be raised.”

Neve said school officials didn’t advise her of the incident until several days after they questioned her son. When Neve objected to the suspension during the conference, Voinovich told her that she didn't have any rights; that parents give up their rights to discipline when they send a child to school, the tape shows. “If you don't want that, you can take him out of here,” Voinovich said tersely.

Neve insists that her son is not a racist and that he never differentiated a person's color until the school made it in an issue. “We were raised to be color blind,” she said. “My children were raised the same way.”

KPNX goes on to criticize the principal - not for her tap-dancing, but for telling the suspended boy that is O.K. to "feel racist" as long as he doesn't show it. This merely reinforces the false notion that racism is bad. It is the misuse of racism, or offensive racial abuse, that is the problem.

Those who would like to e-mail their thoughts on this issue to Dr. Voinovich can do so by clicking HERE, then clicking the highlighted "E-Mail" next to Dr. Voinovich's name.

Commentary: Kind of difficult to gauge Dr. Voinovich here; she doesn't make her own position clear. What's beyond question is that the nine-year old boy was treated unjustly. He never should have been suspended.

And indeed, any input from the detention-room officer must be discounted, since she's hardly a disinterested party and has a vested interest in the situation to be resolved in favor of her child. It seems like this person was trying to create a racial incident, as so many hypersensitive Hispanics are wont to do.

Particularly despicable is making the nine-year-old boy stand in front of his class and "confess his sin". This is part of the "re-education process" which normally occurs in Communist countries. It deftly illustrates how Gramscian Communist techniques have been incorporated into America.

It is questionable whether a black or Hispanic student guilty of the same behavior would have been suspended for a "hate crime", although the Abraham Lincoln school is a traditional schools that, by its own admission, emphasizes strict discipline. Indeed, many whites think its O.K. for non-whites to refer to us as "crackers" or "gringos", although God help us if we ever use the terms "nigger" or "spic" publicly. Personally, I have no burning desire to use racial slurs on a routine basis; I just want to see some consistency.

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