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Mandie Kearns To Plead Guilty To A Hate Crime And Being An Accessory After The Fact In April 2007 Palm Springs Confrontration With Feral Blacks

A white woman pleaded guilty Friday November 16th, 2007 to being an accessory after the fact - along with a hate crime enhancement - in connection with a stabbing attack on two black people near a downtown Palm Springs coffeehouse. Full story published on November 22nd, 2007 in the Palm Springs Desert Sun. An additional Desert Sun story dated November 21st available HERE.

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Mandie Kearns (pictured above left), a 28-year-old mother of five from Desert Hot Springs, is to be sentenced to up to four years in prison on March 28th. But defense attorney John Patrick Dolan said his client would end up serving "slightly more than two years (total), and she's already served seven months."

Kearns, described by Palm Springs police after her April arrest as a "self-avowed white supremacist", was originally charged with one count of attempted murder and three counts of assault with a deadly weapon likely to produce great bodily injury, as well as gang and hate crime enhancements. However, there was "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed the stabbing", according to Michael Jeandron of the district attorney's office. "The investigation is ongoing."

Kearns entered her plea before Superior Court Judge John J. Ryan as her long-delayed preliminary hearing was set to begin.

Dolan said the deal was reached in part due to a recent reinvestigation by the Riverside County District Attorney's Office in which one of the 20-year-old victims, Valentina Murrell, told an investigator she never actually saw Kearns with the knife but that she did see another, younger girl pass the weapon. Valentina Murrell also told the investigator that Kearns was not the person who stabbed her because she was on top of Kearns during the entire fight and was stabbed in the back, Dolan said.

Murrell said she never saw Kearns stab anyone, and the blood on her clothes was likely a result of the fight, according to the defense attorney, who also said his client recently passed a polygraph test administered by the former head of the FBI's polygraph unit in Los Angeles.

Dolan and Deputy District Attorney Rosalind Miller had been meeting for the past several weeks in an effort to reach a plea deal.

The prosecution had accused Kearns of stabbing Murrell and Nicholas Johnson and trying to do the same to another black man last April near a Starbucks in the 100 block of South Belardo Road during Palm Springs VillageFest. Johnson and Murrell were taken to Desert Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for stab wounds to his back and shoulder and she for two collapsed lungs, according to Palm Springs police. Police alleged Kearns was in possession of a bloody knife and admitted her involvement in the attack to arriving officers.

But in a court filing that he said summarized police and district attorney's investigative reports, Dolan maintained that two 911 callers told police Kearns and a friend were accosted first and the alleged victims were the actual aggressors. Dolan also argued that a juvenile in custody for another stabbing was the knife-wielder that day.

He said Kearns admitted membership in a gang called Suicidal Tendencies and to being a skinhead at one time but claims she is no longer a white supremacist. According to Dolan, Kearns admitted fighting in self-defense that day but denied stabbing anyone. She claims she took the knife from her brother's pregnant girlfriend, who found it in her purse.

Outside the courtroom, Kearns' mother, Donna, said she was "disgusted" with how police and the district attorney's office handled the case and denied that her daughter was a white supremacist. "They used her as a scapegoat. She told them she wasn't involved," Kearns' mother said.

Kearns, whose five children are in foster care, remains in custody at the Indio Jail in lieu of $575,000 bail.

A discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum provides us with considerable more insight. A blogger who calls himself the Aryan Barbarian and who operates the Expose Them All-2 Blog was in direct contact with people in Palm Springs, and this is the most pertinent part of the account he posted on VNN Forum:

In Palm Springs (where the incident occurred) there is a “Street Fair” every Thursday evening. Mandie Kearns and a few of her buds were attending that fair. They have tats of their beliefs on their person, 14/88, WPWW, etc etc, the males, who had their shirts off and thus the tats fully displayed, attracted the attentions of 20-25lurking black gang members from the Gateway Posse Crips AKA GPC. The GPC members immediately started hurling abuse at the 7 Whites, calling them Nazi’s, racist punks, wite cracka muahf*cks and other ebonics invectives that illiterate black gang members are known to hurl. Along with the racist barrage from the black gang members, they also began to pelt the Whites with rocks. Soon, a full fledged black attack ensued.

During the course of this attack, the outnumbered Whites were forced to flee, while fleeing they were split in two small groups, three run one way while the other four took off for a nearby vehicle. The group of four consisted of Mandie Kearns, her boyfriend, her little sister and a female juvenile. They had run to the vehicle in an attempt to get in and take off, but before all four could get inside, the black gang members snatched the little sister from near the vehicle, dragged her away and started beating her. Mandie and her boyfriend went to grab the sister back from the ‘gangsta’s while the juvenile grabbed a knife from within the vehicle. All three met at the scene of the black attack on the Mandie’s little sister in an attempt to pull her away from the tribe. The little sister was in the midst of receiving the beating of her life. Once the three rescuers arrived where the GPC were working over the little sister, the black tribe started attacking the rescuers. That‘s when the female juvenile stabbed at least two of the “gangsta’s.” The big and tough niggers then dispersed. The juvenile claims her knife made contact with more than two of the GPC members, but with howls of police sirens now filling the air, the gangsta’s kept running. Of course with the guilt complex of the blacks attacking the 7 Whites, for any black who did receive minor injuries, continuing to flee from the police would have been better than a perceived arrest by them.

Directly after the stabbing police cars started responding from every direction. The juvenile yet holding the bloodied knife was in a jam, she started for the vehicle to return it, when Mandie opened her purse and told her to ‘drop it.’ They took off walking, the police spotted them and they were arrested. That’s when they found the bloodied knife in Mandie Kearns purse.

Because the police were looking at if from the angle of ‘self-defense,‘ she was initially charged with assault, and thus the relatively low bond $28,000. The police, in this PC and anti-white world, almost had to charge her with something. I mean two sweet minority gang members received a few non life threatening cuts. A White was the suspect, there almost had to be charges brought, even in an obvious self-defense case such as this. If this had been White on White or even black on black, there would have been no charges filed and the larger group would have been responsible for almost anything that transpired during the course of the attack. But this being a black attack against Whites, with the blacks receiving the worst injuries, somebody had to go down, in this case that somebody, was Mandie Kearns and the other Whites.

After Mandie Kearns' arrest, it was said she had a spic boyfriend. I received an EM (e-mail) from a person claiming to be her ‘sister’ when in fact it was her sister-in-law. After Mandie’s arrest, the sister-in-law offered statements in an attempt to assist Mandie. One of the many statements made was, “Mandie’s not a racist, she has a spic boyfriend.” I remember receiving that EM in a few back and forth EM’s between myself and the sister-in-law, as well as EM’s between myself and Mandie’s mother. For the record, the mother didn’t say anything about a spic boyfriend though, only the sister-in-law did. The sister-in-law also posted that bogus comment on several news site message boards. This was not true in anyway, the sister-in-law was only trying to assist Mandie in whatever way she could and thought the statement would help. Of course this statement bothered Mandie, who was sitting helplessly in a jail cell reading and watching these untrue reports. There was indeed a spic, a spic trying to get Mandie in bed and one who Mandie didn’t want anything to do with. Remember, this did take place in Mexifornia, a state that’s went minority White in 2001 or 2002, something like that. But in any case, the spic as “boyfriend” was an outright lie. This lie bothers Mandie to no end as she is 100% pro-white. I have a picture of her 5 children, fathered by the same man, and they are all beauties, all blonde headed, like their mother. From what I know of Mandie, she wouldn’t chance destroying her genes with a mongrelized spic.

Commentary: Considering how long this case dragged on and how intractable the district attorney's office was throughout, this is probably the best deal Mandie Kearns could have received. She still got hosed, though. She committed no crime as far as I'm concerned. Yes, she put the bloody knife in her purse, but the record shows that she and a friend went looking for the police immediately afterwards to report what she had witnessed and found. But because of her prior reputation as a "white supremacist", the cops chose to pin it on her. She was "convicted" because of her previous politics. The city of Palm Springs should be ashamed of itself for permitting such a miscarriage of justice.

The fact that she's remained in jail throughout the entire time indicates she has limited financial resources and could not have afforded to fight this case much longer. In the 'Kwa, justice is only available to the rich and the connected.

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