Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vanguard News Network Leading The Effort To Help White Nationalist POW Chester Doles Make The Transition To Freedom

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On October 16th, 2007, longtime white nationalist POW Chester Doles (pictured at left with two of his kids) will be released from prison into a halfway house. A halfway house is a partially-supervised environment in which as long as he complies with the conditions of his release, he will be permitted to engage in normal activities during the business day. These activities include making a living. His large family will benefit.

However, when one is released from prison, one is usually tossed back into society with a minimal grubstake. This hinders one's ability to make a successful transition to free society; indeed, this failure contributes towards recidivism.

We at the Vanguard News Network, in recognition of that problem, and in appreciation for the fact that Chester Doles has paid a high price on behalf of us for his activism, have decided to help. Jim Leshkevich, who posts as "Yankee Jim" on VNN Forum, has organized a fund-raising effort, described in this VNN Forum thread, to collect enough funds to allow Doles to purchase a serviceable pickup truck after his release. This will permit him to immediately and effectively compete for employment as a carpenter, which is his trade.

Those interested in contributing should send checks and money orders, payable to James Leshkevich, to:

Doles Truck Fund
P.O. Box 184
West Hurley, NY 12491

Yankee Jim can be trusted with donations. He's devoted endless time and resources to the Cause over the years.

A little background on Chester Doles is in order. He's married to Teresa Doles, and has 12 kids. Former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker, in an American Dissident Voices broadcast dated March 11th, 2006, provides a description on how he got into trouble:

Chester didn't do anything wrong morally, but he did break an obscure law that he didn't even know he broke. Chester had a misdemeanor conviction for a fight in Maryland in which he spent 24 months in jail. Upon being paroled from jail, Chester was informed he was not a felon and did not lose the 2nd Amendment right for firearms. Then, ten years later, after three million dollars is spent on harassment and spying on Chester and the Georgia members of the National Alliance, the police agencies couldn't find one thing Chester did wrong. So, they found an obscure Federal law, which had been around 20 years and only used a couple times. The obscure law states that anyone who had spent more than 12 months in jail for a misdemeanor conviction is considered a felon in regards to firearms ownership, as in Chester's case. This law is unjust in itself, but the application of the law is the most glaring injustice. The state of Georgia's Attorney General had never heard of the law and stated Georgia would not charge Chester with it. This same Attorney General cited the fact that so many other people in Georgia were also in the exact same situation as Chester, and that he would not go after those people either. By some accounts, that number of people might be well over 1,000 people just in the state of Georgia. Since Chester's arrest and incarceration, no other person has been charged under the same law. Therefore, Chester's arrest was done for the sole reason of going after the leader of an ideal that the Jews in power hate.

Chester was threatened that if he didn't plead guilty and spend time in jail, they would arrest his wife, parents and even grandparents. Chester is an honorable man, so he accepted a 5-year sentence to spare his family the hardship he was in. Also, the Federal government quite openly stated that if they didn't get Chester on this obscure firearms charge, then the Federal government would file a new list of charges. The Jewish officials in the Homeland Security Department were promoting this agenda.

Since that time, Chester has been a model prisoner and is in top physical shape. He has gotten his body down to 9% body fat, and continues to educate and motivate other White people he is in contact with. He is a strong person and has a sense of duty for our race. He hasn't quit or backed away. But, since that time, many other people have seen these acts of governmental oppression as a reason to do nothing.

One other fact that Shaun Walker failed to bring out is that had both Chester and Teresa Doles both been incarcerated, their 12 kids would have been separated and farmed out to different foster homes, some headed by non-whites. So Chester Doles clearly took the deal to KEEP HIS FAMILY TOGETHER.

Little did Shaun Walker know at the time that in less than three months from the date of that ADV broadcast, he, along with two other comrades, would face similar trumped-up charges in Utah over a couple of three-year old bar fights.

This is a golden opportunity to engage in some personal grass-roots activism - helping a fellow white activist get back on his feet in a time of need. This is not a handout - this is a HAND UP! Latinos do it for the own people through La Raza and MALDEF; blacks also help their own people through venues like the United Negro College Fund - why shouldn't we do the same? I'm sending Yankee Jim $25 today!


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