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Economic Terrorism 101: Canadian Free Speech Activist Paul Fromm Ordered To Surrender Teaching Certificate By Ontario College Of Teachers

Apparently it doesn't matter how well you do your job when you're at work; if you have the "wrong" politics off the job, you end up off the job for good. Former Cabela's employee Dan Schildhauer found this out in Nebraska in 2003.

And now Canadian free speech activist Paul Fromm (pictured above left) has been likewise victimized. In an act of economic terrorism that is mainly symbolic at this point, an Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) disciplinary committee has found Fromm guilty of "professional misconduct" for participating in "racist" events and speaking out publicly against disproportionate non-white immigration. Story originally published in the National Post of Canada. Supplemental report from the Toronto Sun.

While there was no suggestion he behaved improperly at school, the college said he failed to uphold the "honour, dignity and ethical standards" of the teaching profession through his off-duty activities. Consequently, they ordered him to surrender his teaching certificate. However, this ruling broke new ground because the activities in question occurred strictly off the job.

"This case is not about the member's right to hold political views that are unpopular, or to participate in legal political activities," the three-member panel wrote in a 53-page decision dated October 31st, 2007 but released Friday November 9th. "It is about whether a teacher who publicly expresses views which are contrary to the values of the profession and the education system, and which have a negative impact on the education system, is entitled to be a member of the college", the report continued. The full 53-page report will not be posted on the OCT website, but an entry on Paul Fromm can be viewed HERE. Fromm does have the option of appealing this decision to a divisional court.

The action is mainly symbolic at this point because Fromm has not been engaged as a teacher since 1997. He first started out teaching with the Peel District School Board since 1974. In 1992, while teaching English at Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga, a school comprised of many visible minority students, videos surfaced showing him at pro-white rallies, for which he was reprimanded. In 1993, he was transferred from a high school to an adult education centre, then terminated by the Peel board in 1997. However, disciplinary committee hearings did not begin until 2005 and continued up until June of this year.

The college of teachers said that, during the years he was employed by the Peel board, Fromm co-founded two organizations that espoused beliefs "contrary to the principles of multiculturalism and tolerance". He also attended several events organized by the pro-white group Heritage Front, including a celebration of Hitler's birthday, and once shared a stage with former Louisiana State Representative Dr. David Duke. [Ed. Note: Like in so many other mainstream news reports, this report refers to Dr. Duke as a "former Klansman", although he severed ties with the Klan nearly 20 years ago.]

"The member [Fromm] spoke against multiculturalism and non-white immigration, used racist language in relation to Jews, Asians and aboriginal people while participating in public events involving individuals and organizations with racist views," the college said. "This conduct continued despite reprimands from his employer and a ministry (of Education) commissioned investigation into his activities. His continued actions significantly affected students and staff and resulted in creating a poisoned school environment and these actions were inconsistent with the values of the profession."

And, to no one's surprise, the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), which first exposed Mr. Fromm, welcomed the decision. "In a diverse society like Canada, we have a right to expect that those who teach our kids will act with tolerance and respect both inside and outside the classroom," said CEO Bernie Farber. The CJC's full statement can be viewed HERE.

Mr. Fromm could not be reached Friday. During the hearings, he denied the allegations. He continues to advance his views on a nightly online radio show on the Stormfront white nationalist discussion forum operated by Don Black. [Ed. Note: Again, the mainstream media refers to Black as a "former KKK boss" even though Black, like Dr. Duke, has long since severed all ties with the Klan. I'm still waiting for the mainstream media to start referring to Senator Robert Byrd as a "former Klansman".]

This story is also being discussed on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Commentary: While the decision is primarily symbolic at this point, it could prevent Paul Fromm from getting another teaching job in Ontario, and hinder his efforts to become a teacher in any other Canadian province. So in effect, it is an act of economic terrorism against him.

It should be no surprise that Jews are involved. By their own admission, the Canadian Jewish Congress has been dogging Paul Fromm since 1992, even though Fromm had not been particularly critical of Jews. Fromm's primary issue was the escalating immigration of non-whites into Canada. Of course, it's been shown that Jewish supremacists like to stir up non-whites against whites to keep whites preoccupied; they believe that all white Gentiles are anti-Semitic at heart.

Visit the Freedom-Site to learn more about Paul Fromm's activism. Information about his battles with Richard Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal can be viewed HERE.

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