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ANSWP Commander Bill White Still Under Investigation By Department Of Justice Over The "Lynch The Jena Six" Postings, According To The Roanoke Times

A Roanoke white supremacist who used his website to advocate the lynching of the Jena Six defendants remains under investigation, a U.S. Justice Department spokesman said Friday. While declining to elaborate, "I can say that it's an ongoing investigation," Erik Ablin wrote in an e-mail. Full story published in the Roanoke Times.

American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) Commander Bill White (pictured above left) drew the scrutiny of federal authorities in September, when he posted the names and addresses of the six black teenagers charged with the unprovoked assault on white classmate Justin Barker on his website, along with the words "Lynch the Jena 6".

Misguided supporters of the six blacks have criticized authorities for not prosecuting the white students who initiated racial unrest in Jena by hanging nooses from a tree on the high school campus. As the case gained national attention, the Justice Department came under increased fire for not bringing charges related to threats against blacks in Jena and elsewhere.

In a statement on Friday Novemeber 16th, the Justice Department said it was investigating "dozens of noose-hangings and other recent racially-motivated threats around the country. Where the facts and the laws warrant, these investigations will result in prosecution."

Some legal scholars have said it appears White broke no laws when he made the addresses of the Jena Six available to anyone who, as he put it, might be "willing to deliver justice". However, Brian Levin, an attorney who heads the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said authorities may have a case under a federal law that makes it illegal to interfere with someone's civil rights.

White has said he was simply "expressing my point of view" and that he does not expect to be charged. Meantime, he has a local legal battle to fight stemming from a confrontration with a black couple in a West End neighborhood where some of his dozen rental houses are located. Bill White buys distressed homes, fixes them up, and rents them, providing affordable and decent housing in an area where it is lacking.

LaToria Minnis claims in court papers that White approached her October 10th as she walked on Chapman Avenue, taunted her with a racial slur and hit her in the face. Aries Brown says he witnessed the attack and was also assaulted by White when he tried to intervene. In contrast, White has filed cross warrants alleging that Minnis and Brown assaulted him.

The cases are scheduled for trial December 7th. If a judge finds that White assaulted Minnis or Brown because of their race, he could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in jail.

Here's Bill White's explanation of the confrontation on Chapman Avenue, posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum on October 10th:

So I was driving down Chapman Ave today when a fellow named Aries Brown, a local crackhead and a runner for the pimp and prostitution operation we've discussed here on this site, got sufficiently smoked up on crack and stepped in front of my car, shouting that I was a "bitch ass motherfucker" for "calling the cops" and that if I didn't stop calling the cops on the pimping and crack dealing on Chapman, he was going to kick my ass. He also shouted several racial slurs at me about "white motherfuckers". I stepped out of my car and told him to get out of the road. He looked at me as if he was going to fight me, then thought better about it, and did. Then I turned around, drove down the block and parked and waited for police.

I called 911 three times over a twenty minute period and could not get police to respond. As I was on the phone the third time, Mr Brown walked up to me and started swinging on me. I stopped him, grabbed him, jumped up and wrapped my legs around him and took him down on top of me, then grabbed the back of his head and thrust my other hand into his throat, choking him. He was near unconscious when a prostitute named Latoya Mennis -- I mentioned her on the show Monday night -- ran up and began kicking, then punching, me in the head, while I held Mr Brown. I let Mr Brown go -- he got in one good punch on the side of my head when I released him -- jumped up, knocked Ms Mennis away, and the two were just taking off down the street when the police drove up.

They have both been charged with assault and battery. The news came out to videotape the aftermath. Both Mr Brown and Ms Mennis are apparently swearing that I just jumped out of my car and assaulted them for no reason, seeking a warrant against me for assault and battery, though I don't know if they have been successful.

I am at least the fifth person this pimp and prostitution ring has assaulted on Chapman in the past week -- and I'm sure the Roanoke Times will have a nice lead editorial praising the black liberation efforts of the local criminal underground in tomorrow's paper.

Other than a cut of two and a small bruise on the side of my head, I am unhurt. Mr Brown was treated by an ambulance for throat injuries and breathing problems.

Apparently, there have been persistent problems with drug dealers and hookers in that neighborhood, as is the case in so many black neighborhoods nationwide, and White, like any responsible citizen, has been trying to solve the problem by working with the police. And one of the drug runners decided to try to intimidate White. It didn't work physically, and it's unlikely to work legally.

Bill White also discusses this incident and the legal aftermath in two other VNN Forum threads, HERE and HERE.

The Department of Justice investigation is unlikely to get anywhere, either. Not only did Bill White clearly state on several occasions that he was willing to give the justice system a chance to work first, but others, such as Hal Turner, has posted even more provocative material and are allowed to continue unmolested. In addition, anti-racists like One People's Project were the first to post home addresses and phone numbers of political opponents on their website, as they did with Sharon Hewitt last spring, and have not incurred any criminal liability.

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