Monday, November 19, 2007

Courtney Baker Trapped In A Dilemna: Did Her 13-Year Old Sister Cori Baker Die At The Hand Of Courtney's Boyfriend Marquis Bullock?

Courtney Baker, a "mudshark", is trapped in a dilemna. She's white, her boyfriend Marquis Bullock is black, and he's suspected of killing the "mudshark's" 13-year old sister, Cori Baker. And to further complicate matters, Marquis Bullock (barely visible at left) fathered a child with Courtney out of wedlock.

For the uninitiated, "mudshark" is the colloquial name used within the white nationalist community to describe a white woman who is intimate with a black man.

After two days of unsuccessful searching, Cori Baker’s oldest sister is speaking out. She has a message for the father of her child who is also the man accused of killing her sister. KOTV Channel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma reports that 19-year-old Courtney Baker has one message (a more up-to-date broadcast story available on Fox 23).

And her plea is to just one person. "Marquis, if you are watching this, please, please tell me where my sister is. Please”, said Courtney Baker, Cori’s sister.

Courtney Baker is the girl in the middle. Her baby sister is missing, presumed dead. Her boyfriend of three years and the father of her child is in jail, accused of murder.

Courtney's 13-year-old sister, Cori, disappeared Friday November 9th, 2007. Tulsa Police believe she got into a car with Courtney's boyfriend, Marquis Bullock, and she was never seen again. Courtney says when they started to suspect something had gone terribly wrong with Cori, it was Bullock who comforted her. “And, for the fact that he could just come home and tell me, 'that everything is ok and we'll find her.' And act like he's comforting me when he knows deep down inside that he did it," said Courtney.

Courtney says she didn't believe it, at first, when her boyfriend became the suspect. “He was telling me that he didn't do it. He would never hurt my sister. But, there's too much that they've shown me personally that it's him because I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it," said Courtney Baker, Cori’s sister.

According to the Tulsa World, police arrested Bullock after receiving a tip that someone may have seen a black purse, a compact disc player and a yellow pullover shirt -- items for which police were searching in the case -- in the area of 145th East Avenue between 31st and 51st streets the day after Baker disappeared, Sgt. Mike Huff said.

Police, assisted by an estimated 130 citizens, also searched the mostly wooded area between 145th and 161st East avenues and from 51st to 15th streets Monday (November 19th), but the search ultimately proved fruitless, Officer Leland Ashley said.

Now Courtney just wants Marquis Bullock to come clean. And to motivate him to come clean, Courtney say she not only will refuse to have anything to do with him, but will cut off any access to his 18-month-old son until Cori is found.

Discussion available on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Question: What do you want to bet that Marquis Bullock got Cori Baker knocked up - and decided to solve the problem permanently? One comment posted to the Tulsa World story implies I'm not the only one asking this question. Lynn posted the following:

3. 11/19/2007 8:58:12 PM, lynn, tulsa
I stil maintain this was premeditated. He could not have done this, disposed of her so thoroughly, then shown up at I think in an earlier report, it was indicated that Cori was wearing cornrows, which, though not trying to sound racial, is obviously more prevalent in the black community. Perhaps she had a crush on big sis's beau and it went too far, so he had to stop her from ratting him out.

Diversity has its consequences.

WEB EXTRA: A Plea For Answers From Cori Baker's Sister
Watch the video: A Sister's Plea

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JmpnGHosaFat said...

I hope little miss "mudshark" is happy with the type of slime she seems to be particularly fond of. White trash is all she is and this is what ends up happening. Had she stayed within her own race, her sis might just still be alive. At the very least this nasty splibs face wouldn't have been the last thing she ever saw.
Courtney: You are a PIG!

Anonymous said...

I worked with courtney and shes a good person, i was good friends with cori and Marquis Bullock. Marquis killed someone very dear to me and i know he did in my heart. and other reasons and it had nothing to do with her having and any kind of sex. Cori was 13 still a kid. and He took that from her. He is the pig. He is a worthless piece of trash and will burn in hell for his sins. And i hope one day he grows a pair and admits what he has done.