Friday, November 16, 2007

Judge Ksenia Tsenin Orders Eric Hunt To Stand Trial For February Attack On Holocaust Huckster Elie Wiesel

There's no forgiveness for sins committed against the "Chosen". Former Congressman Paul Findlay and former Senator Charles Percy found that out. Mel Gibson and Michael Richards have also been on the receiving end of Talmudic justice.

And now another far less prominent offender is experiencing the full weight of Talmudic justice. The alleged attacker of Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel was ordered to stand trial despite the defense’s claim that the accused was experiencing a psychotic breakdown. Full story published November 14th, 2007 in the San Francisco Examiner.

Eric Hunt (pictured at left), 23, of New Jersey, appeared in San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday November 14th, 2007 as Judge Ksenia Tsenin granted a prosecutor’s demand to go to trial. Tsenin was weighing whether to send Hunt back to the county Behavioral Health Court or to a felony trial. Judge Tsenin said Hunt’s case had been in pre-trial hearings “extensively” and that the defense has been taking the case from “court to court.” The prosecution has already denied a plea deal that would give Hunt probation and time served.

Judge Tsenin has also been outed as a possible homosexual by the Actwin website.

Hunt’s attorney, John Runfola, claimed the defendant broke down in a bipolar episode just after he left college. The breakdown manifested in an anti-Semitic Holocaust-denying dream world that he has since snapped out of. Runfola said his client shouldn’t sit in a prison cell for a mental health breakdown.

It’s nonsense and preposterous and flies in the face of solo reports of two board-certified psychologists and all the medical records of two New Jersey hospitals,” Runfola said.

But Assistant District Attorney Alan Kennedy said the prosecution was determined to take Hunt to court, and Bilen Mesfin, spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office, added that this was a serious case.

The penalty for six felony counts, including kidnapping, elder abuse, battery, stalking and two counts of false imprisonment, as well as hate crime enhancements, is a maximum of seven years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000. The charges stem from a February 1st, 2007 confrontration between Hunt and Wiesel in a San Francisco hotel. Hunt briefly jostled Wiesel, but just as quickly broke off the confrontation. Wiesel suffered no injury. Click HERE to view all previous posts on this case.

Commentary: There is no doubt that if the victim wasn't the premier Holocaust huckster in the world today that this case would have been settled long ago and Hunt problably would have gotten a year in jail and a small fine at the most.

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