Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nationalist Coalition Distributes Pro-White Flyers In Cheyenne, Wyoming; Lemmings Cry "Hate"

The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, the daily newspaper serving Cheyenne, Wyoming, reports on November 14th, 2007 that the Nationalist Coalition distributed pro-white flyers in the Cheyenne area during Monday, November 12th and Tuesday, November 13th. Unlike most mainstream media outlets, the Tribune-Eagle does not refer to the group as "racist" or "white supremacist", but is objective and fair-minded enough to refer to them as a "white activist organization". Surprisingly, the story was also picked up by KPAX Channel 8 in Missoula, Montana, which actually identified the flyers, making it easy for me to find and display them here.

One flyer read: "Immigration? or INVASION." Another flyer showed a picture of a white, blond-haired woman with the words, "LOVE YOUR RACE". The entire collection of Nationalist Coalition flyers can be viewed HERE. You can download them, save them to your computer, and print them at home. The two flyers referred to in this story are displayed below:

This flyer is a bit harsh on immigrants, but is is TRUTHFUL. A large percentage of illegal immigrants to create social and logistical problems in out cities.

Where's the "hate" in this flyer? It's just a picture of a lady with the caption "Love Your Race". It doesn't say "hate anyone else".

The Cheyenne Police Department is investigating the source of flyers. Chief Bob Fecht said the department collected half a dozen complaints Monday and Tuesday about flyers for the Nationalist Coalition. The flyers were left on vehicles throughout the city and county. At one point, every vehicle parked outside of Kohl's department store was given a flyer.

Fecht said this method of handbill distribution is illegal under city code. Campaign fliers and yard sale advertisements fall into the same category. "Technically, those are illegal," he said. "Normally, as long as they are taken down, there is no problem."

He added that the police department does not encounter situations like this often. In this case, any suspects would likely be given a summons to appear in Municipal Court.

Reaction by local lemmings was predictably hysterical. Gretchen McCarthy said she discovered the flyers Sunday afternoon. Three papers were tightly rolled, secured with a rubber band and slipped onto the antennae of her vehicle. She said she worried that her household at Shannon Avenue and Killarney Drive was targeted because she has six adopted children of difference races. McCarthy added that the neighbors on either side of her home did not get the flyers. But after her husband spoke with other residents in the neighborhood, she learned that several blocks were canvassed with the fliers. The distributors targeted vehicles parked on the street and avoided cars parked in driveways, McCarthy said.

Mike Chavez said he probably didn't get a flyer because he and his family were out of town this weekend. "I've never had a problem in this neighborhood," he added, saying that the appearance of the flyers is surprising.

Cherie Schlumpf said whoever dispersed the flyers could have bypassed her home because they spotted the Christian stickers on her vehicle. "It makes me sick," she said. "This is trash, in my opinion". Schlumpf added that she has lived in Cheyenne for a year, and it's disappointing to see these flyers in her new home state.

Linda Burt, executive director for the Wyoming chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said she did not hear a complaint about the flyers. She added that while some people found the content distasteful, this type of speech is protected by the First Amendment. "The speech that most needs to be protected sometimes is the speech that is the most upsetting," Burt said. "But nice speech doesn't need protection."

The Nationalist Coalition, which started when the Denver and Tampa units of the now-defunct National Vanguard organization seceded from that group, is a white activist organization built from the ground up, from the chapter level to the state and national levels. The organization works to create strong chapters that in turn create strong state divisions. These chapters and divisions help build up the organization’s resources and influence. The national level of the organization provides leadership and coordination for the chapters and divisions throughout the country. Their model creates the structure necessary to keep an equal balance of power among the chapter, division, and the national levels. It is through this structure that they have the flexibility and resources necessary to implement the projects and activities which will lead to the fulfillment of their goals. They remain scrupulously faithful to the vision of the late Dr. William Pierce.

One of their leaders, John Ubele, is also running for the Florida House District 46 seat. His campaign website is; more about his campaign HERE.


Anonymous said...

The Nationalist Coalition are a bunch of loser geeks.

Anonymous said...

I am from NYC and I am not shocked by this. I am Jewish and Afican American and cannot wait to move from this chain smoking, alcoholic redneck town.

Z_Thackaray said...

Why, I cannot believe how the Politically Correct lobby could possibly say that a leaflet saying that "non-Whites are turning America into a Third World slum" is racist!

Keep up the good work!