Friday, October 26, 2007

South Africa: From Apartheid To Barbarism In Just Ten Years

The apartheid government of South Africa underwent savage international political persecution during the closing two decades of apartheid. Boycotts, disinvestiture, proxy war against the country waged by the Soviet Union and Cuba through their puppet states of Angola and Mozambique. White South Africans were vilified worldwide wherever they went; the case of Zola Budd still rankles. Zola Budd was a white South African long distance runner who was forced to acquire British citizenship so she could compete in the 1984 Olympics. Pictured above left - Nelson Mandela along with Communist Jew Joe Slovo.

Then, in 1994, South Africa arch-traitor F.W. deKlerk threw in the towel and surrendered the country to the black Communist thugs of the African National Congress (ANC). Everybody celebrated - equality had arrived. Overnight, blacks would miraculously emerge from poverty, Soweto would become as clean and efficient as Johannesburg was (key word, "WAS"), faster than Jesus Christ Himself could turn water into wine. Why, South Africans of all races would forever joyously dance around the maypole singing "Kumbaya" or "We Shall Overcome" or whatever equality anthem they have down there.

Alas, reality set in. Soweto didn't become more like Johannesburg. Instead, Johannesburg became more like Soweto. Visit the Death Of Johannesburg blog to see for yourself how Johannesburg has deteriorated.

After over a decade of ANC rule under Thabo Mbeki, conditions for black people in South Africa today are actually much worse than they were under apartheid, so much so that black communities all across the country's townships again have returned to the streets to protest, violently at times, against their own black regime. They are protesting against their dismal living conditions and also the drastic lack of civil liberties being endured under the Mbeki regime.

As documented on the AfricanCrisis website, far-left Canadian journalist Naomi Klein noted these shocking living conditions of black South Africans under the Mbeki regime -- describing them in her latest book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism". Klein provides the following list of how living conditions for SA blacks have gotten worse:

- Four million people now live on less than $1 a day (doubled since apartheid);
- 48% of the people now are unemployed; it was 28% under apartheid;
- only 5,000 of 35 million+ black South Africans earn over $60,000 a year;
the ANC government has built 1.8 million (ramshackle, tiny) new homes while two million South Africans have lost theirs;
- Some 1 million blacks were evicted from farms by new black farmers;
- the shack dweller population grew by 50%,
- in 2006, one-quarter of the entire South African population lives in shacks without running water or electricity.
- the TB/AIDS infection rate is soaring past 20% -- and the Mbeki government denies the severity of the twin killer-epidemics;
- the average life expectancy for everyone is at 48 years; it hovered around 62 years during apartheid;
- 40% of all South African schools have no electricity;
- 25% of all the 46 million people in South Africa have no clean water.
- 60% of all the people have inadequate sanitation; 40% have no telephones.

And economically-able whites are fleeing the country in droves. In October 2006, Jan Lamprecht, who operates the AfricanCrisis website, reported that 1 million whites had left South Africa between 1995-2005. Whites now constitute a mere 10% of the population. And the position of the remaining whites is becoming increasingly untenable; many blacks openly talk about how they intend to massacre whites upon the death of Nelson Mandela. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; visit the South Africa Sucks blog for daily accounts of new depredations.

Naomi Klein's book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism" is available from


Alexander said...

You are right, barbarism is the only alternative to apartheid in South Africa. Shoher is outspoken to that end, as here

Max said...

Would white people in South Africa have any opportunity, one day, to govern again and reestablish order?
Or is it screwed up forever?
Meanwhile, it would be good that white South Africans join this site:
in order to preserve dating among whites.