Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is A Plea Deal On Child Pornography Charges For Former National Vanguard Director Kevin Alfred Strom In The Works?

On October 3rd, 2007, a Federal judge summarily dismissed two charges against former National Vanguard Director Kevin Alfred Strom in mid-trial. The charges were "sexually enticing a 10-year-old girl", and "attempting to intimidate a witness". The dismissal came shortly after Kevin's estranged wife, Elisha Strom, testified on behalf of the prosecution. This, of course, sends a message not only about the quality of the prosecution's case, but also on the veracity of Elisha's testimony.

However, charges on five counts of possession of child pornography remained active, and a trial on those charges was originally scheduled for January 2008. But now it looks like that trial may not occur.

Elisha Strom has just posted an update on this case on the Vanguard News Network Forum. She implies that Kevin is about to make a plea deal. Here's her post:

Regarding his criminal case self-admitted pedophile Kevin Alfred Strom has apparently made some kind of a deal. Kevin will be pleading guilty to possession of child pornography. The date for his court appearance on this matter hasn’t yet been set.

I'm told Judge Norman K. Moon will likely sentence Kevin to 21-27 months (of which Kevin has already served approximately 12). I note, however, that the amount of time is ultimately up to the discretion of the judge and this is the very same judge who, after hearing Kevin had been caught masturbating to a picture of 13 year old Lynx and Lamb Gaede's heads superimposed onto the sexually posed nude bodies of 10 year olds, said "that's not a crime." I'll be quite surprised if the judge doesn't just dish out a "time served" and head back to his rocking chair.

I can somewhat predict what the response here will be, but I kind of wonder how the big guns over at Stormfront are going to handle things now. A revered registered member of their forum also a registered sex offender? That can’t be good.

I'd also like to know what the people who sent Kevin money for his legal defense are going to do, if anything.

She concludes her post by publishing a slightly-redacted version of a love poem that Kevin allegedly sent to his victim. Elisha's subjective remarks about the judge and his "rocking chair" imply a certain degree of vindictiveness on her part. But then again, I've not been in her shoes, and if I had a spouse, and caught her looking at underage stuff, I don't think I would be too happy about it, either.

During this time, another issue arose. In a newspaper article, Elisha Strom was accused of burning the Revilo Oliver collection. Elisha finally denied the allegation on VNN Forum, and I cross-posted that denial here in order to help spike the nasty rumours. However, in checking back to another related post, I found that someone has posted a comment stating that the books were being offered on

And when I checked this particular search on, I found 81 different Revilo Oliver books on offer. On sixteen of them, the seller's identity was a source called "I Fight", operated by Rick Remer in High View, WV. He offers a considerable collection of pro-white books. What's interesting is that 16 of the 81 books offered come from this source alone, while no other source offers more than two books. So the question is, where did Rick Remer obtain 16 of Revilo Oliver's books?

The key may lie in the location, High View, WV. What pro-white organization do we know of has their headquarters nearby? Why, the National Alliance in Hillsboro, WV. So the question is, did the National Alliance somehow get hold of the Revilo Oliver collection and start parceling it out to various dealers for resale? However, the person who posted the comment to this blog stated it was a "NS" group. This would sound more like the NSM, which is believable, because Jeff Schoep doesn't appear to be the type of person who would appreciate or even comprehend Revilo Oliver. I don't know if that's the case, but someone who has a more vital interest in this question may want to start their research there.

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Paul C. said...

I wrote that post, incidentally - "Rick Remer" is an NSM person, I believe (I'm an English individualist, so I don't know much about these US Nazis). "I FIGHT!" is selling multiple copies of many of the Oliver books - they are from Oliver's library as many of the R.P.O. books have annotations by him - e.g the rare pamphlet I bought has "review copy - please return" written on the cover along with a sticker with R.P.O's wife's name and the Oliver's home address.) So this is definitely a harvest from their library. Who knows where his academic library and his own copies of Spengler. Yockey are. You'd have to ask Kevin Strom himself, I suppose.