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Dr. David Duke Visits Spain To Promote Spanish Edition Of "Jewish Supremacism" And To Speak Out On Behalf Of Constructive Racial Heritage

US historian and former Louisiana State Representative Dr. David Duke is touring Spain this week to promote his latest book, "Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question", which has recently been translated into Spanish and released by Ojeda Publishers. Full story published November 22nd, 2007 by Expatica

Dr. Duke, who is also a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, the founder of the white nationalist group National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) in 1980, and who has run unsuccessfully for other elective offices, visited Valladolid on Monday November 19th and Zaragoza on Wednesday November 21st to give conferences organized by the Spanish far-right political and social movements National Alliance and National Democracy.

Speaking on Monday before a packed auditorium in Valladolid, Duke denied being a white supremacist, and spoke up in favor of freedom of speech. "No people or nation should oppress others. Every country has the right to be independent and to preserve its heritage" in areas such as art and cultural and artistic development, argued Duke. [Ed. Note: Note that Dr. Duke made no exception for Israel.]

Dr. Duke also explained that when he speaks "of Jewish supremacism" he is not referring to all Jewish people. Instead, he insisted that his words only target "Jewish extremists and those who try to impose their supremacy". [Ed. Note: Dr. Duke has peristently differentiated between Jewish existence and Jewish behavior.]

Duke's arrival in Spain coincides with a growing debate on the rising presence of extremist far-right groups with a racist agenda in the country.

During his Valladolid lecture, Duke specified that he is not visiting Spain to speak up "against anybody in particular," and stressed that he simply aims to "remind people that Spain has the right to continue fighting to preserve its essence" and its identity, within the realms of human rights and freedoms. Nonetheless, he then warned that "Spain is suffering the greatest threat to its people's heritage and freedom since the Moorish invasion of 711". [Ed. Note: Since he's compared the present problem with the previous Moorish invasion, it is obvious Dr. Duke is taking issue with the rise of aggressive Islamism in Europe. Spain and the United Kingdom have been directly victimized by Islamists and their fellow travelers.]

On Monday, Dr. Duke also spoke of the "crisis" Europe is going through due to the gradual destruction of its cultural heritage, and criticized the current Socialist government in Spain for its overly relaxed immigration policies. "Unless this massive immigration stops, all of the planet's identities" will be diluted in places like Spain, Europe and the United States, he said.

Duke is no stranger to controversy and his Spanish visit has provoked angry responses from many quarters. A group of intellectuals, journalists and politicians filed a complaint before the Catalan High Court on Wednesday, on the grounds that Duke is a "Nazi apologist."

"We're a group of citizens who are worried by the presence of a Nazi in Barcelona," said journalist and politician Pilar Rahola. Duke is scheduled to speak in Barcelona on Saturday November 24th.

This group cites the Spanish Criminal Code to support its opposition to Duke's visit. The Code bans actions that could "incite discrimination, hatred or violence against groups or associations for racist, anti-Semitic reasons," adding that these actions "will be punished with a one- to three-year prison sentence and a fine".

However, this flies in the face of a November 7th, 2007 decision by Spain's Constitutional Court, which ruled that Holocaust denial will not be punishable by imprisonment, saying it falls within freedom of speech. Although Spanish law had mandated a sentence of up to two years in prison for Holocaust denial, the court, which deliberated on the case following the trial of Pedro Varela, a human rights activist and publisher, ruled that such a punishment was unconstitutional. But the Court did rule that imprisonment is still a constitutional punishment for any individual convicted of justifying the Holocaust or any other genocide.

Analysis: Although Dr. Duke took some issue with Islamic supremacism during this visit, he continues to maintain that we should not become so focused upon Islamic supremacism that we forget about Jewish supremacism, which tends to promote conditions favorable for the spread of the Islamic version. In a Stormfront discussion thread started on September 29th, Dr. Duke continues to maintain that, while Islamic supremacism is the symptom, Jewish supremacism is the disease.

But what Dr. Duke clearly established during this visit, as he has on so many other occasions, is that he is NOT anti-Semitic. Now, repeat after me, "Dr. David Duke is NOT anti-Semitic!". Got it? Good! By condemning Jewish misbehavior rather than questioning Jewish existence, Dr. Duke clearly shows that he doesn't criticize Jews simply because they are Jews.

And the focus on Jewish behavior rather than Jewish existence since 1998, reflected in both "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism", gives rise to speculation that Dr. Duke may be painstakingly laying the ideological foundation for a major sea change in white nationalist philosophy. In short, he may be preparing the white nationalist community for the possibility that white Jews can earn their way into the white community, and be considered white. If so, he cannot disclose this publicly because of the possibility that it could create a catastrophic split between pragmatists and hardliners within a chronically-fractious white nationalist community.

I must emphasize at this point that Dr. Duke has given no overt sign that he considers white Jews to be white.

Who are the pragmatists? While they already have their champion in Jared Taylor, who has accepted white Jews within the American Renaissance community for years, there may be others. But who else might join in? Quite possibly Don Black and the Stormfront contingent; they've already made significant compromises to make white nationalism more "palatable" to the general public. It is quite possible that European Americans United might follow their example; EAU has been quite sympathetic towards the British National Party (BNP), which swapped racial nationalism for racial populism years ago to contend more successfully against Britain's more draconian racial laws and to become more competitive in electoral politics. Review Shaun Walker's 2005 ADV transcript on racial populism to acquire an understanding of the distinction between the two schools of thought.

However, the hardliners, led after a fashion by Alex Linder, Bill White, and Billy Roper, augmented by the mainstream skinhead and Klan groups, under no circumstances will accept any compromise on this issue anytime in the near future. After all, the Vanguard News Network's slogan is NO JEWS, JUST RIGHT. The reasoning is because Jews have committed such numerous and gross racial crimes against the white community for so long, and have become so dominant in so many destabilizing and destructive social movements against the worldwide white community, that they have become irredeemable.

But perhaps what the prgamatists are considering are the cases of Jews who do work our on behalf, such as Professor Norman Finkelstein and Israel Shahak, and how to induce more white Jews to follow their example. Can we induce more white Jews to become pro-white without offering any expectation of a reward? That's the $64,000 question today.

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