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Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder Denies That Elisha Strom Burned The Revilo Oliver Collection

A damaging rumour has spread throughout the white nationalist community, and it needs to be addressed and debunked now. It has been previously rumoured that Elisha Strom (pictured at left), the estranged wife of Kevin Alfred Strom, burned the Revilo Oliver collection of written works when she was unable to sell them.

Vanguard News Network editor Alex Linder, who can be presumed to be in a position to speak authoritatively on this issue, has denied that Elisha Strom destroyed this material in two separate posts on VNN Forum. On page 17 of this thread, Linder posts the following:

She burned old National Vanguards. She sold her stuff, not Oliver's or Kevin's.

Even you smart guys are jumping to conclusions that are simply wrong.

After being away from the forum for a few weeks, I get a fresh eye when I read these threads. A very large percentage of people on here are lemmings, or antis, or simply too stupid to be of use to any cause.

Perhaps that should addressed by mass bannings. I'll think about it.

And on page 4 of this VNN Forum thread, Linder posts the following:

There's no evidence that the books were burned. Just the statement of a highly biased friend of Kevin's.

Your beliefs about Elisha are based on a caricature manufactured by her enemies.

Kevin Strom is not just a pedophile, he's a liar. He has fooled a lot of good men with his lies. I've been warning you about this since at least 2003. It is amazing how gullible some of you are when the jewsmedia feeds you something you want to believe.

Elisha operates under her own name, is honest almost to a flaw, and, I feel confident, would never burn Oliver's books or papers. Just think about that and you realize how dumb it sounds. Elisha the caricature is about as real as the holocaust. Maybe she gassed six million Oliver papers and books? Would you believe that? Why not?

Likewise, ANSWP Commander and Libertarian Socialist News editor Bill White became suspicious of Strom early on and has also warned the public about him since 2003.

The rumour originated on an anti-racist website called The Hook in a report about the Kevin Alfred Strom trial. The Hook reported that a close associate of Strom claimed that Elisha Strom had destroyed a large collection of various written works, to include the Revilo Oliver collection. Here's the applicable excerpt:

I think Kevin Strom is a fine man,” said John Justice, who travelled from Tennessee to Charlottesville to attend the trial. Justice, a Strom friend since 1994, said they were both close friends of Revilo Oliver, a professor of antiquities known as a major white supremacist intellectual in Illinois. Oliver bequeathed his 4,000-volume library to Strom, which was destroyed in Elisha’s bonfire, according to Justice.

Once Bill White learned of this information, he immediately started a VNN Forum thread entitled "Elisha Strom Burned The Revilo Oliver Library". Although he started out merely by posting the story link, and refrained from personally editorializing one way or another, most other VNN Forum members swallowed this information uncritically and started piling all over Elisha.

This is a result of Elisha Strom's personality. She has a reputation for being a feminist, and feminism is not only highly inconsistent with white nationalist thinking but is clearly detrimental to the natural order of patriarchy and the welfare of the family. In addition, top Jews have used feminism as a means to undermine the white community even further. This means every action by Elisha will be placed under a microscope and subjected to the most critical scrutiny. It also explains the near-universal outcry by VNN Forum members when Alex Linder engaged Elisha Strom as a system admin on VNN.

Elisha Strom is detrimental enough to the Cause without blaming her for sins that she did not commit. Since I know Alex Linder from observing him in cyberspace since October 2005, and have never known him to lie, I will take his word on this issue. However, Elisha Strom's role in the takedown of Kevin Alfred Strom remains murky at best; the fact that the judge rejected her "Oprah" moment on the witness stand and chose to set aside the charges against Kevin Strom for lack of evidence does NOT speak favorably of Elisha's credibility. After the prosecution rested its case, the judge found there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the jury trial, and dismissed the two charges of sexually enticing a 10-year old girl and attempting to intimidate a witness against Strom. Strom still faces a separate trial on child pornography charges in January.

A number of Revilo Oliver's articles can be found HERE. Read Wikipedia's account of Oliver's life HERE.

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