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Final Autopsy Report On 12-Year Old North Carolina Murder Victim Emily Haddock Released - Two Gunshot Wounds, No Evidence Of Rape

-In Memory of Emily Elizabeth Haddock-

Special Update: Post updated November 8th, 2007 at 3:00 P.M. Alaska Time to include full description of both gunshot wounds as described on the autopsy report. This will make the account fully consistent with the account of pages 1-4 of the report posted by someone on a Stormfront blog. In addition, I now highlight the absence of any foreign matter under the fingernails of Emily Haddock as corroborative evidence supporting the likelihood that she was not raped. All additions posted in green.

The North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has completed the full autopsy on 12-year old murder victim Emily Elizabeth Haddock, and they have proclaimed the cause of death to be from two gunshot wounds. NO EVIDENCE OF RAPE WAS FOUND!

Emily Haddock was murdered in her own home by five black males during a robbery on September 21st, 2007. To familiarize yourself with the case or to refresh your memory, click HERE to view all previous posts on this case.

The seven-page report in PDF format is available on RapidShare. Click HERE to get to the main page of RapidShare. You will then be offered a choice between Premium or Free. Click on Free. The next RapidShare screen will offer you a choice of download formats. You can Click on Download vis Level (3), type in the word verification, then click Download. If you choose to download for free, it will take approximately 20-60 seconds, depending on the size of the queue.

The first four pages of the autopsy report are text. The last three pages are diagrams. While I cannot post the diagrams here, I will transcribe the pertinent excerpts of the first four pages of text.



Document Identifier: B200702851
Autopsy Type: ME Autopsy
Name: Emily Elizabeth Haddock
Age: 12 years
Race: White
Sex: Female


Authorized By: Virginia F. Black RN
Received From: Moore


Date of Exam: 09/22/07
Time of Exam: 9:00
Autopsy Facility: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Persons Present: Mr. Alex Fox, Dr. Steve Dubner, Mr. Clyde Gibbs, Jessie Robbins of the Moore County Sheriff's Department


Cause of Death: Gunshot Wounds

Digitally signed by: John D. Butts MD, 05 November 2007 07:58


Gunshot wound to left lip with fracture of mandible and teeth
Gunshot wound of left superior parietal region with injury to skull, brain, and exit


Body Identified By: Papers/ID Tag


Length: 64 inches
Weight: 90 pounds
Body Condition: Intact
Rigor: Present
Livor: Posterior
Hair: Light brown, long, fastened in back with purple elastic
Eyes: Brown, 5 mm pupils
Teeth: Natural

These are the remains of a slender adolescent female. They are received within a white body bag. She is wearing a blue "Colfax" tee shirt over brown knit boxer shorts over polka dot panties. The clothing is in place.

When received, the hands are wrapped in paper bags sealed with tape. The hands are examined after the removal of the bags. No foreign materials are evident beneath the fingernails. A few fine hairs noted on the right hand are collected. [Ed. Note: Most rape victims end up with skin fragments of their attackers under their fingernails in the course of the struggle. No foreign matter was found under Emily's fingernails.]

Some foam is noted in the mouth.

The body shows signs of secondary sexual development; pubic hair is present. The external genitalia have a mature appearance. There is no evidence of genital trauma.

Blood is spattered on the left upper arm and caked onto the back of the left forearm. There are some areas of bloody smearing on the left thigh and lower legs. Blood is present on the left side of the head.


GUNSHOT WOUND #1: This is a gunshot wound whose entrance is located in the left lower lip, approximately 7 1/2" down from the top of the head and 0.5" to the left of midline. The wound is roughly rounded, approximately 0.2" in diameter. No obvious powder residues - soot or stippling surrounds this wound. This wound track passes through the lip and strikes the mandible. The mandible is fractured and the canine and two 1st premolar teeth are absent. The crown of the 1st molar has been displaced and is present. The track passes through the base of the tongue and emerges posteriorly. The bullet strikes the posterior oropharynx and is recovered there. It is a considerably distorted lead bullet consistent with a .22 caliber. One additional fragment of bullet is recovered from the base of the tongue. The overall direction of this wound is from the front to the back.

GUNSHOT WOUND #2: This is a gunshot wound whose entrance is located in the left superior-posterior parietal region approximately 4 1/2" up from and 1 1/2" posterior to the left external auditory meatus. It is within the hairline. The wound is roughly rounded, 0.2" in overall dimension. There is no apparent powder residue present around the wound. Located anteriorly and inferiorly to the previously described defect and 0.8" away is a 0.1" irregular scalp laceration. Located on the left cheek in the area of the malar prominence, 5" down from the top of the head and 1 1/2" anterior to the external auditory meatus, is a crescent shaped 0.3" x 0.1" laceration. A probe can be passed from the area of entrance through the tissues to the site of apparent exit in the left cheek. The exit is approximately 5" from the entrance. Internally, it is noted that the bullet has struck the left parietal bone. There is a slightly rounded, inshoot margin located superiorly and posteriorly and then some irregular fractures extending inferiorly and anteriorly. Internally it is noted that the bullet or some portion of the bullet has entered the cranial vault and lacerated the surface of the left parietal lobe of the brain and then exited near the junction of the squamous portion of the left temporal bone and the parietal bone before travelling through the subcutaneous tissues to exit in the left cheek. There is disruption of the surface of the brain and areas of subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage on the brain. A small fragment of lead is recovered from the soft tissues adjacent to the outshoot in the skull. The overall direction of this wound is downwards and forward.


The following items are released with the body

The following items are preserved as evidence

All clothing and personal effects.


Radiographs: X-rays of the head reveal metallic fragments along the track of wound #2 and damage to the left mandible and one large fragment of bullet, as well as smaller fragments, corresponding to wound #1 in the jaw/neck region.

Microbiology: None

Chemistry: None

Special Evidence Collection: Blood stain sample, bullet fragments, scalp hair sample, fingerprints, hairs from right hand, and clothing turned over to S. S. Robbins, Moore County Sheriff's Dept.


Body Cavities: The pleural, pericardial, and peritoneal cavities are unremarkable without evidence of inflammation, exudation, or hemorrhage.

Cardiovascular System: Heart Weight 180 grams. The coronaries show normal distribution and no atherosclerosis. The myocardium is reddish-brown without areas of discoloration or thinning. The valves are normally formed. The aorta and its major branches are intact without atherosclerosis.

Respiratory System: Right Lung Weight 280 grams, Left Lung Weight 230 grams. The lungs show a fine pattern of aspirated blood but are otherwise unremarkable. The larynx and trachea contain a small amount of bloody fluid. The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage are intact.

Gastrointestinal System: The GI tract is intact throughout its entire length. The appendix is present. The stomacj contains approximately 1/2 cup of granular material consistent with blood. Soft stool is present in the large bowel.

Liver: Liver Weight 930 grams. The liver is dark reddish-brown without accentuation of the lobular architecture. The gallbladder contains bile and the extrahepatic system is intact.

Spleen: Spleen Weight 150 grams. Unremarkable.

Pancreas: Unremarkable.

Urinary: Right and Left Kidney Weights each 90 grams. The kidney cortical surfaces are smooth. The ureters are intact. The bladder is empty.

Reproductive: Uterus, tubes and ovaries are present and show a normal configuration. No vaginal injury is noted. The external genitalia are also unremarkable.

Endocrine: The thyroid gland and adrenal glands are normal in size and configuration.

Neurologic Brain Weight: 1300 grams. The meninges are thin and delicate. The vascilature at the base of the brain is intact without atherosclerosis. Injury present as noted. Multiple coronal sections reveals only superficial trauma and no evidence of pre-existing abnormalities.

Skin: Unremarkable.

Immunologic System: The thymus weighs 40 grams. There is no lymphadenpathy.

Musculoskeletal System: Injury as noted.


Cardiovascular: Heart section is unremarkable.

Respiratory: Lung section shows focal intra-alveolar hemorrhage.

Liver: Liver section is unremarkable.

Genitourinary: Kidney section is unremarkable.

Neurologic: Section of brain shows minimal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

SUMMARY AND INTERPRETATION: This was an 11 [sic] year old girl who was found deceased in her residence, apparently shot during a break-in. Autopsy revealed two gunshot wounds. One involving the face entering in the lower lip, fracturing the mandible and damaging the tongue. The other entered in the left superior parietal area of the head, damaged skull and brain before exiting through the cheek. These wounds were, in my opinion, the cause of her death.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Your report may well constitute a final autopsy report whereas mine, the one posted on PC Apostate and the one I received today almost certainly is a preliminary report. Why they sent that to me when I requested a final report is unknown.

PC Apostate

Anonymous said...

They destroyed her face.

They denied her loved ones of even the comfort of an unmarred final visual parting.

Laurence Pinney said...

No, no... An open-casket funeral certainly would have been made available though I do not know what the family opted for. Such an injury would very easily been made undetectable by any mortician.

Her family does not want her forgotten; please post her memorial Webpage wherever you see fit to do so.