Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wikipedia Report That White Nationalist Activist Chester Doles Testified Against Raymond Pierson In 1993 Is False

Another "urban legend" was exposed and debunked on the Vanguard News Network Forum on October 23rd, 2007. The "urban legend" involved white activist Chester Doles (pictured at left with two of his kids), who was recently released into a halfway house after serving time on a trumped-up weapons charge.

A couple of days earlier, another forum member, William Burcker, had expressed the desire to contribute to the Chester Doles Truck Fund, but was reluctant to do so, because he stated that, according to Wikipedia, Chester Doles had testified against another white activist in 1993. Here's the applicable excerpt from Wikipedia:

Doles had been sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 1993 for, together with fellow klansman Raymond Pierson, assaulting a black motorist. Doles plead guilty as part of a plea agreement to testify against Pierson.

Referenced cited: 1993. "Klansman pleads guilty to beating black man. More serious charges dropped in exchange for plea agreement" The Sun Sep 25. pp 14B

Well, just today, Teresa Doles posted a rather strong rebuttal on VNN Forum. This was her reply:


Chester has been doing hard time in a medium/high security facility for Raymond's actions. Chester did get in a fight at a red light with a black man! He did punch the guy twice and he received 7 years for two punches! This so-called black man threatened to kill Chester's family! He pulled a knife on Chester, but that was never reported. None of this so-called black's actions were ever brought into account. Raymond is a nut! He hit the so-called black man of the head with a pick handle. That's why Raymond got more time. His charges were more severe. He's made threats against me and our children. Chester never tried to hurt Raymond in any way! They wanted Chester to testify against Raymond and "HE REFUSED". Why do you think Ches got 7 yrs.? Throwing 2 punches would in any normal situation carry 18 months.

This same black man has a son my daughter's age. They attended attended school together. His son slammed my daughter in the head with a pay phone, because she was Chester's step-daughter. Did he get in any trouble for it? Heck No!!! The school wouldn't do a darn thing about it! They were afraid that it would cause problems between the White and black students.

Unless you've walked in Chester's shoes and are half the man he is, Keep your mouth shut! I take great offense to this nonsense. He's in prison for fighting for your children's future. He was stolen from his family, because he had the balls to take charge and do what most were afraid to do. Judge Chester for what he has done for our cause, not what lies are told!

I appreciate everyone that has donated to my wonderful husband! He is a man of honor. Chester is a proud dedicated man to our cause. He sacraficed his freedom to try and better our future. Our family has been thru hell and back during this lonely walk thru hell. We really don't need reminders of the garbage that is posted on the net!

In time Chester will be able to thank those that stood behind him 100%!!! Ches sincerely appreciates you thinking of him and for all that you've done.

Yankee Jim you're one in a million! You know the real Chester Doles! I am very fortunate to have you as a friend!

I mean no disrespect with anything that I've stated!

The referenced "Yankee Jim" is Jim Leshkevich, who operates The Hudson Valley Freeman blog, providing an alternate source of news to the captive media for the Lower Hudson Valley of New York and who has been running the Chester Doles Truck Fund for the past 10 days or so. The money will be presented to Chester Doles, who can use it towards the purchase of a truck or for whatever he and Teresa see fit for their family. This fund drive will probably be winding down in a week, but if you want to contribute, click HERE for instructions.

Teresa Doles' fierce loyalty to her husband is absolutely inspiring. She is a true Aryan lady! Chester Doles should get down on his knees and thank Whoever he venerates that he was smart enough to marry someone like Teresa Doles and not someone like Elisha Strom (Elisha Strom is not a bad person, but she strikes me a someone unsuited to ever be a wife). With the half-truths and outright lies that the media and the anti-racist lobby perpetrate with impunity, it is important to get the truth out on the wire forthwith.

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This is William Burcker. In the End I gave a large quantity of money. I just wanted to understand the situation.