Friday, November 16, 2007

Arsezania Watch: How Affirmative Action Is Sinking South Africa's Navy

It is a thinly-disguised secret that ever since the traitor F.W. deKlerk surrendered South Africa to the African National Congress (ANC) terrorists in 1994, South Africa has been "slouching towards barbarism". Crime is off the charts, public servants are either grossly incompetent or on the take, and over one million whites have left the country. Skeptics and cynics now refer to the country as "Arsezania", a colloquialism of the black nationalist name of Azania which may become the country's new name at some point in the future. Pictured above left, the South African flag. Ugly piece of scat, isn't it?

One source of candid information about South Africa's slow devolution is the AfricanCrisis website, operated by Jan Lamprecht. And this week (November 15th, 2007), Lamprecht discusses how affirmative action is threatening to sink South Africa's navy.

The problem is that technicians and engineers are leaving the South African Navy in droves. One of the reasons is that they can make much more money in the civilian sector (as much as R70,000 per year for a chief engineer - all TAX FREE if the person is out of the country for more than six months).

But the other, more serious problem is affirmative action, which hits whites three different times. First, in training. Blacks are brought into training programs for which they normally would not have enough of a math and science background. Yet when they finish training they are regarded as the equals of the whites who did have the necessary backgrounds. Second, the blacks get the choice of the best jobs and positions. And finally, the blacks get the best chances of promotion; whites get the leftovers. As a result, officers and ratings leave because they don't have to put up with this nonsense and they can do better elsewhere.

One particular example of this is in diver training. Here's an excerpt from the AfricanCrisis post:

Diving, which is one of the elite arms of the Navy presents its own problems. Every year the Govt brings in about 40 recruits which are racially "representative of the population" - meaning that 72% are black, 14% are white, etc.

Many of these diving recruits ACTUALLY CAN'T SWIM! So they have to be taught how to swim first! Once they finish the "pre-training", they still don't get put through the same courses as the whites did in the past. In the past, before proper selection a budding diving recruit had to do things like:

- Swim 400 metres
- Swim 25 metres under water
- Dive 6 metres and grab sand off the ocean floor

That is BEFORE they even get on the selection course referred to as the "opfok". That's an Afrikaans term used throughout the military which means, literally "to be fucked up". It's when they give you hell and they see who starts dropping out [Ed. Note: similar to the intensity of BUD/S SEAL training in the U.S.].

There are no "opfoks" any more.

Diving is technical and you need to know various things about the gas mixtures, pressures and what to do when things go wrong. Apparently, most of the blacks fall out at a very high rate and by the time training is finished almost all the remaining recruits are white!!

There is also a tank where they take the divers to and they put them into the types of dangerous situations which they would face. They do things like ripping their diving masks off, etc. Apparently the blacks go completely crazy when this is done to them.

And affirmative action has also eroded discipline service-wide. Let's pick up on Jan Lamprecht's description again:

Then there's the discipline problem. In 2000, when I met a retired Colonel at the Army HQ in Pretoria I walked with him into the pause area at the mess. I watched a young black soldier walking past him ignoring him. When I was in the military you had to salute the officers. Not any more!

I'm told that in the S. African Navy, come payday, the crew disappear for up to 7 days going AWOL and blowing their pay. Their officers are too scared to discipline them in case they come back to shoot them and kill them!

A friend of mine was on board a navy ship one day and he was in the engine room when he saw a black crew member trying to configure a generator. The guy was messing it up so the white Chief Engineer stepped in to show him how to do it correctly. When the Chief Engineer stepped in the black recruit did not bother to see what he was trying to show him. He instead walked off to make himself a cup of tea!

So there's no discipline left.

Actually, the entire country is victimized by affirmative action. In 2003, the South African government enacted the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Act. While on paper, the legislation is supposed to benefit all South Africans, in practice, it virtually forces all white business owners, even family businesses, to open up to black shareholders. Some white business owners have even been force to invite black strangers off the street into the business to satisfy the requirements of BEE.

Such is the hell into which South Africa is descending. Jan Lamprecht's reports are also published weekly on the Jeff Rense website. However, there is a second website which even more candidly discusses the decline of South Africa. Visit the South Africa Sucks blog for no-holds-barred commentary.


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